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South Africa vs India 2nd Test Highlights 2024

Cricket  •  4 Jan, 2024  •  1,19,953 Views  •  ⭐ 4.6

Written by Anand Swami

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In an extraordinary day of Test cricket at Cape Town, the second Test between South Africa and India unfolded with dramatic twists. A remarkable total of 23 wickets fell, including a historical collapse of India losing 6 wickets for no runs. Despite this, India maintained a lead, having bowled South Africa out for just 55 runs. The day was marked by exceptional bowling performances, particularly from Mohammed Siraj, and a pitch that proved to be a severe test for batsmen.


Morning Session: South Africa's Batting Ordeal

Mohammed Siraj
Image Credits: The Indian Express

The day commenced with South Africa opting to bat, but they soon found themselves in trouble. Mohammed Siraj, displaying a masterclass in seam bowling, ripped through the Proteas' batting lineup. Dean Elgar, facing his final Test, experienced the rare misfortune of being dismissed twice in a day – a feat not seen since the 19th century.

South Africa's innings was characterized by a lack of resilience against the Indian bowling attack, succumbing to their lowest total against India in Tests. Siraj's spell was a combination of precision and potency, leaving the South African batsmen helpless and floundering.



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India's Batting Response: A Swift Counter

Image Credits: Telegraph India

In response to South Africa's meagre total, India opened with intent. Rohit Sharma, known for his aggressive batting, quickly accumulated runs, setting a positive tone. However, the South African bowlers, particularly Lungi Ngidi, struck back, removing the Indian openers.

Virat Kohli, steady at the crease, played some elegant shots, demonstrating his class and experience. Despite some initial stability, the Indian innings soon faced turbulence as the pitch started to reveal its challenging nature, characterized by inconsistent bounce and menacing seam movement.

Ngidi's Impact: Triggering India's Collapse

Lungi Ngidi
Image Credits:

Lungi Ngidi, returning for his second spell, bowled with renewed vigour and intensity. His spell was a critical turning point in the game, as he claimed key wickets, including that of KL Rahul, Ravindra Jadeja, and Jasprit Bumrah. The variable bounce of the pitch played into Ngidi's hands, allowing him to exploit the conditions effectively. This spell initiated a dramatic collapse in the Indian batting order, undoing the earlier advantage they had established.



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India's Unprecedented Collapse: A Record Low

South Africa vs India 2nd Test 2024
Image Credits: News9live

India's batting collapse was historic and unprecedented. From a relatively stable position of 153 for 4, they capitulated to 153 all out in a matter of 11 balls. This dramatic turn of events marked the first instance in the long history of Test cricket where a team lost six wickets without adding to the score. This collapse brought the momentum back to South Africa, highlighting the unpredictable nature of the pitch and the challenges it posed to the batsmen.

South Africa's Second Innings: Markram's Stand

Aiden Markram
Image Credits: Times of India

In their second innings, South Africa found themselves in a precarious position. Aiden Markram, who faced the first ball of the day, showed commendable resilience and technique, surviving 51 deliveries in challenging conditions. His innings were a stark contrast to the rest of the South African batting, which struggled to cope with the Indian bowlers' relentless pressure. Markram's performance was crucial in bringing South Africa closer to parity, though India still held a significant lead.

Siraj's Bowling Brilliance: A Cut Above

Indian Cricket Players
Image Credits: The Indian Express

Mohammed Siraj's performance on this day was nothing short of extraordinary. He consistently hit the ideal lengths, extracting significant movement off the pitch. His dismissal of Dean Elgar and Tony de Zorzi were prime examples of his skill in exploiting the conditions.


Siraj's ability to adapt his line and length to the right-handers, coupled with strategic field placements, allowed him to dominate the South African batsmen. His spell was not just about luck; it was a display of sheer skill and mastery of seam bowling.

The Pitch: A Test of Skill and Temperament

Newlands Pitch
Image Credits: Medium

The Newlands pitch played a central role in the day's proceedings. Its excessive seam movement and unpredictable bounce turned every ball into a potential wicket-taking delivery. The challenging conditions tested the technique and temperament of the batsmen, with only a few being able to score in double digits. The pitch's behaviour underscored the essence of Test cricket – a battle not just between two teams, but also against the playing conditions.

Potential for a Record-Breaking Short Test

South Africa vs India 2nd Test
Image Credits: ESPNcricinfo

This Test match in Cape Town is on the verge of creating a unique record. If the match concludes in less than 34.1 overs on Thursday, it will become the shortest completed Test ever in the history of cricket. This prospect adds another layer of intrigue to a match already marked by extraordinary bowling performances and dramatic batting collapses.

The brevity of the Test, coupled with the intensity of play, underscores the unpredictability and excitement inherent in Test cricket. Both teams continue to battle not only each other but also the challenging conditions, making every over crucial in the context of this potential record.


The first day of the Cape Town Test between South Africa and India was a testament to the unpredictability and thrill of Test cricket. India, despite their historic collapse, ended the day with a slight edge, thanks to their bowlers, particularly Siraj's, exceptional performances. The pitch, with its capricious nature, was the day's real protagonist, making each delivery an event in itself. The remainder of the Test promises to be equally riveting, with both teams vying for dominance on a challenging surface.

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