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Everything You Need to Know About Ranbir Kapoor's Animal Film

Bollywood  •  11 Dec, 2023  •  75,270 Views  •  ⭐ 4.3

Written by Anand Swami

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Ranbir Kapoor's new movie, "Animal", has stirred the Indian film industry with its distinctive narrative and remarkable performances. Released on December 1, 2023, this film directed by Sandeep Reddy Vanga, showcases Kapoor in a dynamic and intense role, marking a significant evolution in his acting career. Garnering attention for its gripping storyline and powerful depiction of characters, "Animal" has set new benchmarks in Hindi cinema, both domestically and internationally.

Ranbir Kapoor Animal Film: A Path-breaking Success

Ranbir Kapoor
Image Credits: India Today

The Ranbir Kapoor animal movie "Animal" exemplifies his exceptional talent and the film's intriguing storyline. Demonstrating significant box office success, the movie has notably achieved over Rs 432 crores in India within just 10 days of its release and was anticipated to cross Rs 450 crores shortly thereafter. On the global stage, "Animal" has been equally phenomenal, amassing an impressive ₹600 crore worldwide.

This outstanding performance at the box office highlights the film's widespread appeal and reinforces Kapoor's solid international fan base. The film's triumph is not merely a testament to its captivating narrative, but also a reflection of the expanding global influence of Indian cinema.



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Animal Movie Trailer Release Date and Impact

Ranbir Kapoor
Image Credits: The Quint

The much-anticipated animal movie trailer was released on November 23, 2023, generating immense excitement and curiosity among audiences. The trailer offered a glimpse into the film's intense narrative, intricate character dynamics, and the raw, unfiltered emotions portrayed.

Upon its release, the trailer received widespread acclaim for its gritty storytelling and powerful performances, particularly by Ranbir Kapoor. This early glimpse played a crucial role in building the hype and setting the stage for the film's successful theatrical release, highlighting the film's potential as a significant addition to Ranbir Kapoor's movies.

Animal Movie Release Date and Its Cinematic Journey

Image Credits: The Indian Express 

Marking its entry into cinemas on December 1, 2023, the Animal movie release date was a momentous occasion in Bollywood. The film, with its runtime of over 3 hours, challenged conventional cinematic norms and presented a logistical challenge for movie theatres. It also received an 'A' certificate from the Central Board of Film Certification, indicating its mature and intense content.


The release of "Animal" was not just a significant event for Ranbir Kapoor's career but also for Indian cinema, as it showcased the industry's capability to produce complex, thought-provoking narratives that resonate with a global audience.

The Animal Movie Cast: A Stellar Ensemble

Animal Star Cast
Image Credits: GQ India

The Animal movie cast presents a remarkable ensemble of talent, encapsulating a blend of established stars and emerging actors in Indian cinema. The film features Ranbir Kapoor in a challenging dual role as Ranvijay "Vijay" Singh and Aziz Haque, showcasing his versatile acting prowess. Anil Kapoor adds depth to the narrative with his dual portrayal of Balbir Rajdheer Singh and Kailash Ramteke.

Rashmika Mandanna, as Geetanjali "Geeta" Iyengar, Vijay's wife, and Bobby Deol, playing the roles of Abrar, Asrar, Abid, and Aziz's brother, contribute significantly to the movie's diverse character spectrum. Tripti Dimri as Zoya Wahab Riaz further enhances the film's narrative complexity.


Supporting roles by Charu Shankar, Babloo Prithiveeraj, Shakti Kapoor, Prem Chopra, and Suresh Oberoi add layers to the story, enriching the film's overall appeal. Their performances collectively bring to life the intricate plot of "Animal," making it an engaging and thought-provoking cinematic experience.

Animal Movie Story: A Compelling Narrative

Ranbir and Anil Kapoor
Image Credits: Mid-Day

The Animal movie story delves into the dark and complex world of crime and familial relationships. Set against the backdrop of the criminal underworld, the film follows Ranbir Kapoor's character, a determined and ruthless individual, as he navigates through power struggles and familial conflicts. The narrative is gripping, blending action with deep emotional moments.

Themes of betrayal, ambition, and the pursuit of power are explored in a nuanced manner, making "Animal" a standout story in Ranbir Kapoor's filmography. The movie's plot has been praised for its boldness and its ability to engage the audience with its intense and provocative storyline.

Ranbir Kapoor's New Movie: Charting New Territories

Bollywood Actors
Image Credits: Mint

Ranbir Kapoor's new movie, "Animal", marks a significant chapter in his career, showcasing his versatility as an actor. The film's success adds a notable achievement to his repertoire, demonstrating his ability to captivate audiences with diverse roles. "Animal" is not just another addition to his filmography but a bold statement of his artistic evolution.

The movie's reception, both critically and commercially, reflects Kapoor's standing as a leading actor in contemporary Indian cinema. His performance in "Animal" has set high expectations for his future projects, with fans and critics alike eagerly anticipating what he will bring to the screen next.


"Animal" stands as a landmark film in Ranbir Kapoor's career, symbolizing his transition into more challenging and complex roles. This film not only explores new thematic territories but also demonstrates Kapoor's ability to engage deeply with his characters. "Animal" has been a game-changer, not just for Ranbir Kapoor but for the Indian film industry as a whole, showcasing the potential for Indian cinema to create stories that are bold, dark, and resonate on a global scale.

The success of "Animal" promises a new direction for Bollywood, where storytelling is boundless and actors like Kapoor continue to push the limits of conventional cinema. As a significant milestone in Ranbir Kapoor's movies, "Animal" will be remembered as a film that broke new ground and opened up new possibilities in storytelling.

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