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Top 10 ODI Innings of All Time

Cricket  •  24 Aug, 2023  •  3,749 Views  •  ⭐ 5.0

Written by Anand Swami

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"Cricket loved globally, has seen many unforgettable matches. The One Day Internationals (ODIs) have witnessed some remarkable innings. These aren't just any games; they've shaped cricket history. Let's dive into the 10 most iconic ODI innings that have left an indelible mark on the sport and its fans."


Herschelle Gibbs 175

Image Credits: Latestly

In a historic chase against Australia's formidable 434, Gibbs stood firm. He created an iconic partnership with Smith and then delivered a sensational 175 off 111 balls, turning the tables and crafting history. This innings became a pivotal moment in ODI history, setting the tone for future high-scoring chases. His audacious shots under pressure highlighted South Africa's never-say-die spirit, forever etching this game in cricketing lore.

Saeed Anwar 194

Image Credits: Khaleej Times

In a fiery encounter against India, Anwar dominated with elegance, narrowly missing the elusive 200 mark. His 194 off 146 powered Pakistan to a definitive victory. Anwar's graceful cover drives and authoritative pulls on that day remain legendary. This innings stands as a testament to his class and the flair of subcontinent batsmanship, epitomizing poise under pressure.



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Virender Sehwag 219

Image Credits: Aaj Tak

Known for his aggressive style, Sehwag played a captain’s knock. He crafted a monumental 219 off 149 against the West Indies, setting records and showcasing India's batting prowess. Famously fearless, Sehwag that day embodied the essence of his game - relentless attack from the outset. His innings, laden with boundaries, were a beautiful blend of power and finesse.

Virat Kohli 133

Image Credits: Latestly

Facing a demanding target against Sri Lanka, a young Kohli emerged as the game's saviour. He dispatched the bowlers with ease, and his notable thrashing of Malinga cemented his place as one of the greats. This innings was a precursor to Kohli's rise in world cricket. His impeccable timing, combined with adept placement, signalled the dawn of a new cricketing era, earning the admiration of experts and fans alike.

AB De Villiers 149

Image Credits: Scroll

In a whirlwind innings, De Villiers showcased his 360-degree game, amassing a staggering 149 off just 44 balls against the West Indies. This left the cricketing world in awe and rewrote record books. Such was its magic that even opposition players were seen applauding. De Villiers, through his innovation, showcased a revolutionary form of ODI batting, captivating both traditionalists and modernists.



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Vivian Richards 189

Image Credits: Cricket Highlights

Back in 1984, Richards delivered a masterclass against England. Despite a shaky start, he single-handedly steered the West Indies to a respectable total, demonstrating his legendary stature. His swagger and unmatched ability to dominate made this innings iconic. Richards' 189 epitomized both his brilliance and the Caribbean dominance of that era.

Sachin Tendulkar 200

Image Credits: TOI

In a match against South Africa, the Master Blaster scripted history, becoming the first player to score a double century in ODIs. His innings resonated with perfection and class. Every stroke he played that day seemed divinely orchestrated. This milestone set a benchmark for future batsmen and marked the evolution of the ODI format.

Martin Guptill 237

Image Credits: Sky Sports

During the World Cup quarterfinal against the West Indies, Guptill displayed sheer dominance, battering bowlers to etch an unforgettable 237*. His innings were a harmonious blend of aggression and composure, propelling New Zealand effortlessly into the semifinals. It stands as a pinnacle in World Cup cricket.


Rohit Sharma 264

Image Credits: ESPNcricinfo

Against Sri Lanka, Sharma showcased why he's hailed as one of the most menacing openers, crafting an astounding 264. This innings overshadowed the entire opposition. Sharma's knack for converting starts into monumental scores was evident, heralding his stature as an ODI titan.

Kapil Dev 175

Image Credits: TOI

In a World Cup match steeped in adversity, India's captain stood tall. Kapil Dev's counterattacking 175 against Zimbabwe was more than just runs; it was a message of resilience and determination. With wickets falling around him, Kapil's tenacity only intensified, shaping an innings that would inspire generations and catalyze India's triumphant World Cup journey.


From epic chases to record-breaking exploits, these innings testify to the evolution of the one-day format and the prodigious talent that has graced the cricketing field. Each performance, distinct and memorable, embodies the spirit of the game, echoing passion, perseverance, and unrivalled skill. These iconic moments, etched in time, persistently inspire and captivate fans worldwide.

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