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Real Madrid vs Atletico Madrid: Spanish Super Cup Semi-final Highlights 2024

Football  •  11 Jan, 2024  •  23,823 Views  •  ⭐ 4.4

Written by Anand Swami

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In a breathtaking display of football at Riyadh's Al-Awwal Park, Real Madrid clinched a remarkable 5-3 victory over Atletico Madrid in the Spanish Super Cup semi-final. This match was more than a game; it was a dramatic showcase of skill, tactics, and resilience.

The intensity of the rivalry was palpable as both teams fought tirelessly, creating a spectacle that was a treat for football enthusiasts. The game encapsulated the essence of Spanish football's grandeur, with each team exemplifying their rich footballing heritage through a stunning display of athleticism and strategy.

Match Commencement: A Tactical Onslaught (Kick-off to 25th Minute)

Antoine Griezmann
Image Credits: theScore

The game kicked off amidst high anticipation, with both teams displaying exceptional tactical intelligence. Atletico Madrid drew first blood with a brilliantly executed corner by Antoine Griezmann, leading to Mario Hermoso's commanding header. Real Madrid, unfazed by the early setback, regrouped swiftly.



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Their equalizer, a testament to their resilience, came from Antonio Rudiger's powerful header, a result of Modric's precise corner delivery. This opening phase was a chess match of sorts, with both teams probing and parrying, trying to assert their game plan and gain an upper hand in this high-stakes encounter.

Real Madrid's Ascendancy (26th to Half-Time)

Benjamin Mendy
Image Credits: French Football Weekly

In the latter part of the first half, Real Madrid started to impose their style of play. They took the lead with a deft flick from Benjamin Mendy, showcasing their attacking flair. This goal was a result of meticulous planning and execution, with Daniel Carvajal providing the crucial assistance.

The rest of the half saw Real Madrid controlling the game's tempo, creating several chances but unable to extend their lead further. Atletico, on the other hand, remained resilient, defending with tenacity and looking for opportunities to strike on the counter.


Atletico's Resilient Response (Second-Half to 60th Minute)

Alvaro Morata
Image Credits: Economía Digital

The second half began with Atletico Madrid showing a renewed defensive solidity. They absorbed Real Madrid's attacks and struck back with a goal that was a mix of opportunism and chaos, with Alvaro Morata forcing an error from Kepa. This goal exemplified Atletico's never-say-die attitude and their ability to capitalize on their opponents' mistakes. Despite being on the back foot for large periods, Atletico displayed remarkable resilience and tactical discipline, keeping the formidable Real Madrid attack at bay and maintaining a slender lead.

A Climactic Finish (61st to 90th Minute)

Daniel Carvajal
Image Credits: Goal

As the match approached its climax, Real Madrid increased their offensive pressure in search of an equalizer. The game's intensity reached a fever pitch, with both teams fully committed to every tackle and attack. Daniel Carvajal, emerging as a key figure, found the back of the net in a chaotic scramble inside the Atletico box, bringing the score level. The remainder of regular time was a back-and-forth affair, with both teams creating chances but failing to find the decisive goal, setting the stage for extra time.

Extra-Time Drama (91st to 105th Minute)

Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid Team
Image Credits: Newsday

The first half of extra time was characterized by both teams displaying tremendous stamina and tactical nous. Fresh substitutions added new dynamics to the game, with both sides looking to break the deadlock. The tension was palpable as each team searched for the goal that could tip the balance in their favour. Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid matched each other blow for blow, but the scoreline remained deadlocked, adding to the match's suspense and drama.


The Decisive Moments (106th to 120+2 Minute)

Brahim Diaz
Image Credits: Marca

In the final stretch of extra time, the match reached its dramatic zenith. Real Madrid's attack might finally bore fruit when Savic inadvertently deflected the ball into his net, giving Real a critical lead. The climax came when Brahim Diaz, seizing an opportunity created by Oblak's adventurous move forward, scored from a distance into an empty net. This period of the game encapsulated the unpredictability and excitement that had defined the match throughout.

Reflections on a Classic Encounter

Real Madrid
Image Credits: Yahoo Sports

Post-match, both teams reflected on what was a classic encounter in the annals of the Spanish Super Cup. Real Madrid's victory was a testament to their attacking prowess and mental fortitude. Atletico Madrid, despite the loss, showcased their tactical acumen and resilience. This match, with its twists and turns, embodied the spirit of football at its finest - unpredictable, thrilling, and filled with moments of brilliance.

The Decisive Extra-Time Strategy

Carlo Ancelotti
Image Credits: STAR

Extra time in the Real Madrid vs. Atletico Madrid match showcased strategic brilliance from both sides. Real Madrid, guided by Carlo Ancelotti, displayed tactical flexibility, particularly evident in their substitutions: Joselu and Ceballos came in for Vinicius and Rodrygo, adding fresh energy and new dimensions to their attack.

This change coincided with pivotal moments like Savic's own goal, which shifted the game's balance. Atletico, under Diego Simeone, responded valiantly, seen in their substitutions with Azpilicueta replacing Llorente. These moves demonstrate each team's strategic adaptability in a high-pressure situation, highlighting their efforts to gain a tactical advantage during the critical extra-time phase.

Unwavering Resilience: Atletico's Fightback

Diego Simeone
Image Credits: Villalonga Hoy

Atletico Madrid's resilience was a key theme of the match. Despite facing setbacks, including falling behind during crucial moments, they displayed a tenacious spirit. Simeone's side, known for their gritty determination, illustrated this with their continuous pursuit of goals. Morata's goal, resulting from a chaotic moment involving Kepa, exemplified their ability to exploit opportunities.

Additionally, Atletico's response to each of Real Madrid's advances, including pressing for an equalizer after falling behind, highlighted their enduring fighting spirit. This persistent effort from Atletico Madrid underscored the unpredictable and competitive nature of the Madrid Derby, keeping the match suspenseful until the final moments.


Real Madrid's epic 5-3 victory over Atletico Madrid in this Spanish Super Cup semi-final was more than just a win; it was a statement of intent and a display of footballing excellence. For the fans and purists alike, this match was a rollercoaster of emotions, encapsulating the beauty and unpredictability of the beautiful game. As Real Madrid sets its sights on the final, this match will be remembered not just for the result, but for the spirit, skill, and drama that defines the very essence of top-tier football.

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