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The Evolution and Significance of Iconic Logos

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Written by Shivani Chourasia

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A logo does more than identify a company; it encapsulates its brand essence and evolves alongside it. This blog post examines the evolution and impact of some of the world's most iconic logos, highlighting how these designs mirror changes in consumer expectations and corporate strategy.


Technology and Media Logos: Apple Logo

From Fruit to Fame: The Evolution of the Apple Logo​ - Tailor Brands
Image Credits: Tailor Brands

The Apple logo has undergone a fascinating evolution, mirroring the company’s growth and the technological sophistication it embodies. Initially featuring Isaac Newton under an apple tree, the logo quickly shifted to the now-familiar apple silhouette. First adorned with rainbow stripes to signify the capacity of the Apple II to generate graphics in colour, the logo evolved into a monochromatic apple, reflecting Apple’s sleek, minimalist design ethos. This evolution underscores Apple's focus on simplicity and innovation, key attributes that appeal to its customer base.

Instagram Logo

The Evolution of The Instagram Logo: A Brief History | Looka
Image Credits: Looka

Instagram's original logo, a retro-styled Polaroid camera, reflected its initial focus on nostalgic, filter-heavy photography. However, as the platform expanded to include videos, stories, and direct messaging, its logo transformed into the current simple, gradient-filled camera icon. This shift signifies Instagram's growth from a photo-sharing app to a comprehensive social media platform, aiming for a more modern and scalable appearance.



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Twitter Logo

Logo History from Twitter to X : r/Twitter
Image Credits: Reddit

Twitter's logo started as a simple, cartoon-like wordmark "Twitter" with a blue bird perched on one of the letters. Over the years, the logo was refined to just the bird, now known as Larry the Bird, which has become more streamlined and abstract. This evolution from a literal representation to a more symbolic one emphasizes speed and ease of communication, core features of Twitter's service.

YouTube Logo

What would've been the YouTube logo history by myktm250 on DeviantArt
Image Credits: DeviantArt

The YouTube logo has seen subtle but significant changes since its inception. The original logo featured the company name with "Tube" inside a red rounded rectangle, resembling an old CRT television. The updated logo maintains the familiar red play button but adopts a cleaner, more contemporary typeface. This change reflects YouTube's expansion beyond a simple video-sharing website to a vast media platform that includes music, live streaming, and original content.

Yahoo Logo

Yahoo Logo, symbol, meaning, history, PNG, brand
Image Credits: Logos-world

Yahoo’s logo has transformed several times, moving from its quirky, eclectic roots to a more streamlined and modern typeface. The most recent update in 2019 introduced a sans-serif font and adjusted the exclamation mark’s angle, suggesting a forward-looking and adaptable brand, yet still approachable and whimsical.


Consumer Goods and Retail Logos: Amazon Logo

From A to Z: The History of the Amazon Logo | Looka
Image Credits: Looka

Perhaps one of the most clever logos out there, the Amazon logo started as a fairly nondescript wordmark. Today, it features a smiling arrow pointing from A to Z. This design not only suggests that Amazon provides a complete range of items (from A to Z), but it also represents the smile that customers experience by shopping on the platform. The logo epitomizes Amazon's customer-centric approach.

Pepsi Logo

Pepsi's long history of logos: A lesson in modern logo design from the past
Image Credits: FullStop

The Pepsi logo has undergone numerous redesigns, its current iteration being a minimalist globe with a swirl of red, white, and blue. This logo evolution is a testament to Pepsi's adaptive marketing strategies that mirror the dynamic preferences of its global consumer base. Each change aims to keep the brand fresh and relatable, with the globe symbolizing unity and the colours reflecting youthful energy.

Starbucks Logo

The Story of a Brand Logo: Starbucks
Image Credits: Logotech

The Starbucks logo has evolved significantly from its first depiction of a Norse twin-tailed mermaid, or siren, surrounded by the original "Starbucks Coffee, Tea, and Spices" wordmark. The logo has been simplified progressively to focus more on the siren in a green circle, emphasizing Starbucks’ commitment to global sustainability and ethical sourcing, while maintaining its mystic and inviting nature.


MasterCard Logo

The Story Behind Mastercard's New Logo
Image Credits: Forbes

MasterCard’s logo, featuring interlocking yellow and red circles, has become more streamlined and modern. Recently, it dropped the company name from its logo entirely, relying solely on the symbol for brand recognition. This reflects a shift towards a digital, less text-heavy brand presence, recognizing the global familiarity of the icon.

Burberry Logo

The Evolution of the Burberry Logo: From Equestrian Knights to Global Icon"
Image Credits: LinkedIn

Burberry's recent rebranding replaced the equestrian knight with a simple, sans-serif logotype. This change aligns with the luxury fashion brand’s strategy to appeal to a younger, more fashion-forward audience, emphasizing modernity and minimalism.

Dunkin’ Logo

The Best and Worst Logo Evolutions of All Time | Looka
Image Credits: Looka

In 2019, Dunkin’ Donuts shortened its name to just "Dunkin’", signifying a broader focus beyond doughnuts to include a variety of beverages and foods. The new logo maintains the familiar rounded font and orange-and-pink colour scheme, conveying warmth and approachability while streamlining the brand identity.

Cultural and Event Logos: BTS Logo

BTS Logo and symbol, meaning, history, PNG, brand
Image Credits: 1000 Logos

BTS's logo, resembling a pair of doors opening from the centre, symbolizes opportunities and youth stepping out into the world. The logo complements the group’s message of hope and connection, resonating deeply with their global fanbase.

G20 Logo

G20 Logo and symbol, meaning, history, sign.
Image Credits: LogoLook

Each G20 summit introduces a new logo, typically designed to incorporate elements symbolic of the host country while maintaining a consistent theme of global unity and economic collaboration. This, not only reflects the summit's international nature but also showcases the host country’s cultural heritage.

Financial Logos: SBI Logo (State Bank of India)

SBI Logo, symbol, meaning, history, PNG, brand
Image Credits: Logos-world

The SBI logo features a blue circle with a small cut-out at the bottom, resembling a keyhole. This design symbolizes security and trust, foundational values for India's largest public sector bank. It reassures customers of the bank's commitment to safeguarding their financial interests.

Hospitality and Services Sector Logos: Airbnb Logo

Case Study: Evolution of Airbnb. I studied the evolution of Airbnb over… |  by Urvashi Kaushik | Bootcamp
Image Credits: Bootcamp

Introduced in 2014, Airbnb’s "Bélo" symbol represents belonging. It features a simple, looping design that suggests people, places, love, and Airbnb coming together to form a community. This logo underscores Airbnb’s mission to make everyone feel like they can belong anywhere.


These logos not only reflect the visual identity of their respective brands but also act as a bridge connecting the brand’s philosophy with consumer perceptions. As companies grow and markets evolve, logos adapt, either subtly or dramatically, to maintain relevance and resonance. They tell stories of innovation, tradition, aspirations, and community, creating a lasting impression in the minds of consumers. Share your thoughts on these transformations or discuss other logos that have made a significant impact on your perception of a brand.

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