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India vs Pakistan U19 Asia Cup Highlights 2023

Cricket  •  11 Dec, 2023  •  44,624 Views  •  ⭐ 4.5

Written by Anand Swami

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In an electrifying match of the U19 Asia Cup 2023, held at the ICC Academy Ground in Dubai, Pakistan outshined India in a high-stakes encounter. This intense game showcased the rising talents of the Under-19 cricket world, with Pakistan clinching victory by eight wickets.


Azan Awais led the charge for Pakistan with an unbeaten century, while India, despite a valiant effort, couldn't hold off their rivals. Key performances from both sides illuminated this crucial group stage match.

Early Indian Innings: Adarsh Singh and Uday Saharan's Partnership

Uday Saharan
Image Credits: Outlook India

The Indian innings commenced with opener Adarsh Singh and skipper Uday Saharan laying a solid foundation. Singh crafted a well-composed 62 off 81 balls, anchoring the innings with finesse. Saharan, on the other hand, contributed a resilient 60 off 98 balls.



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Their partnership was a testament to their temperament and skill, adding a crucial 93 runs in 20 overs. However, their inability to increase the run rate in the middle overs meant that India couldn't capitalize fully on this start, eventually culminating in a total of 259 for 9.

Pakistan's Bowling Dominance: Mohammad Zeeshan's Exceptional Spell

Pakistan U19 Team
Image Credits: Latestly

Pakistan's bowling attack, led by Mohammad Zeeshan, was a blend of precision and aggression. Zeeshan, with his right-arm medium pace, was the standout bowler, claiming four crucial wickets while conceding only 46 runs in his quota of 10 overs. His disciplined bowling, including a maiden over, was instrumental in keeping the Indian batters in check, thwarting their attempts to accelerate the scoring rate.

India's Middle Order Woes

Indian U19 Team
Image Credits: jan-manthan

India's middle order, featuring Musheer Khan and Rudra Patel, faced significant challenges against Pakistan's tight bowling. Musheer Khan, the younger brother of the well-known Sarfaraz Khan, had high expectations riding on him following his performance in the opening game. However, he could only manage a mere 2 runs, reflecting the pressure of the big stage.


Similarly, Rudra Patel was dismissed for just 1 run, further deepening India's batting concerns. Their quick dismissals left India in a precarious position, exerting additional pressure on the lower order to bolster the team's total.

Sachin Dhas' Valiant Effort

Image Credits: Marathi News

Sachin Dhas emerged as the hero for India with his aggressive batting. Walking in when India was precariously placed at 158 for 5, Dhas launched a ferocious counter-attack. His 58 runs off 42 balls, including three towering sixes and two boundaries, were a display of sheer power and timing. His fearless approach, especially noteworthy against the towering Mohammad Zeeshan, provided the Indian innings with the much-needed impetus towards the end.

Pakistan's Commanding Chase: Azan Awais Leads the Way

Azan Awais
Image Credits: Sportstar

Pakistan's chase was masterfully orchestrated by Azan Awais, who played a captain's knock. Scoring an unbeaten 105 off 130 balls, Awais's innings was a mix of patience and aggression. His ability to anchor the innings while keeping the scoreboard ticking was pivotal in Pakistan's chase. His 10 boundaries were a mix of elegant drives and powerful cuts, illustrating his wide range of shots.


Supporting Acts: Shazaib Khan and Saad Baig's Contributions

Pakistan U19 Batsmen
Image Credits: The Week

In Pakistan's pursuit of the target, Shazaib Khan and Saad Baig played crucial roles. Khan's 63 off 88 balls was vital in building the innings after the early loss of the first wicket. His partnership with Awais set the stage for the final assault. Baig's explosive batting, 68 off just 51 balls, ensured that the run rate was always under control. His innings, peppered with eight boundaries and a six, was a display of controlled aggression.

India's Bowling Struggle

Pakistan U19 Team
Image Credits: India Posts English

India's bowling attack, led by skipper Uday Saharan, struggled to contain the Pakistani batting lineup. Despite using a variety of seven bowlers, they failed to make significant inroads into Pakistan's batting order. Off-spinner Murugan Abhishek managed to pick up two wickets, but the rest of the bowling lineup couldn't match his effectiveness.

Musheer Khan, in particular, had a tough outing. He was expensive, conceding 32 runs in just four overs. This lack of control and penetration by the Indian bowlers allowed Pakistan to comfortably chase down the target with significant ease.


The U19 Asia Cup 2023 match between India and Pakistan was a remarkable display of young cricketing talent. Pakistan's Azan Awais and Mohammad Zeeshan led their team to a comprehensive victory, exhibiting strategic acumen and skilful execution.

India's Sachin Dhas and Adarsh Singh also delivered noteworthy performances, showcasing the depth of talent in their ranks. The match was a great example of high-quality cricket and intense rivalry, setting the tone for a bright and competitive era of cricket in both nations.

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