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Bolivia vs Argentina & Peru vs Brazil: FIFA Qualifiers Highlights

Football  •  13 Sept, 2023  •  2,565 Views  •  ⭐ 5.0

Written by Anand Swami

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In the exciting 2026 FIFA World Cup qualifiers, Argentina and Brazil demonstrated their football skills. Whilst Argentina, even without Messi, demonstrated dominance against Bolivia with a striking 3-0 victory, Brazil, on the other hand, exhibited relentless pressure to secure a narrow yet pivotal win against Peru. This article delves into the highlights and standout performances from these unforgettable matches.


A Stellar Start for Argentina

Image Credits: Goal

Even without Lionel Messi in the lineup, Argentina displayed their championship pedigree, securing a 2-0 lead by half-time. Enzo Fernandez offered a masterclass in football, opening the scoring. Nicolas Tagliafico's subsequent strike reinforced Argentina's position. Bolivia's woes were compounded when Ricardo Fernandez's red card left them a man down in the second half. In the absence of Messi, other players stepped up, evidencing the depth of the Argentine squad. The first half's display signalled Argentina's intent to take all three points.

Dominance Maintained

Image Credits: Pledge Times

After the interval, Argentina, having the advantage in numbers, fortified their dominance. Bolivia's lacklustre showing was evident, as they struggled to complete even basic passes. The final nail in Bolivia's coffin was hammered in by Nico Gonzalez, sealing a decisive 3-0 victory for the visitors. The Bolivians seemed outpaced and outmanoeuvred, with Argentina seizing every opportunity. The Argentine strategy was clear – maintain pressure and capitalise on errors.



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Standout Performances

Image Credits: Khaleej Times

With Messi absent, Angel Di Maria and Enzo Fernandez stood out, steering Argentina to a hard-earned victory in the challenging terrain of La Paz. Their commanding display provides Argentina with an impeccable start to their World Cup qualifying campaign. Di Maria's dribbling and vision were persistent threats, whilst Fernandez's midfield mastery held Bolivia in check. Both ensured that the gap left by Messi wasn't profoundly felt on the field.

Brazil's Relentless Attack

Image Credits: Libero

The first half was marked by Brazil's dominance, exerting continuous pressure on the Peruvian defence. Two promising goals were deemed offside, balancing the match on a knife-edge. Their sustained efforts were stymied by Pedro Gallese's superb goalkeeping. Even though the scoreline stayed goalless, Brazil's attacking verve and determination shone through. They pressed on tirelessly, attempting to breach the steadfast Peruvian defence.

An Equal Battle Ensues

Image Credits: Goal

The second half ushered in a more balanced contest. Both teams crafted opportunities, with Raphinha's endeavours for Brazil and Guerrero's header for Peru meriting special mention. Fouls and cards added spice to the confrontation, amplifying the intensity of this pivotal fixture. Midfield skirmishes became commonplace, with both sides vying for control. The changing fortunes of the match epitomised the high stakes, with World Cup qualification points hanging in the balance.


The Deciding Moment

Image Credits: Latestly

As the minutes dwindled, Brazil's unwavering efforts bore fruit. Neymar's precise corner located Marquinhos, who soared to net the match's only goal, clinching a 1-0 victory for Brazil. This stood as a testament to Brazil's indomitable spirit, persisting to the very end. Marquinhos's decisive goal not only sealed their win but cemented Brazil's reputation as one of the giants of global football.


From Argentina's exemplary performance in La Paz to Brazil's unyielding resolve against Peru, the World Cup qualifiers have once more showcased the sheer unpredictability and allure of football. As teams ready themselves for the grandest sporting spectacle, it's evident that South America will present formidable challengers on the global stage.

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