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Game of Thrones Stars: Where are they now?

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Written by Anand Swami

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The HBO series "Game of Thrones" (GoT) was more than just a television show. It was a cultural phenomenon that took the world by storm. The series drew viewers into a universe of fierce battles, political intrigue, and memorable characters. It set a new benchmark for fantasy dramas. While the show's enthralling tales of Westeros reached their climax in 2019, the lives and careers of its stars progressed in intriguing ways. In this article, we will explore where the most iconic actors are today.


Emilia Clarke - Daenerys Targaryen

Image Credits: HBO

Emilia Clarke's portrayal of Daenerys Targaryen was nothing short of iconic. She perfectly embodied Daenerys' journey from a vulnerable exile to a commanding queen, capturing the hearts of millions globally. After her success in "Game of Thrones," she transitioned seamlessly into other blockbuster franchises, proving her mettle in "Solo: A Star Wars Story" and Marvel's "Secret Invasion". Her decision in 2023 to produce and star in "The Pod Generation" was a testament to her evolving skills and ambitions. The sci-fi rom-com, while a departure from her previous roles, showcases her versatility and commitment to pushing boundaries in storytelling and performance.

Sophie Turner - Sansa Stark

Image Credits: Glamour

Sophie Turner's character development as Sansa Stark was one of the most profound in the "Game of Thrones" series. Starting as a naive young princess with dreams of grandeur to becoming the astute and strategic Queen of Winterfell, Turner showcased incredible depth in her acting abilities. Her transition to the role of Jean Grey in the X-Men franchise was a significant shift, diving into a character with deep internal conflicts and enormous power. Although the franchise received a mixed response, Sophie's performance was consistently praised. The 2022 miniseries "The Staircase" and her current project "Joan" demonstrate her continued dedication to diving into multifaceted characters, further establishing her prowess in the industry.



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Maisie Williams - Arya Stark

Image Credits: Outlook India

Maisie Williams brought a spirited determination to her role as Arya Stark. Arya's journey from a rebellious Stark child to a formidable assassin showcased Williams' range as an actress. After the series, Maisie continued to choose roles that were both challenging and diverse, evident in her work in "New Mutants". The TV miniseries "Two Weeks to Live" and "Pistol" further highlighted her ability to dominate both the big and small screen. As she prepares for her role as Catherine Dior in "The New Look", fans eagerly anticipate another riveting performance, aligning with her streak of strong female characters.

Lena Headey - Cersei Lannister

Image Credits: Vogue India

Lena Headey's performance as Cersei Lannister is often considered one of the most complex and captivating in TV history. She masterfully displayed Cersei's ambition, cunning, and ruthlessness, making her one of the most memorable characters in the series. Post-GoT, Lena's versatility shone through diverse roles in films like "Twist", "Gunpowder Milkshake", and "9 Bullets". In addition, her voice work in "The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance" showcased her adaptability in different mediums. With the upcoming "White House Plumbers", fans are excited to see her delve into the intricate world of political drama.

Kit Harington - Jon Snow

Image Credits: Sky News

Kit Harington's embodiment of Jon Snow is a testament to his dedication and depth as an actor. Jon Snow's arc, from being the bastard of Winterfell to the reluctant hero who played a pivotal role in the fate of Westeros, was beautifully rendered by Harington. Venturing into the vast Marvel Cinematic Universe with "Eternals", Kit proved that he could hold his own in other sprawling franchises. His appearances in TV shows like "Extrapolations" offer a glimpse into his range outside of epic fantasy. As rumours circulate about a potential GoT spinoff focusing on Jon Snow, fans eagerly await Harington's return to the role that made him a household name.


Pedro Pascal - Oberyn Martell

Image Credits: HBO

Pedro Pascal's portrayal of Oberyn Martell, though brief, was impactful, leaving audiences yearning for more. His charismatic presence and the tragic end of his character further solidified GoT's reputation for unpredictability. Transitioning from Westeros, Pedro has since taken TV by storm, showcasing his leading-man capabilities in hits like "The Mandalorian" and the anticipated adaptation of "The Last of Us". His foray into film, including roles in "Drive-Away Dolls" and Ridley Scott's "Gladiator 2", exemplifies his wide-ranging talents and his ability to immerse himself in varied characters.

