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England vs Italy Highlights: UEFA European Championship Qualifiers

Football  •  18 Oct, 2023  •  1,994 Views  •  ⭐ 5.0

Written by Anand Swami

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At the iconic Wembley, England's spirited comeback dazzled as they overcame Italy 3-1 in a crucial UEFA European Championship Qualifier. While needing just a point to seal their Euro 2024 berth, Gareth Southgate's men showcased resilience after an early setback, with the dynamic duo of Harry Kane and Jude Bellingham propelling them to a memorable victory and leaving Italy pondering their qualification journey.


A Shocking Start for England

Image Credits: Goal

Within the initial 15 minutes, Italy seemed to have caught the Three Lions sleeping. Declan Rice's missed tackle turned into a golden opportunity for Italy, with Di Lorenzo swiftly moving the ball forward. His finely-calculated cross set the stage for Gianluca Scamacca, who did not falter in seizing the moment. Scamacca's maiden international goal wasn't just a personal achievement; it sent a message, challenging England to respond. The unexpected early lead threw a spanner in Southgate's strategies, prompting the question: could England mount a comeback?

Bellingham: The Game Changer

Image Credits: Sky Sports

Amid the mounting pressure, Jude Bellingham, channelling his Real Madrid excellence, stepped up to be England's beacon of hope. Around the 32nd minute, Bellingham's bold charge towards the goal was abruptly stopped by Di Lorenzo's challenge. The subsequent VAR review became the game's talking point. When Kane stepped up to take the penalty, all eyes were on him. His successful conversion was a testament not only to his skill but also to England's resilience. Bellingham's persistent threats to the Italian defence underscored his invaluable role in the team, changing the momentum in England's favour.



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England's Close Shave

Image Credits: Calcio News 24

As the halftime whistle loomed, Italy nearly delivered a sucker punch. Destiny Udogie, capitalizing on a fleeting opportunity, released a powerful shot that seemed destined for the net. However, Jordan Pickford's swift reflexes denied Italy, producing a save that was worth its weight in gold. That moment was a stark reminder of the game's unpredictability. Pickford's heroics ensured England remained in contention, setting the stage for what would become a memorable second half.

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