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Top 10 Catches in ICC Cricket World Cup

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Written by Anand Swami

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India's prowess in cricket isn't just limited to batting and bowling. Over the years, the team's fielding has equally dazzled and thrilled audiences during numerous ICC Cricket World Cup tournaments. Indian cricketers have consistently exhibited unparalleled acrobatics on the field, etching unforgettable moments into the annals of cricketing history. Here's a retrospective of ten captivating moments where Indian fielders took awe-inspiring catches, leaving spectators and opponents in sheer disbelief.


Tendulkar's Mid-Air Brilliance against Sri Lanka

Image Credits: Hindustan Times

Sachin Tendulkar's impact on cricket wasn't restricted solely to his exceptional batting. In the 2003 World Cup match against Sri Lanka, he exemplified extraordinary agility on the field. His mid-air catch at square leg to dismiss Chaminda Vaas stands as one of the most memorable in cricketing history. This catch showcased that Tendulkar was a formidable force, not just with the bat but also on the field, halting Sri Lanka's momentum during a critical phase of the game.

Jadeja's Athletic Dismissal of Roy vs England

Image Credits: TOI

The 2019 World Cup bore witness to Ravindra Jadeja's athletic prowess. His dismissal of Jason Roy was nothing short of spectacular. Sprinting fervently and diving at deep mid-wicket, Jadeja managed to catch the ball just inches above the ground. This highlighted the pivotal role of top-notch fielding in decisive matches. His catch significantly impacted the game, especially as Roy was setting a strong pace for the English side.



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Manjrekar's Leap to Dismiss Ponting vs Australia

Image Credits: Scroll

In the 1996 World Cup, Sanjay Manjrekar's phenomenal leap at the point was the perfect dismissal of Ricky Ponting. This extraordinary feat showcased Manjrekar’s impeccable fielding skills. Given Ponting's aggressive style of play and his potential to be a game-changer, this catch became even more significant. Manjrekar's contribution in the field that day was a testament to how one moment can shift the dynamics of a pressure-cooker match.

Sehwag's Reflexive Catch against England

Image Credits: Hindustan Times

The 2003 World Cup provided a platform for Virender Sehwag to showcase his impeccable reflexes, especially at square leg. Fans vividly remember his diving catch to the left to dismiss a powerful hitter like Andrew Flintoff. Such moments underscored Sehwag's all-round cricketing abilities, given that Flintoff's potential to accelerate the innings was well-known.

Dhoni's Wicketkeeping Magic vs Bangladesh

Image Credits: Jagran English

The 2015 World Cup highlighted MS Dhoni's unparalleled wicketkeeping skills. His leap and stretch to dismiss Soumya Sarkar stands out as one of the best wicketkeeping catches. Dhoni, with his quick reflexes and unmatched vision, has always been a cornerstone for the Indian side, making game-changing interventions when most needed.



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Ajay Jadeja's Anticipative Catch against Australia

Image Credits: NDTV Sports

During the 1992 World Cup, Ajay Jadeja's sharp anticipation at deep mid-wicket was on full display when he brilliantly caught Allan Border. Given Border's renowned reputation as a match-winner, this dismissal was of paramount importance. Jadeja's efforts on the field that day underscored the importance of agility and foresight in the outfield.

Dravid's Wicket-keeping Excellence vs Pakistan

Image Credits: TOI

The year 2003 was undoubtedly significant for India, with several outstanding catches. Rahul Dravid typically celebrated for his batting, displayed top-notch wicket-keeping skills when he took a catch to dismiss Abdul Razzaq. Considering Razzaq's ability to single-handedly shift the game's trajectory, his wicket was invaluable, shining a spotlight on Dravid's diverse cricketing talents.

Zaheer's Diving Triumph against Zimbabwe

Imag Credits: Moneycontrol

Zaheer Khan, primarily recognized for his bowling, showcased surprising fielding skills in the 2003 World Cup. His remarkable diving catch at short third man to dismiss Guy Whittall is still etched in the memories of many fans. Khan's catch reiterated that both bowlers and fielders could make monumental contributions in the outfield, lifting the team's spirit.


Azharuddin's Fielding Finesse vs West Indies

Image Credits: Hindustan Times

In the 1996 World Cup, Mohammad Azharuddin exhibited sheer brilliance in the field. His astonishing catch at extra cover to dismiss Shivnarine Chanderpaul accentuated the significance of razor-sharp fielding. Being a seasoned player, Azharuddin always added depth to the Indian side, both with his batting and his impeccable fielding, often tilting the game in India's favour.

Kapil Dev's Game-Changing Moment in the 1983 Final

Image Credits: BBC

No list would be complete without mentioning Kapil Dev's iconic catch in the 1983 World Cup final. Dismissing Vivian Richards, this catch played an instrumental role in India clinching their first World Cup title. Richards was the linchpin of the West Indies batting lineup, and his dismissal undeniably swung the momentum in India's favour.


The adage "Catching wins matches" is exemplified by these top 10 moments. Each catch, while representing individual brilliance, also encapsulates the pivotal points that swung momentum in India's favour. As cricket enthusiasts celebrate batsmen and bowlers, it's equally vital to cherish these fielding gems that have solidified India's stature in global cricket.


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