Richard Madden - Robb Stark

Image Credits: Winteriscoming

Richard Madden's heart-wrenching portrayal of Robb Stark is etched into the memories of GoT fans. The King in the North's dramatic storyline was brought to life with Madden's passionate and nuanced performance. After leaving Westeros behind, Madden showcased his versatility in critically acclaimed films like "Rocket Man" and the war epic "1917". His starring role in the thrilling TV series "Bodyguard" earned him accolades and solidified his reputation as a leading man. With his upcoming role in "Citadel", Madden is poised to continue captivating audiences worldwide.

Gwendoline Christie - Brienne of Tarth

Image Credits: HBO

Gwendoline Christie's role as Brienne of Tarth broke traditional gender norms in the patriarchal society of Westeros. Her unwavering honour, loyalty, and combat prowess made Brienne one of the series' most beloved characters. Post-GoT, Gwendoline's towering presence was utilized effectively in the Star Wars universe. Her recent involvement in Netflix's "Wednesday" has fans excited, and her anticipated role in "Severance" season 2 indicates her continued rise in the entertainment industry.


Sean Bean - Eddard Stark

Image Credits: GamesRadar

Sean Bean's portrayal of Eddard Stark laid the foundation for the intricate tapestry of GoT. His honourable but ultimately tragic character set the tone for the series' unexpected twists. Although his time on GoT was limited, Bean's post-show career has been prolific. His participation in films like "The Martian" showcased his range, and his involvement in TV series and upcoming roles, including the 2023 film "Knights of the Zodiac", continues to solidify his legacy as a versatile actor.

Nikolaj Coster-Waldau - Jaime Lannister

Image Credits: Mashable

Nikolaj Coster-Waldau skillfully brought to life Jaime Lannister's transformation from an arrogant knight to a redeemed warrior. His layered performance allowed fans to empathize with a character once deemed irredeemable. After GoT, Nikolaj continued to explore diverse roles, shining in both American films and projects closer to his Danish roots. "God Is a Bullet" is a recent testament to his ability to delve into complex characters, and his involvement in "The Last Thing He Told Me" indicates a promising trajectory for his already illustrious career.

Jack Gleeson - Joffrey Baratheon

Image Credits: Game Rant

From his ruthless tyranny over Westeros to his tragic demise at his wedding, Joffrey Baratheon remains one of the series' most detested characters. After savouring the taste of power following Robert's demise, he rarely missed an opportunity to showcase his cruelty, especially towards Sansa and Tyrion. Off-screen, Jack Gleeson took a brief hiatus from the limelight post-GoT. However, the call of acting beckoned, leading him back to several theatre productions in Ireland. Recently, in 2023, audiences got to see him share the screen with Liam Neeson in "In the Land of Sinners and Saints." Additionally, he's set to captivate BBC viewers in the forthcoming series, "The Famous Five."

Iwan Rheon - Ramsay Bolton

Image Credits: IndieWire

If Westeros had a scale for sadism, Ramsay Bolton might just tip the balance. His terrifying reign included torturing Theon Greyjoy into a shell of his former self, betraying the Starks, and inflicting torment upon Sansa. His reign of terror met a fitting end at the hands of Jon Snow and Sansa. In the real world, Iwan Rheon transitioned from this chilling role to Marvel's "Inhumans" series. Welsh actor Iwan Rheon, known for his diverse roles on British television, is set to star in the upcoming Peacock series "Those About to Die," which explores ancient Roman history.

Natalie Dormer - Margaery Tyrell

Image Credits: Vanity Fair

Margaery Tyrell was a master of political gamesmanship. From her initial alliance with Renly Baratheon to her ascension as the queen of Westeros through Joffrey and Tommen, Margaery's ambitions were always clear. Yet, her entanglement with Cersei proved fatal, culminating in a tragic end at the Sept of Baelor. Transitioning from this complex role, Natalie Dormer ventured into the horror genre with movies like "The Forrest" and "Patient Zero," and also took the lead in the Starz series "Penny Dreadful: City of Angels."

