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MLS All-Stars vs Arsenal: Highlights

Football  •  20 Jul, 2023  •  1,879 Views  •  ⭐ 5.0

Written by Anand Swami

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In an unexpected preseason showcase that left viewers buzzing, Arsenal unleashed their potential with a commanding 5-0 win against the MLS All-Stars. As international audiences eagerly watched, a message became clear: Arsenal isn’t just warming up for the next season; they are setting their sights on the Premier League crown.


Filled with captivating sequences, thrilling twists, and raw talent, this match reiterated soccer's position as the globe's favourite game. Let's dive into the seven monumental revelations from this epic face-off.

Rice and Timber's Impressive Debut

Image Credits: Arsenal

Declan Rice and Jurrien Timber didn't just step onto the field; they made it their own in their Arsenal debut. Throughout the game, they radiated potential, suggesting that they're more than ready to honour the Gunners' legacy. Their zest and remarkable fit with Arsenal's veterans hint at a thrilling season awaiting the fans.



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Goal Galore: Havertz, Jesus, and Others Shine

Image Credits: Goal

This wasn't just a game; it was a festival of goals. Kai Havertz inaugurated his Arsenal journey with a phenomenal goal, while Gabriel Jesus’s deft touch in the opening minutes set an electrifying tone. Not to be left behind, Jorginho and Martinelli stamped their authority too. With such a multifaceted offensive arsenal, the goal tally this season could be staggering.

Injury Clouds: Trossard's Unfortunate Collision

Image Credits: Flipboard

However, not all was rosy. Leandro Trossard's distressing knee-on-knee clash was a grim reminder of the unpredictable nature of football. Injuries can rewrite a season's script, and there's hope that Trossard's isn't a prolonged one. Preseason might be pivotal, but it doesn't come without its pitfalls.

MVP Magic: Bukayo Saka's Dazzling Display

Image Credits: Sports Brief

Bukayo Saka did more than justify his MVP title; he showcased why he's heralded as football's emerging star. His nimbleness, impeccable ball distribution, and critical role in orchestrating goals speak volumes about his advanced football intellect. Watch out, world! Saka's name is set to echo throughout this season.



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Tactical Brilliance: Mikel Arteta's Rotation Strategy

Image Credits: The Times

Mikel Arteta's innovative shuffling of Jakub Kiwior and Gabriel was nothing short of genius, reflecting his dynamic game comprehension. This positional versatility empowers Arsenal with the ability to reshape its strategy, either to neutralize threats or pounce on opportunities. This evolving tactical insight from Arteta could be a game-changer in Arsenal’s playbook this season.

Referee Controversy: Rooney's Post-Game Remarks

Image Credits: Major League Soccer

Wayne Rooney, known for his straightforwardness, didn't hold back. He openly expressed his displeasure over referee Ted Unkel's decision-making, especially given the six yellow cards and one penalty. While these instances add to the post-game discourse, they also underscore the monumental role referees play in influencing the game's rhythm and result.

Rethinking the MLS All-Star Format

Image Credits: Yardbarker

Arsenal's 5-0 dominance might have raised eyebrows regarding the MLS All-Star setup. With the world watching through platforms like Apple TV, it might be time for MLS to revisit their All-Star format. Could a matchup between the MLS All-Stars and Liga MX All-Stars be the future? Or perhaps an elite MLS team against an international giant?



The Arsenal vs. MLS All-Stars encounter was not routine-friendly; it was a grand exhibition. As the curtains rise on the new season, the stakes, excitement, and narratives seem richer than ever. One immutable truth stands tall: soccer, with its roller-coaster of emotions, remains unparalleled in its ability to captivate!

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