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8 Stunning Destinations That Won't Break the Bank

Geography  •  30 Aug, 2023  •  57,658 Views  •  ⭐ 5.0

Written by Anand Swami

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Craving an escape but concerned about costs? Worry no more! There are global destinations that dazzle without denting your savings. Whether it's tranquil shores or lively urban landscapes, this list caters to all desires without compromising on budget. Discover eight remarkable places where adventure meets affordability.


Porto, Portugal

Image Credits: The Independent

Nestled in the northwest corner of Portugal, Porto boasts historic architecture, vibrant street art, and world-class wines. Stroll along the Douro River, visit its charming wineries, and savour exquisite Portuguese cuisine. The iconic Lello Bookstore inspired parts of the Harry Potter series, and the São Bento railway station showcases stunning azulejo tiles. The best bit? Porto provides European allure without the European price tag.

Budapest, Hungary

Image Credits: Hotels.com

Divided by the majestic Danube River, Budapest is a melding of Buda and Pest – two towns with distinct personalities. Bathe in thermal spas, admire the grandeur of Buda Castle, and relish hearty Hungarian dishes. Roam the historic Jewish Quarter with its vibrant nightlife and visit the impressive Parliament building, which stands as Europe's largest. This Eastern European jewel delivers exceptional value for money, ensuring a luxurious experience on a shoestring.



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Hanoi, Vietnam

Image Credits: Hotels.com

A vibrant mix of East meets West, Hanoi offers a rich history amidst contemporary hustle and bustle. Delve into ancient temples, taste tantalising street food, and shop in lively markets. Don't miss the Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum, a monumental marble structure, and the picturesque Hoàn Kiếm Lake, central to local myths. Vietnam's affordability ensures Hanoi delivers top experiences without tightening your purse strings.

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