Peter Dinklage - Tyrion Lannister

Image Credits: Looper

Tyrion Lannister's journey from a pleasure-seeking noble to the Hand of the King (thrice over!) showcased his brilliance and wit. His counsel and strategies were instrumental in Daenerys's rise, even if he sometimes overlooked her darker tendencies. As the series concluded, he became the trusted Hand to King Bran. Off-screen, Peter Dinklage's star continues to rise. Following a stint in "Transformers: Rise of the Beasts," fans eagerly await his roles in the "Toxic Avenger" reboot and "The Hunger Games: The Ballad of Songbirds & Snakes."

Jason Momoa - Khal Drogo

Image Credits: GQ India

Khal Drogo's fierce exterior masked a deep love and commitment towards Daenerys. As the mighty Dothraki leader, he pledged to conquer Westeros for his beloved Khaleesi. However, fate had other plans, taking him away prematurely. Jason Momoa, on the other hand, has been riding a wave of success, diving deep into blockbuster roles in "Aquaman," "Fast X," and "Dune." His creative prowess also shines in the upcoming Apple TV+ series "Chief of War," where he not only conceptualized the show but also stars in it.

Isaac Hempstead Wright - Bran Stark

Image Credits: The Hollywood Reporter

The transformation of Brandon Stark is one of the annals of television history. From the tragedy of his paralysis to his profound journey as the Three-Eyed Raven, Bran's story is a testament to resilience and destiny. His unlikely ascension to the throne remains one of the series' most debated outcomes. Away from Westeros, Isaac Hempstead Wright took a scholarly path, diving into neuroscience studies. He briefly returned to the cinematic world with a role in the 2021 sci-fi film "Voyagers."

Bella Ramsey - Lyanna Mormont

Image Credits: BellaNaija

Lyanna Mormont quickly became a fan favourite in the expansive Game of Thrones universe. Every scene she was in radiated with her unwavering strength and resilience, making it easy to forget her young age. While her demise at the Battle of Winterfell was heart-wrenching, it was befitting her warrior spirit. Off the screens, Bella Ramsey transitioned into another strong character, Ellie, in the 2023 adaptation of "The Last of Us."

Rose Leslie - Ygritte

Image Credits: Winteriscoming

Ygritte's fiery red hair was only rivalled by her fierce spirit and sharp wit. Her relationship with Jon Snow was the perfect embodiment of the complexities of love and war. While their love story was tragically cut short by her death in Jon’s arms at Castle Black, it left an indelible mark on the series. Rose Leslie, whose real-life love story with Kit Harington blossomed, continued to enchant audiences, especially with her remarkable performances in shows like "Luther" and "The Time Traveler’s Wife."

Nathalie Emmanuel - Missandei

Image Credits: IndieWire

Missandei's journey from a slave in Astapor to being Daenerys Targaryen's trusted confidante was truly inspirational. Her love story with Grey Worm added depth to her character, and her unfortunate death was one of the series' most heart-wrenching moments. Nathalie Emmanuel's on-screen charisma wasn't just limited to Westeros. Her return to the action-packed "Fast & Furious" franchise and her anticipated role in "Megalopolis" only solidified her position in Hollywood.

Alfie Allen - Theon Greyjoy

Image Credits: HBO

Theon Greyjoy's character arc was one of the most complex in the series, oscillating between ambition, treachery, torment, and eventual redemption. His tragic journey of self-discovery and atonement resonated with fans, making his death in the Battle of Winterfell poignant. Alfie Allen transitioned seamlessly post-GoT, impressing audiences with his performances in British TV series like "White House Farm" and "SAS: Rogue Heroes."

Thomas Brodie-Sangster - Jojen Reed

Image Credits: Wiki of Westeros

Jojen Reed might not have had the longest stint in Game of Thrones, but his impact, especially on Bran Stark's journey, was significant. As a greenseer, he played an integral part in Bran's transformation into the Three-Eyed Raven. Outside of Westeros, Thomas Brodie-Sangster gained significant acclaim with his portrayal of Benny Watts in "The Queen’s Gambit." His upcoming role in "The Artful Dodger" is eagerly anticipated by fans.

