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5 Legends Associated with Lord Ganesha

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Written by Shivani Chourasia

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Ganesh Chaturthi, the festival celebrating the birth of Lord Ganesha, is rich with stories, legends, and folklore. As the air fills with the intoxicating aroma of modaks and the rhythmic beats of drums, it's the perfect time to revisit the enchanting tales of our beloved elephant-headed deity. Join me as we dive deep into five magical stories connected to Lord Ganesha.

Ganesha's Elephant Head

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This enchanting story starts in the heavenly abode of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. Desiring companionship, Parvati created Ganesha from the turmeric paste from her body and breathed life into him. Once, while she was bathing, she instructed Ganesha to guard the entrance. When Lord Shiva returned, Ganesha, not recognizing him, stopped his entry. Enraged, Shiva beheaded Ganesha. To console a heartbroken Parvati, Shiva promised to bring Ganesha back to life. He instructed his followers to bring the head of the first living being they encountered, which happened to be an elephant. Thus, Ganesha was revived with an elephant's head, giving us the unique deity we adore today.

World Race Wisdom

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Lord Ganesha and his brother, Kartikeya, once found themselves in a unique contest set by their parents. Tasked with circumnavigating the world, Kartikeya confidently flew off on his peacock. Meanwhile, Ganesha, filled with wisdom, simply walked around his parents, explaining that for him, they were his entire world. His devotion and wisdom touched Shiva and Parvati, making him the winner in their eyes.



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Modak Love

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Ganesha's profound love for modaks is legendary. There are several stories that mention his fondness for this sweet, but the exact origin remains a mystery woven in myth. However, one thing is certain - offering modaks during Ganesh Chaturthi is believed to please the deity and bring blessings to the devotee.

The One-Tusk Tale

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Ever pondered about Ganesha's singular tusk? One popular legend narrates that Ganesha broke his own tusk to scribe the epic Mahabharata as the sage Vyasa narrated it. As the tale goes, he did so to continue writing when his quill broke. This story illuminates Ganesha's commitment to wisdom and the dissemination of knowledge.

Moon's Mistake

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Ganesha's association with the moon has its roots in another intriguing legend. One night, after consuming a large number of sweets, Ganesha's belly became so distended that it burst open. Tying a snake around his waist to keep it together, he was spotted by the Moon. The Moon, unable to resist a chuckle at the sight, burst into laughter. Offended, Ganesha cursed the Moon, causing it to disappear from the sky. Realizing his mistake, the Moon begged for forgiveness. Ganesha, being kind-hearted, partially relented, causing the moon to wax and wane, reminding us of the cyclical nature of life and the humility one should always carry.



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The tales of Lord Ganesha are more than just captivating stories. They embody lessons of wisdom, love, humility, and dedication. As we immerse ourselves in Ganesh Chaturthi celebrations, these legends infuse our festivities with deeper meaning and reverence. Each idol, chant, dance, and offering becomes a symbol of the rich legacy and lessons Ganesha brings to our lives. Celebrate, remember, and cherish.

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