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January 2024: Top TV Shows on Netflix & Apple

Hollywood  •  26 Dec, 2023  •  31,227 Views  •  ⭐ 4.3

Written by Shivani Chourasia

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As the new year unfolds, the streaming world is buzzing with an array of exciting releases that promise to captivate, entertain, and provoke thought. January 2024 is packed with a diverse range of TV shows and documentaries that cater to every taste, from true crime enthusiasts to history buffs, and comedy lovers to sci-fi aficionados. This blog takes you through the most anticipated releases across Netflix and Apple TV+, highlighting the must-watch shows and series. Whether you're looking for edge-of-your-seat suspense, laugh-out-loud comedy, or gripping drama, this month's lineup has something special for everyone. So, grab your popcorn and get ready to dive into a world of outstanding entertainment.

Bitconned – January 1

Netflix is set to release "Bitconned," a compelling documentary about notorious criminal Ray Trapani, on January 1. This true crime documentary delves into the devious schemes of Ray Trapani, offering viewers an intriguing look into his criminal activities.

Fool Me Once – January 1

The adaptation of Harlan Coben's thrilling novel, "Fool Me Once," is coming to Netflix as a limited series on the same day. This series is expected to keep viewers on the edge of their seats, translating Coben's captivating storytelling into a visual feast.



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Society of the Snow – January 4

Initially released in cinemas in Spain and the US on December 22, "Society of the Snow" will be available to Netflix subscribers from January 4. This biopic, centred on a harrowing flight disaster, promises to be a compelling tale of survival and human endurance.

Good Grief – January 5

"Good Grief," the comedy feature from Emmy-winner Dan Levy, will be available on Netflix from January 5, following its theatrical release on December 29. The film, starring Ruth Negga, Luke Evans, and Celia Imrie, showcases Levy's unique brand of humour.

Lift – January 12

Netflix will release "Lift," a heist-comedy starring Kevin Hart, on January 12. Directed by F. Gary Gray, this film promises to mix humour and suspense in an entertaining heist narrative led by Hart's dynamic performance.


Griselda – January 25

Sofía Vergara stars in the limited series "Griselda," set to debut on Netflix on January 25. This series traces the life of the notorious drug lord Griselda Blanco, with Vergara portraying the lead in a story full of drama and intense action.

For All Mankind (Season 4) - January 12

Starring: Joel Kinnaman, Michael Dorman, Sarah Jones, Shantel VanSanten, Sonya Walger
Categories: Science Fiction, Drama
Primary Category: Science Fiction
Resuming from its December run, the space-centric drama "For All Mankind" continues to captivate. This series explores an alternate reality where the space race never ceases. Envisioning a world that follows the initial lunar landing, the show delves into the myriad possibilities of space exploration and the consequent evolution of humanity. While the third season left some fans underwhelmed, the fourth season is generating significant excitement.
Although a work of fiction, the series realistically portrays space exploration and humanity's potential achievements in this field. In its fourth season, "For All Mankind" shifts focus to the exploitation of mineral-rich asteroids, a venture that could dramatically alter the destinies of both Mars and Earth. The narrative also highlights tensions at Happy Valley, where former adversaries must collaborate at the international base. The show has garnered favourable reviews, and its eagerly awaited season finale is set to be broadcast on January 12.
As a standout offering on Apple TV+, "For All Mankind" is a must-watch for space enthusiasts, with its third season premiering on June 10.

Criminal Record - January 10

For fans of crime dramas, Apple TV+ introduces "Criminal Record," a new British series crafted by Paul Rutman. The plot thickens when an anonymous call compels two exceptional detectives to revisit a historical murder case in London.
Detective June Lenker, portrayed by Cush Jumbo, is at the early stages of her detective career yet demonstrates remarkable talent. This case presents her with a chance to further establish her capabilities. Meanwhile, Detective Daniel Hegarty, played by Peter Capaldi, is a well-established figure with a reputation to uphold. The dynamic between the novice and the experienced detective in solving this case adds to the intrigue of the series.
Fans of "Peaky Blinders" and "Top Boy" can find similar top-notch British crime dramas on Netflix.


Masters of the Air-January 26

Release Date: January 26, 2014
Cast: Barry Keoghan, Austin Butler, Callum Turner, Ben Radcliffe, David Shields
Genres: War, Action, Drama, Thriller
Primary Genre: War
Seasons: 1
Distributed by: Apple TV+
"Masters of the Air," a war drama, joins the ranks of esteemed predecessors like "Band of Brothers" (2001) and "The Pacific" (2010). Inspired by Donald L. Miller's 2007 book "Masters of the Air: America's Bomber Boys Who Fought the Air War Against Nazi Germany," this series is set to captivate audiences.
The series narrates the harrowing journey of the 100th Bomb Group of the U.S. Army during World War II, a unit infamously known as the "Bloody Hundredth" due to its high-risk missions and heavy losses. Like its predecessors, "Masters of the Air" delves deep into the physical, mental, and emotional strains endured during war. These soldiers faced extreme cold, oxygen scarcity, and intense aerial combat in their mission to dismantle Hitler's regime. Adding to its allure, the series is produced by the renowned Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg.


To wrap up, January 2024 is shaping up to be a stellar month for streaming content, offering a wide variety of shows and series that are sure to delight audiences worldwide. From the intriguing true crime narrative of "Bitconned" to the historical depths of "Masters of the Air," these releases showcase the incredible range and depth of storytelling available at our fingertips. As we embrace the new year, these shows not only provide entertainment but also enrich our understanding of different genres and narratives. Keep your calendars marked and your streaming devices ready, as this month promises to be a thrilling ride through the realms of drama, history, comedy, and beyond.

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