Aidan Gillen - Petyr Baelish

Image Credits: Refinery29

Petyr Baelish, or Littlefinger, was the embodiment of political cunning and ambition in Game of Thrones. His web of intrigues and betrayals kept the audiences on their toes, and his sudden fall from grace was a testament to the unpredictability of the show. Aidan Gillen's versatility as an actor was further showcased in movies like "The Maze Runner: The Death Cure" and "Bohemian Rhapsody," as well as TV series like "Peaky Blinders."

Kristofer Hivju - Tormund Giantsbane

Image Credits: IGN

Tormund, hailing from the Freefolk, showcased not just his impressive combat skills but also unexpectedly became a source of humour in the Game of Thrones ensemble. He played a pivotal role, solidifying his bond with Jon Snow to bridge the divide between the North and the Freefolk, crucial in confronting the White Walker threat. Post-show, Kristofer Hivju has displayed his versatility by taking on roles in comedies like Downhill and Cocaine Bear, diving into the fantastical world of The Witcher on Netflix, and preparing for a role in the anticipated Dwayne Johnson and Chris Evans film, Red One, where he embodies Krampus.

Carice van Houten - Melisandre

Image Credits: Empire

Melisandre, often referred to as the Red Woman, was a complex and enigmatic character, initially throwing her support behind Stannis Baratheon as the chosen leader by the Lord of Light. However, a series of events brought her to the Wall, where she played a significant role, especially after Jon Snow's assassination, by bringing him back to life. This act marked the beginning of her path to redemption, and she was later instrumental during the Battle of Winterfell. Following Game of Thrones, Carice van Houten ventured into global cinema, starring in films such as The Affair, Domino, and Lost Girls & Love Hotels, yet none achieved the same universal acclaim as her Game of Thrones character.

Michelle Fairley - Catelyn Stark

Image Credits: HBO

With a fierce loyalty to her family, Catelyn Stark stepped into a protective and advisory role after the execution of her husband, Ned. She stood by her son, Robb, during the tumultuous War of the Five Kings, a commitment that tragically led to her demise at the infamous Red Wedding. Since then, Michelle Fairley has made her mark on series like The Feed, Gangs of London, and a dive into the Bridgerton universe with Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story.

Gemma Whelan - Yara Greyjoy

Image Credits: watchersonthewall

Yara Greyjoy, a resilient and fearless leader from the Iron Islands, commanded her ship and, apart from her protective feelings towards her brother Theon, rarely showcased vulnerability. She strategically allied herself with Daenerys and reclaimed her homeland. Post-series, Gemma Whelan joined the cast of Anya Taylor-Joy's Emma and ventured into voice acting in renowned video games like Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker and Elden Ring. She also spearheads the British series, The Tower.

Rory McCann - Sandor Clegane

Image Credits: Wallpaper Abyss

Better known as "The Hound," Sandor Clegane was a rough-edged character who revealed moments of softness, particularly in his interactions with the Stark sisters, Sansa and Arya. He braved the regions beyond the Wall to combat the Army of the Dead and ultimately met his end in King's Landing while confronting his brother, The Mountain. Following this, Rory McCann portrayed the antagonist Jurgen in Jumanji: The Next Level and lent his voice to the iconic character Megatron in the Transformers: EarthSpark series.

Jerome Flynn - Bronn

Image Credits: The Sunday Post

Bronn, a savvy mercenary, seized every chance that came his way in Game of Thrones. He notably fought for Tyrion in the Eyrie trial and subsequently became his protector. Rising through the ranks, he refrained from executing Tyrion and Jaime per Cersei's orders and was eventually rewarded with the lordship of Highgarden. In the aftermath of Daenerys' conquest, he became the Master of Coin in King Bran's administration. Post-series, Jerome Flynn showcased his skills as Berrada in John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum and took on the role of the villain Banner in the movie 1923.

Hannah Murray - Gilly

Image Credits: IMDb

Gilly's character emerged from the shadows of her oppressive father, Craster, portraying a resilient and compassionate individual. With the help of Samwell Tarly, her journey in Game of Thrones took a turn for the better. Their bond was further solidified when she announced her pregnancy in the show's finale. After Game of Thrones, Hannah Murray's notable project has been a short stint in the horror series The Expecting on Quibi.

