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Real Madrid vs Atletico Madrid Highlights: La Liga 2024

Football  •  5 Feb, 2024  •  75,099 Views  •  ⭐ 4.2

Written by Anand Swami

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The latest chapter of the Madrid derby unfolded at the Santiago Bernabeu stadium, showcasing a tense battle between La Liga giants Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid. The match ended in a 1-1 draw, leaving fans on the edge of their seats until the final whistle.


Despite the deadlock, Real Madrid managed to stay at the top of the La Liga table, thanks to a late equalizer from Atletico's Marcos Llorente. This article captures the key moments and performances from this thrilling encounter.

Kick-off Drama

Jude Bellingham
Image Credits: Eurosport

The La Liga 2023-24 Madrid derby got off to an electrifying start at the Santiago Bernabeu, with both teams showcasing their intentions early on. From the kickoff, Real Madrid asserted their dominance in possession, signalling their intent to control the game's tempo. Jude Bellingham, in particular, was pivotal in these opening exchanges, winning the ball from Mario Hermoso and attempting to penetrate Atletico's defence with a sharp move inside the box.



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His effort, though, was quickly thwarted by Atletico's attentive defenders, setting the tone for a match where every inch of space would be contested fiercely. This initial phase of the game highlighted the strategic approaches of both sides: Real Madrid's aggressive pressing and Atletico Madrid's disciplined defensive structure aiming to counter their city rivals' advances.

Real Madrid's Early Lead

Brahim Diaz
Image Credits: Marca

The deadlock was broken in the 20th minute through a moment of opportunism by Brahim Diaz, who capitalized on a lapse in Atletico's defence. The play unfolded from Lucas Vazquez's effort to cut back the ball towards Jude Bellingham within the penalty area. An unfortunate deflection off Koke's feet left the ball perfectly placed for Diaz, who demonstrated his poacher's instinct by slotting the ball into the net from close range.

This goal was a testament to Real Madrid's persistent pressure and ability to exploit any defensive errors. The Bernabeu erupted in joy as Diaz celebrated the opener, giving Real Madrid a deserved lead for their early dominance and attacking endeavours. This moment was crucial, setting the stage for an intense battle where Real Madrid looked to consolidate their lead, and Atletico Madrid sought to find a way back into the match.



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Atletico's Struggle and Response

Memphis Depay
Image Credits: Telegraaf

Following the goal, Atletico Madrid found themselves under increasing pressure as Real Madrid continued to assert their dominance. In response, Diego Simeone's side underwent a tactical shift in the second half, introducing fresh legs in the form of players like Wilmar Barrios and Memphis Depay to invigorate their attack. This strategic move was aimed at disrupting Real's control and creating new avenues for Atletico to challenge the opposition's defence.

Despite these changes, Real Madrid maintained their offensive posture, with Federico Valverde and Rodrygo Goes continuing to test Atletico's defence with their incisive runs and shots at goal. Atletico, however, managed to weather the storm, keeping the scoreline within reach as they searched for an equalizer. This period of the game underscored the tactical chess match between the two coaches, with each substitution and tactical adjustment playing a crucial role in the unfolding drama of the derby.

The Equalizer and Intense Finish

Marcos Llorente
Image Credits:

The match reached its zenith in the dying moments, with Marcos Llorente emerging as the hero for Atletico Madrid by scoring a dramatic late equalizer in the 93rd minute. The goal came from a well-orchestrated move, starting with a cross into the box that Memphis Depay cleverly headed down into the path of Llorente. Demonstrating impeccable technique and composure, Llorente volleyed the ball into the top corner, leaving Real Madrid's goalkeeper with no chance.


This goal was a stunning climax to a match that Atletico had fought hard to stay in, showcasing their never-say-die attitude and ability to strike back when it mattered most. The equalizer not only secured a valuable point for Atletico but also highlighted the intense rivalry and competitive spirit that defines the Madrid derby.

VAR Controversies and Tactical Shifts

Stefan Savic
Image Credits: Goal

Throughout the match, VAR played a significant role, most notably in disallowing a goal by Stefan Savic for Atletico Madrid due to an offside position that interfered with play. This decision underscored the thin margins that often decide the outcomes in high-stakes matches such as the Madrid derby. Both teams made several tactical adjustments throughout the game, with Real Madrid introducing experienced players like Dani Ceballos and Luka Modric to maintain control and dictate the pace of the game.

Atletico's substitutions, aimed at enhancing their attacking options, reflected their strategy to disrupt Real's rhythm and create scoring opportunities. These tactical shifts and the use of technology added layers of complexity to the match, influencing both teams' strategies and the outcome.

Player Performances and Key Moments

Brahim Diaz
Image Credits: 90PLUS

Key performances from players like Brahim Diaz, who was a constant threat to Atletico's defence, and Jan Oblak, whose crucial saves kept Atletico in the game, were instrumental in shaping the match's dynamics. The game was characterized by intense physical battles, strategic fouls, and a competitive edge that led to several yellow cards, reflecting the high stakes and passionate rivalry of the Madrid derby.

Each team had moments of brilliance that could have tipped the balance in their favour, with Real Madrid's attacking flair matched by Atletico's resilience and tactical ingenuity. These individual battles and key moments provided a fascinating subplot to the overall narrative of the game, illustrating the depth of talent and tactical acumen present in both squads.


The 1-1 draw in the Madrid derby was a fair reflection of the intense battle between Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid. While Real may feel they missed an opportunity to secure all three points, Atletico's late equalizer showcased their fighting spirit.

The result keeps Real Madrid at the top of the La Liga standings, but the shared points highlight the competitive balance in Spanish football. As the season progresses, both teams will look back at this match as a crucial point in their campaigns.

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