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Argentina Defeats Peru 2-0 in WC 2026 Qualifier

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Written by Shivani Chourasia

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The road to the 2026 FIFA World Cup saw a captivating clash between Peru and Argentina on October 17, 2023, at the historic Estadio Nacional de Lima. As the night sky enveloped the city, the stadium roared to life with the electrifying energy of ardent football fans. The match was not just a fight for crucial points in the World Cup qualifying campaign, but also a showcase of national pride and a test of form for both teams as they strive to secure a spot in the coveted World Cup.


With the kick-off at 02:00 GMT, the stage was set for an enthralling battle between the two South American teams, each with a point to prove and a journey to honor. This encounter was part of the South American CONMEBOL World Cup qualifiers, Week 4, Season 2026, and was a significant checkpoint on the road to the global football extravaganza.

Match Highlights

World Cup qualifier | Lionel Messi double gives Argentina 2-0 win over Peru  - The Hindu
Image Credits: The Hindu
  • Argentina emerged victorious with a 2-0 win over Peru, courtesy of a spectacular performance by Lionel Messi who scored both goals for Argentina. This win helped Argentina maintain a perfect record in the 2026 World Cup qualifying campaign, contrasting Brazil's faltering performance as they were defeated by Uruguay earlier in the day​​.
  • Messi nearly achieved a hat-trick, but his third goal was disallowed following a VAR review. Despite this, Messi managed to set a CONMEBOL World Cup qualifying record by scoring his 31st career qualification goal, surpassing the previous record set by Luis Suarez of Uruguay​​.
  • The match was quite physical, with Argentina dominating possession at nearly 70%, and also out-shooting Peru 6-0 on target. The overwhelming performance by Argentina caused several key moments during the match, including a chance for Peru in the 84th minute which unfortunately resulted in a miss as Renato Tapia headed Yoshimar Yotun's cross over the bar. Additionally, there were moments of tension and confrontations among the players, particularly during the 74th minute when Luis Advincula received a yellow card following an altercation with Enzo Fernandez​​.

Player Performances

FIFA World Cup 2026, South American Qualifying: Lionel Messi Scores Brace  In Argentina's 2-0 Win Over Peru - In Pictures
Image Credits: Outlook India
  • Alongside Messi, several other players had notable performances. Argentina's goalkeeper Emiliano Martinez and defenders like Romero and Otamendi helped in maintaining a clean sheet, which was significant as Argentina has yet to concede a single goal not only through qualification but in any match since the World Cup final.
  • The lineup for Peru included Gallese as the goalkeeper, while Argentina's lineup featured Messi, J. Alvarez, and N. Gonzalez leading the attack. The substitutions made during the match also played a role in the dynamics of the game, with players like Lautaro Martinez and Gio Lo Celso being brought in later stages of the match​​.

Standings and Implications

Peru v Argentina | LIVE Reaction & Watchalong | World Cup Qualifiers 2026 -  YouTube
Image Credits: YouTube

With this victory, Argentina fortified their position at the top of the CONMEBOL FIFA World Cup 2026 standings with 12 points after four games, putting them five points clear of the second-placed Uruguay​​. The match not only highlighted Argentina's formidable form but also underscored the essence of resilience and competitive spirit embodied by both teams.



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The whistle that marked the end of the match between Peru and Argentina also signified a moment of reflection and anticipation. Lionel Messi's irreplaceable role in steering Argentina to a win further cemented his legacy, while Peru's valiant effort showcased a promise of growth and a glimpse of the fervor that drives the nations in their quest for football glory.

As the curtains fell on this chapter of the qualifiers, the echoes of the crowd at Estadio Nacional de Lima resonated with the undying passion for the beautiful game and the boundless aspirations that fuel the journey towards the 2026 FIFA World Cup. The night may have ended with a decisive victory for Argentina, but the journey continues with lessons learned, experiences gained, and an unyielding resolve that propels the teams forward on the path of football history.

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