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Real Madrid Beats Napoli 4-2 in Champions Clash

Football  •  30 Nov, 2023  •  10,681 Views  •  ⭐ 2.0

Written by Shivani Chourasia

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In a thrilling Champions League encounter Real Madrid asserted their supremacy by securing a dramatic 4-2 win against Napoli. This pivotal victory assured them the top position in Group C with a game still in hand. The match, pulsating with high energy and intricate tactical plays, saw young stars Nico Paz and Joselu rise to the occasion, netting crucial goals in the crucial moments. This win highlighted Real Madrid's offensive dynamism and their resilience in overcoming adversities, further cementing their stature in European football.

Real Madrid's Remarkable Comeback

Transfer Talk: Real Madrid may drop Rodrygo for new signings - ESPN
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The game kicked off with Real Madrid displaying robust energy, but they were quickly caught off guard by Napoli's brisk counter-attack. Giovanni Simeone capitalized on this with an early goal. Nevertheless, Madrid bounced back promptly, with Rodrygo levelling the score and Jude Bellingham following up with a header. Bellingham's consistent scoring has been nothing short of phenomenal, outshining Real Madrid's legendary figures like Cristiano Ronaldo and Alfredo Di Stefano, demonstrating his swift adaptation and significant impact at the club.

Napoli's Determined Effort and Real's Final Push

Nico Paz makes Real Madrid debut in the Champions League | Mundo Albiceleste
Image Credits: Mundo Albiceleste

Napoli showed their mettle by equalizing early in the second half through Frank Anguissa. Real Madrid faced pressure and missed several opportunities but remained determined. Nico Paz, a promising young talent from Real's academy, broke the deadlock with a stunning long-range goal. Joselu then clinched the victory with a decisive goal in the closing moments, solidifying Real Madrid's win.



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Player Performances: Real Madrid

He's a gem' - Real Madrid star Dani Carvajal blown away by talent of  Barcelona rival Gavi |
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  • Lunin (6/10): Despite a notable save, Lunin was unable to stop Napoli's first goal, a fact confirmed by goal-line technology. He had some difficulty with Anguissa's powerful volley.
  • Dani Carvajal (7/10): Carvajal exhibited remarkable defensive skills, particularly against Napoli's Kvara and Zielinski, and contributed significantly with crucial passes.
  • Toni Rudiger (8.5/10): Rudiger was a standout performer, effectively disrupting Napoli's Simeone and Oshimen and proving his worth as a consistent defender.
  • David Alaba (6.5/10): Alaba struggled initially with defending crosses but compensated with a crucial assist to Bellingham.
  • Ferland Mendy (7/10): Mendy's improved offensive play and crossing were evident, particularly in setting up Joselu.
  • Dani Ceballos (5/10): Returning from a four-month break, Ceballos seemed slightly off pace.
  • Fede Valverde (7/10): Valverde's adaptation to a double-pivot role was commendable, showcasing his defensive capabilities.
  • Toni Kroos (7/10): Kroos masterfully controlled the game's tempo, with his long passes proving to be highly effective.

Key Contributors

Jude Bellingham makes Real history with yet another Champions League goal
Image Credits: The Telegraph 
  • Jude Bellingham (8.5/10): Bellingham continued his record-breaking season with another goal and an assist, proving his mettle.
  • Brahim (7/10): He was a constant threat, particularly in the first half, and contributed with an assist and successful dribbles.
  • Rodrygo (8.5/10): Rodrygo instantly responded to Napoli's lead with a spectacular goal, showcasing his exceptional form.

Tactical Analysis

Real Madrid Coach Carlo Ancelotti To Coach Brazil From 2024 Copa America:  Report | Football News
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Carlo Ancelotti's tactical acumen was on full display in this match. His decision to employ a more aggressive strategy in the second half paid dividends. The team's ability to adapt to Napoli's tactics and Ancelotti's timely substitutions, particularly introducing Nico Paz and Joselu, were key factors in turning the game around.

Napoli's Resilience and Real Madrid's Strategic Superiority

Jude Bellingham breaks Cristiano Ronaldo and Di Stefano's Real Madrid  goalscoring record | Marca
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While Napoli displayed resilience, particularly in their swift counter-attacks and solid midfield play, Real Madrid's strategic superiority eventually prevailed. Ancelotti's experience in navigating high-pressure situations was evident, as he orchestrated his team to maintain composure and exploit Napoli's defensive gaps.

Looking Ahead: Real Madrid's Road to Glory

Jude Bellingham on target as Real Madrid beat Napoli and secure Group C top  spot - Champions League round-up | Football News | Sky Sports
Image Credits: Sky Sports

As Real Madrid prepares for the knockout stages, their focus on recovery and strategic planning becomes crucial. This victory not only ensures their top spot in the group but also sends a strong message about their ambition and preparedness for the challenging Champions League matches ahead. Ancelotti's praise for the team's resilience and his insights into their tactical approach were pivotal in this victory.



This match against Napoli stands as a testament to Real Madrid's enduring spirit, tactical brilliance, and depth under Carlo Ancelotti. Overcoming a challenging situation to secure a win highlights the team's character and the depth of their squad. Ancelotti's management skills and strategic decisions were instrumental in this remarkable turnaround. As Real Madrid gears up for the upcoming knockout stages, their focus on recuperation and strategic planning is paramount. This victory solidifies their position as a formidable force in the Champions League and underscores their readiness to take on the upcoming challenges in their quest for European glory.

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