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Top 5 Unusual and Unique Museums in India

History  •  8 Aug, 2023  •  10,191 Views  •  ⭐ 5.0

Written by Anand Swami

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India is a land of immense diversity and rich heritage. With its vast cultural, historical, and geographical tapestry, it's no surprise that India is home to countless museums. While many museums focus on India's majestic history and vibrant art, some stand out for their sheer quirkiness and uniqueness. These hidden gems offer a fascinating glimpse into the less-travelled pathways of Indian culture. In this listicle, we'll delve into the top 5 most unusual and unique museums in India.

Sulabh International Museum of Toilets, Delhi

Image Credits: Jovial Holiday

Situated in the bustling capital city, the Sulabh International Museum of Toilets offers a deep dive into the world of sanitation. Founded by Dr Bindeshwar Pathak in 1992, this museum showcases the evolution of toilets over 4,500 years. The displays include a variety of toilets from different eras and countries, from ornate Victorian toilet seats to simple ancient Indian village latrines. Beyond its quirky premise, the museum also sheds light on the pressing issue of sanitation and its significance in human health and dignity.

Arna-Jharna: The Desert Museum of Rajasthan

Image Credits: Trawell

Unlike any conventional museum, Arna-Jharna in Rajasthan is an open-air museum spread over 10 acres. It aims to showcase the cultural vibrancy of the desert communities. One of its most intriguing exhibits is the collection of over 165 different brooms. Each broom has a tale to tell, illustrating how various indigenous communities use local resources for their daily lives. The museum also focuses on traditional music, folk arts, and the conservation of desert flora.



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The Heritage Transport Museum, Gurugram

Image Credits: GQ India

India's transport story is filled with charm, and this museum captures it beautifully. Located in Gurugram, Haryana, The Heritage Transport Museum spans 90,000 square feet and displays the rich history of India's transportation. From hand-pulled rickshaws and palanquins to vintage cars and antique rail saloons, the museum is a treasure trove for transport enthusiasts. A special mention goes to the section dedicated to the quintessential Indian "Autorickshaw" and its many vibrant forms.

Jawahar Toy Museum, Pondicherry

Image Credits: Pondicherry Tourism

Perched in the quaint town of Pondicherry, the Jawahar Toy Museum is a haven for toy enthusiasts. Rather than focusing on high-tech or manufactured toys, this museum celebrates handmade dolls and toys from various Indian states. With over 120 dolls dressed in traditional attire, it offers a visual tour of India's diversity. The museum emphasizes the importance of preserving traditional toy-making arts and crafts, ensuring they aren't lost in the age of technology.

Museum of Christian Art, Goa

Image Credits: Scroll

India, predominantly known for its Hindu temples and Islamic mosques, also has a rich Christian heritage, particularly in Goa. The Museum of Christian Art, located in Old Goa, showcases the intricate blend of Indian and European artistry influenced by the Portuguese colonial era. With artifacts like rosaries made from gold and precious stones, to sculptures and paintings, the museum illustrates the confluence of faith and art in the subcontinent.



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India's vastness is mirrored in its myriad of museums. While the mainstream museums continue to draw crowds, it's these unconventional ones that offer a different, often more intimate perspective of India's layered tapestry. Each museum, with its distinctive narrative, beckons travellers to explore the lesser-known facets of India's culture and history. So, the next time you're touring India, make sure to veer off the beaten path and discover these hidden gems. Their stories are sure to enrich your understanding and appreciation of this diverse and vibrant nation.


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