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Super Blue Moon 2023: Unveiling Lunar Wonders

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Written by Shivani Chourasia

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Prepare to be mesmerized as the night sky unveils an enchanting display on August 30 – the Super Blue Moon 2023. As this cosmic phenomenon captivates stargazers, many wonder about the intricacies of a blue moon. Dive into the world of lunar wonders as we elucidate this astronomical marvel.


The Super Blue Moon: An August Delight

The Importance Of The Full Moon In The Night Sky | WUWM 89.7 FM -  Milwaukee's NPR

This year, August 30th isn't just an ordinary night. Along with celebrating Raksha Bandhan during daylight hours, stargazers can eagerly anticipate the evening's main event – the most luminous and expansive moon of 2023. This spectacle will reach its zenith at 9:36 pm ET, translating to 7:06 am IST the following morning.

The True Colors of the Blue Moon

What This Month's Full Blue Moon Means To Me | Shedoesthecity

Contrary to its poetic title, the blue moon doesn't bathe the night in blue hues. Instead, this lunar event may surprise spectators with a radiant orange tint. But what's in a name? Let's delve deeper into what defines a blue moon.



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The Dual Definitions: Monthly vs. Seasonal

Super Blue Moon Set to Rise | News Blog
North Coast Journal

NASA identifies two classifications of blue moons, neither of which pertains to its colour. The seasonal blue moon is the third of four full moons in a season. On the other hand, the monthly variant denotes the occurrence of a second full moon in a single month. This latter definition, stemming from a misinterpretation, has interestingly become widely accepted over time, as noted by Time and Date.

The Mathematical Marvel Behind Blue Moons

Super Blue Moon in Aug. 2023! Everything you need to know - YouTube

The moon completes its cycle in roughly 29.5 days, summing up to about 354 days over 12 cycles. Given that a year is roughly 366 days, every couple of years or so, we're treated to an 'extra' full moon. This moon, an anomaly in the regular naming sequence, is the famed "blue moon".

The Rarity of Blue Moons: A Timeline

2023's only blue moon - also a supermoon - will be Wednesday
New York Post 

The unique beauty of a blue moon graces our skies roughly every 2.5 years. Interestingly, 2018 was an outlier, showcasing two blue moons within a two-month span, with one also being a lunar eclipse! A blue moon and a supermoon converging on the same night is an even rarer treat, expected to recur in January and March 2037 after its 2023 appearance.



The Super Blue Moon 2023 is more than just a celestial event. It's a testament to the wonders of our universe, the unpredictability of natural occurrences, and the beauty that lies therein. So, on August 30, as you revel in the day's festivities, remember to glance upwards and lose yourself in the magic of the moonlit night. After all, moments like these truly come 'once in a blue moon'.


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