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WPL 2024 Final: RCB Clinches Maiden Title Against DC

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Written by Anand Swami

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The 2024 Women's Premier League final was a spectacle of cricket, where Royal Challengers Bangalore clinched their first title by defeating Delhi Capitals at Arun Jaitley Stadium, Delhi. Batting first, DC set a target of 114, which RCB chased down with three balls to spare, winning by eight wickets.


The match was a showcase of RCB's balanced attack and strategic gameplay. This victory not only demonstrated RCB's supremacy in the tournament but also underscored the unpredictable and thrilling nature of cricket, where every ball can shift the game's momentum.

The Unraveling of DC's Innings

Shafali Verma
Image Credits: Marathi News

Delhi Capitals' innings started on a high note with Shafali Verma at the helm, showcasing a batting masterclass that saw her score a rapid 44 off 27 balls. The team's initial dominance was evident as they raced to 64 for no loss in just 43 balls. However, the departure of Verma marked the beginning of an astonishing collapse, with DC losing their next 10 wickets for a mere 49 runs, ending their innings at 113 in 18.3 overs.



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Royal Challengers Bangalore's spinners, Shreyanka Patil (4/12 in 3.3 overs) and Sophie Molineux (3/20) were instrumental in this dramatic turnaround. Patil's economical and destructive spell, coupled with Molineux's equally effective bowling, underscored the collapse, highlighting the critical role of spin bowling in T20 cricket and showcasing RCB's strategic depth in their bowling attack.

RCB's Calculated Chase

RCB Team
Image Credits: Times now

Royal Challengers Bangalore approached their chase with a clear strategy that balanced aggression with caution. The target of 114 seemed modest, but the importance of maintaining wickets in hand was paramount. The opening partnership laid a solid foundation, navigating the initial overs without succumbing to the pressure of the chase.

This methodical approach kept the required run rate within reach, emphasizing RCB's strategic batting depth and its ability to adapt to the match situation. The chase was characterized by a series of calculated risks and strategic partnerships, ensuring that RCB stayed in control throughout their innings, reflecting a well-thought-out approach to chasing down the target.


The Fall of Smriti Mandhana

Smriti Mandhana
Image Credits: The Hindu

The chase saw a moment of concern for RCB with the dismissal of Smriti Mandhana, who had been looking to accelerate the innings. Mandhana's attempt to go for a big shot led to her being caught by Arundhati Reddy at mid-on, providing DC with a crucial breakthrough.

At this point, RCB needed 32 runs from 30 balls, a situation that momentarily appeared to give DC a window of opportunity to claw back into the game. However, Mandhana's contribution of 32 off 27 balls had already set the stage for the subsequent batsmen, highlighting the depth in RCB's batting lineup and their ability to handle pressure situations effectively.

Ellyse Perry's Steady Hand

Ellyse Perry
Image Credits: Sporting News

Ellyse Perry's role in the chase was crucial. Following the departure of Mandhana, Perry's experience and composure were on full display. She played a pivotal role in steadying the innings, guiding the chase with her calculated batting. Perry's boundaries, especially a critical lofted drive over mid-off, were instrumental in keeping the scoreboard ticking and maintaining the momentum in RCB's favour. Her ability to anchor the innings and marshal the chase underscored her value to the team, showcasing her prowess as a seasoned international player capable of steering her team through tight situations.


The Climactic Finish

Richa Ghosh
Image Credits: ETV Bharat

The match headed towards a thrilling climax as RCB neared the target. The tension in the stadium was palpable, with fans on the edge of their seats. It was Richa Ghosh who delivered the final blow, hitting a lofted drive over extra cover for four, thus clinching the victory for RCB by 8 wickets with just three balls to spare.

This shot not only secured RCB's maiden WPL title but also epitomized the team's collective effort and the strategic acumen with which they approached the chase, highlighting the depth and versatility of RCB's batting lineup.

RCB's Bowling Masterclass

Shreyanka Patil and Sophie Molineux
Image Credits: Sportstar

RCB's victory was built on a foundation of disciplined and strategic bowling, particularly from their spinners, Shreyanka Patil and Sophie Molineux. Their combined efforts were pivotal in dismantling DC's batting lineup, with Patil taking four wickets for just 12 runs and Molineux adding three wickets for 20 runs.

This masterclass in spin bowling not only turned the game in RCB's favour but also demonstrated the effectiveness of spin in the middle overs of a T20 game, showcasing RCB's well-planned bowling strategy and their ability to execute it perfectly.

DC's Early Promise Unfulfilled

Image Credits: Khel Now

Despite a promising start by Delhi Capitals, led by Shafali Verma's aggressive batting, their innings did not materialize into the formidable total that seemed likely at one stage. After Verma's dismissal, DC could not maintain its momentum, leading to a dramatic collapse.

This failure to capitalize on a strong start and build substantial partnerships ultimately left DC at a significant disadvantage, setting the stage for RCB's spinners to capitalize on the situation. The inability to adapt to the changing match conditions and counter RCB's bowling strategy was a crucial factor in DC's inability to set a challenging total.


Royal Challengers Bangalore's triumph in the WPL 2024 final is a testament to their exceptional strategy, disciplined bowling, and resilient batting. Overcoming Delhi Capitals to secure their maiden title, RCB showcased a remarkable comeback, underlining their strength and teamwork.

This historic win is more than just a victory; it's a declaration of RCB's emergence as a formidable force in women's cricket. Their success sets the stage for future competitions, promising exciting cricket and establishing RCB as a beacon of excellence and determination in the sport.

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