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Halloween 2023: Celebrity Costumes and Traditions

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Written by Shivani Chourasia

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Every annum, the ominous Eerie Eve, better known as Halloween, takes its eerie flight on the night of October 31, paving the path for All Saints' Day which follows. The event heralds the onset of Allhallowtide, a three-day period dedicated to remembering the departed, concluding with All Souls' Day. The observance of Halloween is largely secular in many parts of Europe and across North America. Halloween isn't solely a festivity for ghosts and monsters — it's also a time when our cherished celebrities elevate the eerie season with a dash of elegance. Armed with a team of stylists and makeup experts, they've left us ordinary folks spellbound with their magnificent costumes. Here’s a glimpse into the most stunning Halloween attire donned by celebrities from Paris Hilton to Kendall Jenner in 2023. It also unveils the vibrant history behind Halloween, a festivity that transcends mere superficial scares.


The Halloween Costumes of 2023

Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton Dresses Up as Britney Spears for Halloween: Photos
Image Credits: People Magazine

Topping the list is none other than Paris Hilton, who didn’t just stop at one breathtaking outfit — she showcased two! Initially, she paid tribute to the pop icon Britney Spears, donning the memorable blue flight attendant outfit from the ‘Toxic’ music video. Following that, she dazzled as Katy Perry in a scorching red latex outfit.

Kendall Jenner

Kendall Jenner Was Marilyn Monroe For Halloween With the Perfect Hair Look
Image Credits: ELLE

The runway queen Kendall Jenner took a nostalgic route this Halloween, embodying Marilyn Monroe in her costume. The blonde short locks and sultry poses, shared on her Instagram, truly revived the Halloween essence.



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Image Credits: Adele

Drawing inspiration from the ageless Addams Family, Adele morphed into the captivating Morticia Addams. Dressed in a billowing black dress and flaunting a captivating assortment of rings, she encapsulated the character’s gothic allure. And of course, the signature long, luxurious hair was a spot-on touch by Adele!

James Charles

Makeup virtuoso James Charles made Disney aficionados cheer by resurrecting Hannah Montana. With a platinum blonde hairpiece, he captured the cherished character’s spirit, making us all hum ‘Best of Both Worlds’.

Kelsea Ballerini

Kelsea Ballerini Channels Margot Robbie's Cowgirl Barbie for Halloween
Image Credits: People Magazine

US songstress Kelsea Ballerini transitioned into Barbie’s pink cowboy avatar. By adopting the iconic doll’s grace and style, she demonstrated that Halloween is indeed the ideal occasion for imaginative dress-ups.



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Kourtney Kardashian

Kourtney Kardashian Dresses up As Sister Kim Kardashian for Halloween
Image Credits: Business Insider

Kourtney Kardashian emulated her sister Kim Kardashian’s distinctive floral Met Gala maternity attire, earning her rave reviews from admirers. This captivating tribute was indeed a sight to behold.

Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox

Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox Wear 'Kill Bill'-Inspired Halloween Looks
Image Credits: People Magazine

At the much-anticipated annual Casamigos Halloween Bash, this formidable pair honoured Quentin Tarantino’s Kill Bill. Megan Fox sported the school uniform reminiscent of Gogo Yubari’s character, while her fiancé was decked in an all-yellow outfit akin to Uma Thurman’s The Bride. True to form, Machine Gun Kelly even wielded a sword — talk about commitment!

Demi Lovato

Image Credits: Demi Lovato

The charm of Disney princesses endures, and Demi Lovato validated this by stepping into Snow White’s shoes. Sharing her delightful ensemble on Instagram, she professed her love for Halloween, calling it her “favourite time of the year.” And who could fault her with such a picturesque costume?"


Historical Tapestry

Halloween and the Celtic festival of Samhain
Image Credits: Irish Experience Tours

The eerie traditions of Halloween trace their lineage back to medieval epochs, albeit with a divergent essence. The festival has its roots entwined with the Celtic festival of Samhain, celebrated in ancient Britain and Ireland. Marking the start of a new year on November 1, Samhain was a mystical time.
Amidst the autumn chill, it was believed that the veil between the living and the dead thinned, allowing souls to revisit their earthly abodes. While some welcomed ancestral spirits with delectable feasts and warm hearths, others lit bonfires and donned menacing disguises to fend off malicious entities, thus birthing the association with witches, demons, and other supernatural beings.

Modern-day Revelry

Halloween Day 2023: Date, history, significance and celebration - Hindustan  Times
Image Credits: Hindustan Times 

In contemporary veins, Halloween has morphed into a night of playful frights and sugary delights. The tradition of trick-or-treating sees individuals, often children, in whimsical or eerie garb, going door-to-door in quest of sweet treats. The event is marked by grand Halloween-themed soirees, horror film marathons, and spooky games aplenty across the US and Europe.
The eerie ambience is further augmented by individuals transforming their abodes into haunted dwellings or post-apocalyptic zombie-infested landscapes, making Halloween a spectacle of spooky aesthetics.

Doodle of the Damned: Google's Ode to Halloween 2023

Google Doodle celebrates Halloween 2023 with poem and illustrations by  Emily Barrera | Mint
Image Credits: Youtube

Google joins the macabre merriment with a whimsical doodle by Emily Barrera, gracing Halloween 2023 with poetic verses and captivating illustrations. The doodle invites users to a digital trick-or-treating adventure alongside a vampire, a witch, and a ghost, embodying the playful spirit of Halloween.

Cultural Connotations

10 Halloween traditions from around the world ‹ EF Academy Blog ‹ EF  Academy Blog
Image Credits: EF Education First

The folklore of Halloween is a rich blend of ancient customs and modern festivities. The tradition of trick-or-treating is a modern take on old British custom where the impoverished would seek "soul cakes" in exchange for prayers. The fun-filled fright night has also absorbed elements from Roman festivities, like apple bobbing from the celebration of Pomona.

Engaging in pranks, donning disguises, and hosting eerie celebrations, modern Halloween revellers embrace the ancient spirit of Samhain, while adding a contemporary, playful twist. Iconic symbols like the menacing jack-o’-lantern continue to be emblematic of Halloween, bridging the ancient with the contemporary in a night of spooky revelry. UNICEF, recognizing the communal spirit of the occasion, has endeavoured to integrate fundraising for its initiatives into the Halloween tradition since the mid-20th century, as noted by Britannica, showcasing the evolving societal role of this eerie eve."


As the curtain falls on our exploration of Halloween’s rich narrative, we witness how the ancient and the modern entwine to craft a celebration that is as haunting as it is exhilarating. The unique blend of historical reverence and contemporary revelry comes to life each year, as people from different walks of life don ghoulish disguises, indulge in playful scares, and revel in the mystical aura that shrouds the night.

The modern-day festivities, marked by imaginative costumes, playful pranks, and a communal spirit, echo the ancient whispers of Samhain, blending fear with festivity. The cultural connotations intertwined with Halloween's folklore continue to evolve, reflecting a society that honours its ancient roots while basking in the creative, communal, and even charitable essence of modern celebrations. So, as the autumn wind carries away the last echoes of laughter and shrieks from the Halloween night, we're left with an enriched understanding of a tradition that transcends the eerie facade, weaving together a tale of historical mystique and contemporary merriment.

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