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Celebrating Mother's Day: A Global Tribute

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Written by Shivani Chourasia

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Mother's Day stands as a tribute to the unparalleled love and sacrifices of a mother, embodying endless reserves of strength, compassion, and courage. This profound connection transcends mere words and binds us through time and distance. Celebrated each May, Mother's Day offers a moment to honour the nurturing figures in our lives who provide comfort, safety, and unwavering support. Recognizing the immense, often unacknowledged work of motherhood, the day serves as an expression of gratitude for the irreplaceable role mothers play in our families.


Mother's Day 2024: Tracing the Origins

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Globally, many countries, including India, observe Mother's Day on the second Sunday of May. In 2024, this special day will be commemorated on May 12th.

The celebration of mothers dates back to ancient civilizations but took on its modern form in the early 20th century. Originally, the Greeks and Romans held festivals in the spring, honouring maternal goddesses like Rhea and Cybele, and celebrating fertility and motherhood.



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In 16th century England, early Christians celebrated "Mothering Sunday," a day when people would visit their "mother church"—the main church or cathedral of the area. This reunion often included giving flowers and small presents to mothers, symbolizing a familial gathering and appreciation.

The American Evolution of Mother's Day

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In the United States, the establishment of Mother's Day can be attributed to Julia Ward Howe and Anna Jarvis. Howe, known for her abolitionist and suffragist efforts, issued the "Mother's Day Proclamation" in 1870, which called for women to rally for peace.

However, it was Anna Jarvis who, after her mother's passing in 1905, spearheaded a movement to recognize a day dedicated to mothers. Her relentless campaign culminated in President Woodrow Wilson's 1914 proclamation that declared the second Sunday in May as Mother's Day. This endorsement catalyzed the national and international adoption of the holiday.


Despite its heartfelt beginnings, Jarvis later criticized the day’s commercialization, advocating for a return to its original, simpler intentions of personal gratitude and acknowledgement. This reimagined narrative of Mother's Day preserves the historical fidelity and sentimental essence of the original celebration, allowing us to appreciate and honour our mothers in both personal and profound ways.

Anna Jarvis and the True Essence of Mother's Day

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Anna Jarvis originally conceived Mother's Day as a time for genuine and personal recognition, a day when individuals would celebrate their mothers through heartfelt gestures and expressions of love. However, as the holiday grew in popularity, Jarvis watched with increasing dismay as it veered towards commercialism. She felt that its original intent was being eclipsed by the sales of cards, flowers, and gifts.

Disturbed by this shift, Jarvis took a stand against the commercial exploitation of Mother's Day. She organized boycotts, threatened legal actions, and voiced her opposition loudly, aiming to preserve the day's authenticity. She even went so far as to push for the elimination of the holiday she had helped establish.


Jarvis dedicated much of her later years and her resources to this cause, battling the commercial forces that transformed the day. Despite her dedication, she could not stop the trend, but her efforts did ignite a continuing dialogue about finding the right balance between heartfelt celebration and commercial gain.

The Enduring Significance of Mother's Day

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Despite the commercial pressures, Mother's Day remains a profound observance of the invaluable role of mothers and motherhood. It is a day enriched with meaning, offering everyone a chance to honour and appreciate mothers and maternal figures in their lives. This celebration stands as a testament to the endless love, sacrifices, and steadfast support that mothers offer. It is a time to acknowledge the critical role mothers play in shaping the lives of their children, influencing their families, and by extension, society.

Mother's Day provides a vital opportunity to strengthen familial bonds and create lasting memories. It's a day to honour the wisdom, guidance, and nurturing that mothers impart, recognizing their pivotal role in developing their children’s character and values. The holiday also serves as a reflective moment to consider the deep and enduring connection between mothers and their children, appreciating the unique relationship that can only exist in such a bond.

In celebrating Mother's Day, we not only contribute to the emotional fulfilment of mothers, recognizing their efforts and sacrifices, but we also highlight the joy, pride, and satisfaction that motherhood can bring. This special day, therefore, is not just a celebration of mothers, but an affirmation of their indispensable role in our lives, encouraging us to express our gratitude for the myriad ways they enrich our existence.

Mother's Day Celebrations Around the World

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Mother's Day festivities differ globally, yet they share several universal practices. Commonly, it is a tradition to present gifts to mothers and maternal figures on this day. These tokens—ranging from flowers and cards to chocolates, jewellery, or customized gifts—are symbols of affection, appreciation, and thanks.

Families often commemorate Mother's Day by spending time together. This can mean enjoying a special meal, venturing out for a family excursion, or simply gathering at home to celebrate the pivotal role of mothers. Quality time is a cornerstone of Mother's Day, with activities tailored to shared interests, whether it's a stroll, a picnic in the park, a movie, or engaging in a favourite hobby together.

Expressions of love and appreciation are also conveyed through personal gestures. Many choose to write heartfelt notes, serve breakfast in bed, or take over daily chores to give mothers a well-deserved respite.

Mother's Day extends beyond celebrating biological mothers, embracing all women who have filled a motherly role—including stepmothers, grandmothers, adoptive mothers, and others who've had a significant influence. In some places, the day is marked by public celebrations such as concerts, parades, or special community events dedicated to honouring these important figures.

For some, Mother's Day is also a time of reflection and remembrance for those whose mothers have passed away. Visits to cemeteries or creating personal tributes are ways people remember and honour their mothers' memories.

Ultimately, the essence of Mother's Day lies in showing love, gratitude, and appreciation towards mothers and mother figures. While the specific activities and customs may vary, the central sentiment of recognizing and celebrating the profound impact of mothers remains consistent across cultures.


As we reflect on Mother's Day and its rich traditions, it's clear that this celebration transcends geographical and cultural boundaries, uniting us with a common purpose: to honour the extraordinary women who shape our lives. Whether through simple acts of kindness, grand gestures of love, or quiet moments of remembrance, Mother's Day provides an opportunity to acknowledge the profound influence and nurturing presence of mothers everywhere. It encourages us to not only celebrate the joys of motherhood but also to reflect on the enduring impact of maternal bonds. This day reminds us of the universal values of love, care, and respect, which are the hallmarks of our appreciation for mothers and mother figures. In doing so, Mother's Day continues to be a heartfelt celebration of the unsung heroines in our lives, ensuring that their contributions are cherished and revered across generations.

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