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Eco-Friendly Janmashtami 2023: Green Festivity

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Written by Shivani Chourasia

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The echoes of Lord Krishna's melodious flute seem closer as Janmashtami draws near. Each corner is imbued with festive spirits, vibrant colors, and the enchanting tales of Krishna's life. Yet, amidst this celebration, it's crucial to reflect on the environmental footprints we're leaving behind. With climate change knocking on our doors and a collective responsibility to nurture our planet, how can we make Janmashtami 2023 a benchmark for eco-conscious celebrations?


Biodegradable Decor

Mango Leaves Back Drop/Background Idea For Varamahalakshmi Pooja/ Pooja | leaf  Decor | A2 Crafts - YouTube
Image Credits: A2 Crafts

Historically, festivities had always been close to nature. Houses were adorned with flowers, leaves, and even mud pots. However, the modern rush brought with it a wave of plastic and glittering yet non-degradable adornments. This Janmashtami, how about we return to our roots? Imagine using banana and mango leaves for decor, or beautifully crafted clay idols of Lord Krishna, instead of the plastic variants. These not only have a unique aesthetic appeal but also ensure that once the celebrations are over, they return to the Earth without causing harm. Plus, there's a different charm in knowing that every piece of your decoration will contribute positively to the environment.

Natural Colors for Rangolis and Art

How to Level Up your Rangoli Skills with Homemade Colours | Love, Life, &  Beyond
Image Credits: Love, Life, & Beyond

The art of Rangoli is both spiritual and therapeutic. Its essence lies in its organic nature. While markets are flooded with vibrant, chemically infused colors, why not choose the organic shades that nature has to offer? Turmeric gives a bright yellow, dried and powdered leaves can give a rich green, and rice paste is perfect for white. If we look around, our surroundings are filled with natural color options. Using them not only ensures safety for our environment but also presents an opportunity to innovate and experiment.



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Eco-Friendly Dahi Handi

Krishna Janmashtami 2022: ऐसे सजाएं दही-हांडी की मटकी, लड्डू गोपाल हो  जाएंगें खुश | Krishna Janmashtami 2022: Tips on How to Decorate Matki in  hindi - Hindi Boldsky
Image Credits: Boldsky Hindi

The energy, enthusiasm, and excitement of the Dahi Handi event is unmatched. However, the plastic pots and synthetic ropes currently in vogue detract from the traditional essence. Switching to clay pots is not just an eco-friendly option but also resonates with the tales of Krishna stealing butter from similar pots. Moreover, using jute ropes adds a touch of nostalgia. They're sturdy, sustainable, and can be recycled or reused for different purposes post-festivities. Remember the exhilaration when the pot breaks and yoghurt splashes? Let’s ensure it’s pure joy without the shadow of environmental harm.

Sustainable Feast Preparations

Makhan Mishri Recipe: How To Make ​Makhan Mishri At Home | Homemade ​Makhan  Mishri Recipe
Image Credits: Times Food

Janmashtami without its traditional delicacies is incomplete. As you stir the pot of creamy 'Kheer' or mold the 'Makhan Mishri,' think about the source of your ingredients. Organic farming is on the rise, and choosing such products ensures no harmful chemicals enter our system or the environment. Moreover, when serving these treats, consider the cutlery. Disposable plates and spoons, albeit convenient, contribute to landfills. Why not use banana leaves as plates, a tradition in many Indian festivities? Not only is it eco-friendly, but many believe it adds flavor to the food too!

Conscious Gifting

DIY Jute Craft Ideas To Decor Your Room | Home Decorating Ideas Handmade -  YouTube
Image Credits: Youtube

Gifts are tokens of love, and nothing speaks love more than a gift that's kind to Earth. Ditch the plastic toys and trinkets, and think sustainable. Handmade crafts or items made of bamboo or jute can be both beautiful and eco-friendly. Imagine gifting a loved one a sapling. As it grows, it'll be a living testament to the bond you share and the values you uphold. Or consider organic skincare; it's kind to the skin and the planet. Even the packaging can be sustainable. Instead of plastic wraps, use cloth or recycled paper.



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Spreading the Word

4 Kannada Snack Recipes To Get You Prepared For Krishna Janmashtami Aka  Gokulashtami - Zee5 News
Image Credits: ZEE5

As you embrace an eco-friendly Janmashtami, don't keep it to yourself. Share your experiences, ideas, and innovations. Organize community workshops, inspire your neighbors, or simply document your journey on social media. When more people join the movement, the impact multiplies.


The tales of Lord Krishna are filled with wisdom, fun, love, and a deep connection with nature. As the enchanting notes of his flute beckon, let's ensure our celebrations resonate with the same harmony. An eco-friendly Janmashtami is not just a tribute to Lord Krishna but also a commitment to a planet that nurtures us. Here's to crafting memories that future generations will thank us for. Celebrate responsibly, and may Lord Krishna bless us all with wisdom and compassion!

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