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Instagram Threads: The New Kid on the Social Media Block

Tech  •  7 Jul, 2023  •  1,067 Views  •  ⭐ 5.0

Written by Anand Swami

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Social media platforms are constantly evolving, to always provide a space for online communities to share, communicate, and connect. One of the major shake-ups in the social media landscape recently has been the acquisition of Twitter by Elon Musk last year. This move sparked a race amongst numerous new platforms, all vying to take the crown from the social media giant. However, amidst the competition, one contender stands out - Instagram Threads.

Instagram Threads has not only gained a remarkable following of over 5 million users but has done so at a blistering pace. What sets it apart? Let's dive into this intriguing social media platform and uncover its unique features, how it differs from Twitter, and what the future holds.

Understanding Instagram Threads

Image Credits: Business Today

A derivative of Instagram, Threads is a unique application that emphasizes textual conversation over visual content. Users can sign into the platform using their Instagram credentials, post text updates, and engage in public discussions. The platform allows users to create posts with a generous 500 characters, links, up to 10 photos, and videos up to 5 minutes long. However, it's worth noting that, unlike Twitter, Threads does not support hashtags or a trending section.



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The Sign-Up Process

Image Credits: NBC News

Threads’ surge in popularity is largely due to its simplified sign-up process. Rather than starting from scratch like other Twitter competitors, Threads taps into Instagram's substantial user base of over 2.35 billion. By making it easy for existing Instagram users to sign up and even transfer their bios automatically, Threads have managed to leverage Instagram's popularity to its advantage.

Navigating Instagram Threads

Image Credits: Business Insider

If you're already a Twitter user, Threads will feel familiar. Users who have imported their followers from Instagram will recognize many of the faces on their feeds. You can interact with these posts or create your posts with ease. Many popular Instagram accounts have already migrated to the platform, giving new users familiar faces to follow.

Instagram Threads Vs. Twitter

Image Credits: India Today

Despite its minimalist design and limited features, Instagram Threads is gaining ground on Twitter. The primary advantage of Threads over Twitter is the existing user base that Instagram offers. While Twitter is experiencing unrest under Elon Musk's leadership, Threads is steadily growing its user base.


Privacy Concerns

Image Credits: The Indian Express

While Instagram Threads is increasing in popularity, it does raise some privacy concerns. The application requests a long list of permissions from users, which includes access to sensitive and financial information. This is a significant level of trust to demand, especially from a company with a history as checkered as Meta, the company that owns Instagram and Threads.

The History of Threads

Image Credits: CNBC

For some Instagram users, the name Threads may ring a bell. This is because Meta, previously known as Facebook, launched a companion app named Threads back in 2019. It was a "camera-first" messaging app, however, it was discontinued in 2021. Now, Threads has been repurposed as a standalone application designed to rival Twitter.

The Future of Instagram Threads

Image Credits: Insider

During a recent company meeting, Meta's product chief Chris Cox laid out his vision for Threads - to create a secure, user-friendly platform where creators can grow their audience. Meta plans to make Threads compatible with ActivityPub, a universal protocol for social networking created by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C).



Instagram Threads is a rising star in the realm of social media platforms. Its user-friendly design, integration with Instagram, and potential for future growth.


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