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Scam 2003 Review: A Gripping Tale of a Stamp Paper Kingpin

Bollywood  •  1 Sept, 2023  •  4,378 Views  •  ⭐ 5.0

Written by Anand Swami

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The Scam franchise's second instalment is Scam 2003: The Telgi Story, which is based on Sanjay Singh's book "Telgi Scam: Reporter's Ki Diary." The September series revolves around Abdul Karim Telgi, who orchestrated a multi-crore counterfeit stamp paper scam that shocked the nation in the early 2000s. Below are five compelling reasons to watch this show.


Gagan Dev Riar as Abdul Karim Telgi

Image Credits: Hindustan Times

One of the main highlights of the show is the outstanding portrayal of Telgi by Gagan Dev Riar. He brings the character to life with his convincing and nuanced performance, showcasing Telgi's cunning, ambition, and vulnerability. Riar's body language, delivery of dialogue, and facial expressions are all impeccable, making Telgi an engaging protagonist.

The Intricate Plot and Screenplay

Image Credits: Latestly

The plot and screenplay of the show are skillfully crafted, keeping viewers engaged with the intricacies of Telgi's scam. It delves into how Telgi took advantage of the weaknesses in the stamp paper system, formed alliances with corrupt officials and politicians, evaded law enforcement agencies, and ultimately met his downfall. The show also sheds light on the social, economic, and political backdrop of the scam, exposing the deep-rooted corruption in the country's system.



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The Supporting Cast and Characters

Image Credits: The Indian Express

The show has a stellar supporting cast and characters, who bring life and authenticity to the story. The show features actors like Mukesh Tiwari, Sana Amin Sheikh, Bharat Jadhav, Shashank Ketkar, Nikhil Ratnaparkhi, and Sameer Dharmadhikari, who play various roles such as Telgi’s accomplices, enemies, mentors, family members, journalists, lawyers, and cops. Each character has a unique personality and motivation, making them engaging and realistic.

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