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Celebrating International Friendship Day: 7 Facts

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Written by Anand Swami

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Friendship is an invisible thread that connects hearts across distances. It's a bond that speaks of countless shared laughs, endless stories, and precious memories. In our journey of life, while family ties are given to us, friendships are the relations we choose, nurturing them with love, trust, and shared experiences.


Born out of the vision of making the world a better place through friendship, this day has now been globally recognized. It's a day to thank our pals, rekindle old friendships, and foster new bonds. In this article, we delve deeper into International Friendship Day, exploring its origins, significance, and ways in which it is celebrated around the globe.

The Birth of Friendship Day

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The inception of International Friendship Day traces back to 1958 when Dr Ramon Artemio Bracho in Paraguay came up with the idea. He envisioned a extravaganza dedicated to camaraderie among human beings, emphasizing the essence of friendship in promoting peace.



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A Global Recognition

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The United Nations acknowledged the significance of Dr. Bracho's vision and officially recognized 30th July as International Friendship Day in 2011. With this endorsement, the day went beyond being a simple celebration and became a global call for unity and harmony.

Varying Dates Across the Globe

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Though the UN recognizes 30th July, the date of celebration varies among countries. For instance, countries like India and Bangladesh observe Friendship Day on the first Sunday of August. It’s intriguing how different parts of the world have designated varied dates to commemorate the same bond!

Themes: Adding a Unique Touch Every Year

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Each year, the UN sets a unique theme for International Friendship Day. These themes accentuate various dimensions of friendship, global unity, and peace. Past themes have underscored the importance of solidarity, understanding, and reconciliation, driving home the message that friendships, both between individuals and countries, can bridge differences and foster a better world.


Celebrations Around the World

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Exchanging 'friendship bands' is a popular tradition in many countries. However, celebrations vary and can include sharing meals, hosting parties, and even organizing community events. In countries like Nepal, people exchange gifts, flowers, and cards, while in Argentina, friends often gather for meals and festivities.

The Yellow Rose: A Symbol of Friendship

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Did you know that flowers, too, play a part in Friendship Day celebrations? The yellow rose is the official flower of this day, symbolizing friendship, joy, and happiness. In several cultures, presenting a friend with a yellow rose on this day is a cherished tradition, echoing the warmth and affection of the bond.

Commercialization: A Double-Edged Sword

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Like many other global observances, International Friendship Day has seen commercialization. Businesses and markets are flooded with special Friendship Day merchandise, offers, and deals. While it has made celebrating more fun and accessible, it's vital not to lose the essence of the day amid the commercial buzz.



International Friendship Day isn't just about celebrations; it's a global reminder of the significance of human bonds in creating a peaceful world. It emphasizes that regardless of race, religion, or region, the foundation of a harmonious world lies in understanding, trust, and mutual respect. As we gear up to mark this special day, let's remember and cherish the friendships that have added meaning to our lives and pledge to foster bonds that further peace and unity in our global family.


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