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Dos and Don’ts for a Bright and Safe Diwali Celebration

India  •  10 Nov, 2023  •  40,604 Views  •  ⭐ 4.1

Written by Anand Swami

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Diwali, a festival greatly awaited and joyously celebrated, holds a prominent place in Indian culture. It is a time of joy, prosperity, and gratitude. It is also a time of lights, fireworks, and sweets. However, Diwali can also pose some risks and challenges for our health, safety, and environment. Therefore, it is important to follow some dos and don’ts for a bright and safe Diwali celebration, ensuring a green Diwali and a safe Diwali for all. Here are some tips that can help you enjoy this festival without compromising your well-being and the well-being of others.


Do: Use Eco-Friendly and Safe Fireworks

Image Credits: India.com

Fireworks are an integral part of Diwali, but they can also cause air and noise pollution, injuries, and accidents. Therefore, it is advisable to use eco-friendly and safe fireworks that are made of natural materials, produce less smoke and noise, and have lower chemical content.

You can also opt for alternatives such as diyas, candles, lanterns, and electric lights to decorate your home and surroundings. These options are not only safer but also more beautiful and elegant, embodying the spirit of a 'Green Diwali safe Diwali'.



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Don’t: Burst Fireworks in Crowded or Restricted Areas

Image Credits: Mid-day

Fireworks can be dangerous if not handled properly. They can cause burns, eye injuries, fire hazards, and even explosions. Therefore, it is important to burst fireworks in open and spacious areas, away from buildings, vehicles, power lines, and flammable materials.

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