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Indian Sports: Top Highlights of July

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Written by Anand Swami

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In the world of Indian sports, each day carries a story of grit, perseverance, and the pursuit of glory. On July 12, various athletes across a spectrum of sports made headlines with their performances, and their journeys were as inspiring as the final results. Whether it was the hard-fought rounds of golf, the power-packed performances in the boxing ring, or the swift agility displayed on the tennis court, Indian sportspersons proved their mettle in every field. Let’s delve deeper into some of these exhilarating events.


In this blog, we bring you six major highlights from the world of Indian sports on July 12. We cover key moments from golf, boxing, cycling, shooting, tennis, and badminton, giving you a complete roundup of the action. The selection includes a mixture of seasoned professionals and rising stars, illustrating the diversity of talent in India's sports landscape.

Women's Pro Golf Tour

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The 11th leg of the Women’s Pro Golf Tour saw a three-way tie between Seher Atwal, Sneha Singh, and amateur Mannat Brar. Despite an initial struggle, Atwal managed to finish strong with a couple of birdies, while Sneha balanced her bogeys with birdies at the Bangalore Golf Club. Mannat, carrying forward the trend of amateurs excelling in recent tournaments, shot 69 at the Par-67 course, joining Atwal and Sneha in the lead.



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National Boxing Championships

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Indian boxing saw a remarkable day with 12 SSCB boxers making their way into the quarterfinals of the 5th Junior Boys National Boxing Championships. Notable performances came from Aakash Badhwar, who claimed a decisive 5-0 win, and Prashant, who exhibited impressive speed and sharpness, comfortably defeating his opponent.

Cycling in Chennai

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In the realm of cycling, HCL and the Sports Development Authority of Tamil Nadu announced the Chennai leg of the HCL Cyclothon. The event, scheduled for October 8, will feature professional, amateur, and general public categories, encouraging participation from a broad spectrum of enthusiasts.

Shotgun World Cup

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In shooting, Ganemat Sekhon narrowly missed the final at the Shotgun World Cup in Lonato, Italy, finishing ninth after shooting 120 in women's skeet. Despite the disappointment, Ganemat's performance was noteworthy, particularly given her recent silver medal win in the World Cup in Almaty, Kazakhstan.



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Tennis Tournament

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The €145,000 Challenger tennis tournament in Braunschweig, Germany, saw Indian players Rithvik Choudary and Arjun Kadhe advance to the doubles quarterfinals after a resounding victory. Their match against Oriol Batalla and Timo Stodder ended 6-4, 6-3, setting the stage for an exciting next round.

Badminton Asia Junior Championships

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At the Badminton Asia Junior Championships held in Yogyakarta, Indonesia, six singles players and one doubles pair from India reached the round of 32. With remarkable performances from Lakshay Sharma, Ayush Shetty, and others, it was a day of triumph for India's rising badminton stars.


From these highlights, it is clear that the Indian sports landscape is bustling with activity and achievement. As our athletes compete and thrive on global stages, the spirit of sportsmanship, combined with relentless dedication, is what keeps the wheels of Indian sports turning. Let's continue to cheer them on, for each day in Indian sports brings with it new triumphs to celebrate and new records to break.


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