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LAFC vs Inter Miami Highlights

Football  •  4 Sept, 2023  •  2,378 Views  •  ⭐ 5.0

Written by Anand Swami

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In an electrifying MLS clash at BMO Stadium, LAFC faced a rejuvenated Inter Miami. With the stadium alive with excitement, celebrities gracing the stands and the sheer brilliance of Lionel Messi in action, it was a match to remember. Both teams had much at stake: playoff aspirations, pride, and a declaration of intent. Delve into the pivotal moments and outstanding performances of that unforgettable evening.


Unexpected Opener

Image Credits: ESPN

Despite LAFC's early dominance, Facundo Farias of Inter Miami was the first to strike, finding the net in the 14th minute. LAFC pressed relentlessly, with Denis Bouanga coming close several times, only to be thwarted by Inter Miami's resolute defence. Farias' goal was somewhat against the tide of play, and one could sense that LAFC's manager, Steven Cherundolo, felt a breakthrough was just on the horizon.

A Night of Messi Magic

Image Credits: The Sun Daily

The Argentine maestro lived up to expectations. Lionel Messi, displaying his signature creativity, provided crucial assists for second-half goals by Jordi Alba and Leonardo Campana, ensuring Inter Miami maintained their lead. His delivery to Alba was particularly sublime, a pass that elegantly bypassed several defenders. His impact on the game was palpable, reinforcing the fans' eagerness to see him perform.



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Turning the Tables

Image Credits: VAVEL

Though LAFC seemed in control during the first half, after the break, Inter Miami emerged with renewed vigour. Their persistent endeavours led to Messi's assists for Alba and Campana's timely goal in the 83rd minute. Inter Miami's resurgence in the second half showcased their resilience and strategic acumen, underscored by their increased ball possession.

The Playoff Implications

Image Credits: ESPN

This contest was about more than just the three points on offer. Inter Miami's victory edges them closer to the playoff line, now trailing by eight points. LAFC, despite the loss, remain a significant threat in third place, behind Seattle Sounders in the Western Conference. With a mere nine fixtures left this season, Inter Miami's aspirations for a playoff berth have been reinvigorated. Conversely, LAFC will undoubtedly be recalibrating their strategies for the remaining matches.

Stoppage Time Surprises

Image Credits: Major League Soccer

Ryan Hollingshead's late goal during added time briefly rekindled hopes for LAFC. However, Inter Miami's steadfast defence ensured they clinched the win. Hollingshead's strike momentarily electrified the BMO Stadium, especially given the six gripping minutes left in stoppage time. Yet, Inter Miami's resolve ensured their lead remained intact.



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Moments and Misses

Image Credits: WION

While Messi and Callender shone brightly for Inter Miami, LAFC's Denis Bouanga will undoubtedly rue his missed opportunities. Despite several chances coming his way, neither luck nor precision favoured him that evening. His anguish was palpable when he sent a volley over the bar in the 94th minute. In contrast, Drake Callender's impressive saves for Inter Miami highlighted his invaluable contribution to keeping LAFC at bay.


Inter Miami's 3-1 triumph at BMO Stadium not only signalled their mettle but also boosted their playoff ambitions. Despite LAFC's initial dominance, Miami capitalised on crucial moments, largely orchestrated by Messi's genius. As the dust settles on this encounter, Inter Miami's journey toward the playoffs gains momentum, while LAFC contemplates their missed opportunities. The remaining matches promise to be full of twists and turns, with each game potentially reshaping the playoff landscape.

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