Liam Cunningham - Davos Seaworth

Image Credits: IGN India

Davos Seaworth, affectionately known as the Onion Knight, witnessed dramatic shifts in loyalties during the show. Initially an unwavering supporter of Stannis Baratheon, his allegiance transitioned to Jon Snow in the latter seasons. Having survived the harrowing Battle of Winterfell, Davos was honoured with the title of Master of Ships under King Bran's reign. Post-series, Liam Cunningham has delved into films like The Vault and The Last Voyage of the Demeter, and he's set to collaborate again with Game of Thrones creators in the Netflix series 3 Body Problem, playing Thomas Wade.

Charles Dance - Tywin Lannister

Image Credits: The Daily Beast

Tywin Lannister's strategic prowess and intimidating presence made him a formidable force in Westeros. Acting as the Hand of the King for three monarchs, his reign came to a sudden end at the hands of his son, Tyrion. Charles Dance's commanding portrayal has since been seen in The Crown's third and fourth seasons, and he has graced the big screen in films such as Ghostbusters, Godzilla: King of the Monsters, and The King’s Man. He's also slated to appear alongside Jeff Goldblum in The Liar, inspired by Stephen Fry’s novel.

John Bradley - Samwell Tarly

Image Credits: Winteriscoming

Samwell Tarly debunked the stereotype of a traditional Westerosi warrior, proving that intellect and heart can be as potent as the sword. Beginning his journey in the Night's Watch, Sam found his true calling as a maester and stood as a loyal friend to Jon Snow. John Bradley has since been seen in Jennifer Lopez's Marry Me, the cinematic spectacle Moonfall, and heads the Australian drama North Shore. He's also prepping for a role in 3 Body Problem.

Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson - Gregor Clegane

Image Credits: Esquire

Known as "The Mountain," Gregor Clegane was one of the show's most brutal characters. After a near-fatal duel with Oberyn Martell and subsequent experimental treatments by Qyburn, he met his end in a climactic battle against his brother, The Hound. Post-show, Hafþór has focused on boxing and bodybuilding, though he has appeared in films like Pharoah’s War and made a brief appearance in The Northman.

Mark Addy - Robert Baratheon

Image Credits: HBO

Introduced as King Robert Baratheon, he bore little resemblance to the fierce warrior of yore who had claimed the Iron Throne from the Targaryens. His troubled reign set many events of the series in motion, leading to his mysterious death. Mark Addy, post-show, has been prominent in British television with roles in Atlantis, Doctor Who, and White House Farm, and has graced films like Downton Abbey and Mary Poppins Returns. He revisited his character from the 1997 film, The Full Monty, for a sequel series on Disney+.

Daniel Portman - Podrick Payne

Image Credits: Metro UK

Podrick Payne's journey depicted the challenges and eventual rewards of the knighthood path in Westeros. Serving initially under Tyrion and later under Brienne of Tarth, his loyalty and valour earned him a place in King Bran’s elite Kingsguard. Post-show, Daniel Portman starred as a Scottish leader in the historical epic Robert the Bruce and later appeared in a Black Mirror episode titled “Loch Henry.”

Iain Glen - Jorah Mormont

Image Credits: Cosmopolitan

Jorah Mormont, a loyal follower of Daenerys Targaryen, showcased resilience and redemption through his journey. Whether it was living amongst the Dothraki, overcoming greyscale, or participating in the perilous mission beyond the Wall, he remained devoted to Daenerys until his last breath at the Battle of Winterfell. Post-show, Iain Glen took on a new persona as Bruce Wayne in Titans and now holds a recurring spot in the highly-praised Apple TV+ series, Silo.

Conleth Hill - Lord Varys

Image Credits: The Economic Times

Varys, with his intricate web of spies dubbed "little birds," always claimed to act in the best interest of the realm. His unwavering support for Daenerys took a turn when he began to doubt her leadership, a decision that led to his fiery demise. After Game of Thrones, Conleth Hill has been a consistent figure in British cinema and television, now starring in the BBC series Vienna Blood.


As the curtain fell on the tales of Westeros, the spotlight never dimmed for the talented stars of "Game of Thrones." Their ventures post-GoT, whether on screen or off, prove the versatility and depth of their artistry. While they'll always be remembered for their iconic roles in this epochal series, they continue to leave an indelible mark in the vast expanse of the entertainment world.

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