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Tata Steel: Balancing Profits and Sustainability in 2023

India  •  27 Jun, 2023  •  1,911 Views  •  ⭐ 5.0

Written by Shivani Chourasia

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The global business landscape is marked by a pressing need for balancing profitability with sustainability. Tata Steel Ltd, as a prominent player in the global steel industry, is at the epicentre of this challenge. This blog provides an update on Tata Steel's recent developments in its journey towards sustainability, along with an overview of its financial performance for the 2023 fiscal year.


A Roadblock in the Journey Towards Sustainability

Tata Steel Recognised by WorldSteel as 2023 Steel Sustainability Champion  for the 6th Consecutive Year | IndianWeb2.com
Image Credits: IndiaWeb2

The drive to reduce carbon emissions is a major concern for industries worldwide, and Tata Steel is no exception. Despite their ambitious plans to double production capacity in India by the end of the decade, the company has recognized that it won't meet its goal to reduce emissions by 2030 without a significant acceleration in the development of new technologies. Currently, Tata Steel emits 2.5 tons of carbon dioxide for every ton of steel produced, a figure it aims to reduce to 1.8 tons by 2030​.

Partnership with Germany’s SMS Group

SMS group and Tata Steel join forces to showcase decarbonization technology  on industrial scale - SMS group GmbH
Image Credits: SMS Group

In its proactive pursuit of sustainability, Tata Steel has taken a significant step forward by signing a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Germany's SMS group. This collaboration focuses on the decarbonisation of the steel-making process, with a particular emphasis on the Joint Industrial Demonstration of the EASyMelt technology developed by the SMS group. This promising technology has the potential to cut CO2 emissions by over 50% from a blast furnace's baseline operation, offering a glimpse of a greener future for steel production​​.



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Striving for Financial Stability Amid Environmental Goals

Sustainability, Society and You Free Online Course - FutureLearn
Image Credits: FutureLearn

While Tata Steel has been proactive in its pursuit of sustainability, it has faced some financial challenges. According to Statista, the total turnover of Tata Steel Ltd for the 2023 financial year was approximately 2.4 trillion Indian rupees, marking a slight decrease compared to the previous fiscal year. Despite this, Tata Steel continues to be a subsidiary of the influential Tata Group, and the reasons for this slight decrease in turnover would require a deeper dive into the company's financials​​.

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