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Uruguay Clinches Victory Over Brazil in WC 2026 Qualifiers

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Written by Shivani Chourasia

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The FIFA World Cup 2026 qualifying matches are unfolding with unexpected results and high drama. In a recent face-off, Uruguay triumphed over Brazil with a score of 2-0, marking a significant victory at the Centenario Stadium in Montevideo, Uruguay, on October 17, 2023. This match brought both exhilaration and concern as notable player Neymar encountered a potentially serious injury.


Match Highlights

Uruguay vs Brazil Highlights, World Cup Qualifier: Nunez, De La Cruz take  URU to 2-0 win over BRA; Neymar off injured - Sportstar
Image Credits: The Hindu

During the heated competition, Uruguay managed to secure a lead with a goal from Darwin Núnez, who executed a precise header in the 42nd minute. The scoring did not stop there, as Nicolás de la Cruz expanded the lead with a close-ranged shot in the 77th minute. Their celebratory moments were captured as de la Cruz and Núnez rejoiced over the second goal, resonating with the excitement of the Uruguayan supporters.

Neymar's Injury Woe

Neymar injured as Brazil lose 2-0 in Uruguay | Reuters
Image Credits: Reuters

However, the night was not without its low moments. Neymar, the esteemed striker from Brazil, faced a worrisome left knee injury, which forced him to exit the game amidst emotional scenes. This incident marked a concerning episode for both Neymar and the Brazil team, as this was a crucial match in the World Cup qualifiers. This match was Neymar's 128th appearance for his national team, and his exit left both teams and fans worried about the extent of his injury.



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Brazil’s Performance and Future Prospects

World Cup qualifiers | Uruguay defeats Brazil 2-0; Neymar suffers injury -  The Hindu
Image Credits: The Hindu

This defeat ended Brazil's impressive streak of 37 undefeated matches in World Cup qualifying, showcasing a dip in performance under the new coach Fernando Diniz. Despite this setback, Diniz is expected to continue his tenure until the upcoming Copa America next year. Brazil's captain, Casemiro, acknowledged the need for improvement, expressing hope that Neymar's injury is not a severe setback.

Regional Match Overview

Messi And Argentina Advance At World Cup, Beat Poland 2-0 - Bloomberg
Image Credits: Bloomberg.com

The day also saw other noteworthy matches, with Venezuela surprising Chile with a 3-0 score, and a goalless draw between Ecuador and Colombia. Paraguay managed a 1-0 win against Bolivia. Argentina, leading the qualifiers with nine points, was set to play against Peru later that day.


The journey to the World Cup 2026 continues to be an exhilarating yet unpredictable path for the South American teams. With the next round of qualifying matches slated for November, all eyes will be on the Brazil and Argentina face-off at the Maracana Stadium in Rio de Janeiro. Amidst the thrill of victories and the concern for key players like Neymar, the road to World Cup 2026 is laden with anticipation and high stakes for all teams involved.


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