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A Comprehensive Earthquake Safety Guide

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Written by Anand Swami

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In the blink of an eye, Jaipur, the vibrant heart of Rajasthan, found itself shaken by three sequential earthquakes. Such unexpected events underscore the imperative need for preparedness, even in regions considered low-risk. This guide aims to equip you with a succinct list of dos and don’ts for such tremulous times, ensuring that you and your loved ones remain safe.


Stay Calm and Composed

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Don’t: Let panic cloud your judgment. Hasty reactions can lead to accidents.

Do: Deep breaths help. Remember, clear thinking is your best tool during emergencies. Assure those around you and avoid creating or contributing to the chaos.



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Find Shelter Indoors

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Don’t: Stand near windows or objects that can fall.

Do: Position yourself under strong furniture. If you’re indoors when tremors start, it's usually safer to stay inside. Locate safe zones in your home beforehand to react swiftly.

Think Before Exiting

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Don’t: Immediately rush outside without evaluating potential hazards.



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Do: If you’re close to a secure exit, leave the building. But always be wary of external dangers like falling debris. Sometimes, staying inside is safer than the path out.

Elevators: Not an Option

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Don’t: Jump into an elevator thinking it’s a swift escape.

Do: Always opt for stairways. During power outages, elevators can trap you, increasing danger. If possible, assist others, especially the elderly or disabled, in safely descending stairs.


Windows: Beautiful but Dangerous

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Don’t: Assume Windows will hold.

Do: Tremors can easily shatter glass. When inside, distance yourself from the windows. If outside, be cautious of glass and other debris from overhead.

Mitigate Fire Risks

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Don’t: Light matches or candles immediately after tremors, even during power outages.

Do: Turn off stoves and electrical equipment. Sniff for gas leaks. If you smell gas, shut off the main if possible, open windows, and evacuate.

Assess Before Re-entry

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Don’t: Re-enter buildings immediately post-quakes.

Do: Wait. Structures may be compromised. Only after authorities or professionals have deemed it safe should you return inside.

Damaged Utilities: A Hidden Peril

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Don’t: Approach fallen power lines or damaged appliances.

Do: Stay clear. Electrocution risks skyrocket post-quakes. Inform local authorities about damaged utilities to safeguard your community.

SmartPhone Usage

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Don’t: Overwhelm mobile networks with calls.

Do: Use text messages or data-based apps. They’re more likely to get through, conserving network bandwidth for critical communication.

Accurate Information: A Must

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Don’t: Spread or trust unverified news.

Do: Stick to trusted news outlets. In our digital age, misinformation spreads fast. Cross-check facts before sharing or acting on them.

Checking on Others: Community Strength

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Don’t: Get so engrossed in personal safety that you forget others.

Do: Once safe, reach out to neighbours, especially if they're elderly or have children. There's strength in numbers, and post-disaster community support is invaluable.


Earthquakes might be beyond our control, but our reactions to them are within our grasp. By adhering to these guidelines, you can ensure the safety of yourself and those around you, turning challenges into manageable situations and fostering community resilience.

While nature's fury can be daunting, our preparation and unity make a difference. Empower yourself with knowledge, stay prepared, and lean on community strengths to navigate seismic challenges together.


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