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Game of Thrones Fan Theories That Didn't Come True

Hollywood  •  19 Oct, 2023  •  7,021 Views  •  ⭐ 4.6

Written by Anand Swami

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"Game of Thrones" not only redefined television but also ignited a passionate fandom that delved deeply into its intricate world. Fans across the globe, captivated by its twists and turns, crafted their imaginative theories and endings. While the show presented its narrative, countless alternative paths dreamed up by viewers remained unexplored. Let's embark on a journey through seven of the most intriguing and hotly debated fan theories that never saw the light of Westeros's day.


Bran as the Night King

Image Credits: The Independent

A top fan favourite, this theory emerged from Bran's time-travelling escapades and his warging abilities. The logic was that Bran, trying to prevent the Night King's creation, would warg into him but become trapped, thus becoming the Night King himself. This would explain the Night King's recognition of Bran and possibly his reluctance to kill Jon. While many fans hoped that Bran's entanglement with the Night King would reveal a deeper connection between the two, the ultimate confrontation at the Godswood in Winterfell served a different narrative purpose, emphasizing Bran's role as the memory of the world. While it would have been a thrilling twist, this theory remained just that - a theory.

Arya’s Face-Swapping Assassination

Image Credits: Inverse

Arya’s list had Cersei's name for the longest time. To align with the Valonqar theory, fans envisioned a plot where Arya kills Jaime, steals his face, and uses it to assassinate Cersei. Had Arya utilized her face-swapping abilities on Jaime, it would have provided a poetic closure to her list and merged two dominant theories. Alas, Arya's journey took her to the west of Westeros, leaving behind the world of vengeance. A masterful blend of revenge and prophecy that tantalizingly remained unexplored.



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The Targaryen Night King

Image Credits: Startefacts

Hints like the Night King riding a dragon and his immunity to fire led to theories about his Targaryen heritage. The uncanny resemblance between his spiral symbol and the Targaryen crest added more intrigue. If the Night King had been revealed as a Targaryen, it would have introduced a deeper layer to the fight for the throne, blending ancient legacies with the present conflict. Was the Night King a Targaryen with claims to the throne? A chilling mystery that remains.

Tyrion or Jaime: Cersei's Fatal Foe

Image Credits: Wallpaper Abyss

Book readers know of the "Valonqar" prophecy, foretelling Cersei's demise at the hands of her younger brother. Despite Tyrion being the obvious choice due to Cersei's disdain for him, there were strong beliefs that Jaime, her twin born minutes after her, would be the one to end her life, thus completing his redemption arc. The complicated relationship dynamics among the Lannister siblings added layers of intrigue to this theory. Yet, destiny chose rubble over siblings, and the emotional weight of their fates left fans pondering what could have been.

The Rise of More Dragons

Image Credits: Esquire

Daenerys, the Mother of Dragons, having more of her fire-breathing children was a hopeful theory. Four dragons appearing in the Season 8 title sequence added fuel to this fire. The dragons, symbolic of Targaryen's power and legacy, were at the heart of Daenerys's claim to the throne. But alas, the show chose a different path, leading Dany towards madness rather than motherhood, dashing hopes of a new dragon era in Westeros.


Jon & Dany's Royal Offspring

Image Credits: Bustle

After Jon and Daenerys' intimate moment, there was immense speculation around a potential baby, uniting two powerful lineages. A child would have been a solution to the Iron Throne’s succession crisis, bridging the gap between two ancient houses and cementing their legacy. However, the series opted for a tragic love story, with both characters facing their destinies head-on. This tantalizing plotline, filled with political implications, never saw the light of day.

Bran’s Dragon Dreams

Image Credits: Screen Rant

Fans had long hoped that Bran would be able to warg into a dragon, combining their immense power with his unique abilities. Although this never happened directly, suggestions from fans indicated that Bran's destiny was somehow intertwined with the dragons. When Bran expressed interest in finding the rogue Drogon, it left the possibility open for a future encounter, giving viewers hope that their dream may one day be realized.


In the sprawling saga of "Game of Thrones," the plethora of characters, loyalties, and betrayals gave birth to a myriad of fan speculations. While the televised series chose its destiny, these fan-imagined storylines highlight the show's profound impact on its audience. These theories, though unexplored, will forever provide fodder for passionate debates, keeping the spirit of Westeros alive and fueling the fires of imagination for years to come.

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