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Newcastle vs Liverpool Highlights Premier League 2023

Football  •  28 Aug, 2023  •  2,308 Views  •  ⭐ 5.0

Written by Anand Swami

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The Premier League match between Newcastle and Liverpool was a thrilling classic, with Liverpool making an impressive comeback. Despite being a player down, Liverpool managed to secure a 2-1 victory in a match full of excitement and drama. Here are the key highlights of this exciting game.


Van Dijk's Red Card Shocker

Image Credits: Sky Sports

Captain Virgil van Dijk's dismissal in the first half seemed to be a significant blow for Liverpool. A foul on Alexander Isak was deemed grave enough for a sending-off. With Liverpool already on the back foot due to a previous error from Alexander-Arnold, this seemed to further tilt the match in Newcastle's favour. Yet, Liverpool's resilience would shine through later in the game.

Gordon's Opportunistic Strike

Image Credits: Geordie Boot Boys

Anthony Gordon capitalized on Trent Alexander-Arnold's lapse, placing Newcastle in the lead. With the St. James' Park crowd already electrified, the goal furthered hopes of a historic win against Liverpool. While Gordon's strike highlighted Liverpool's early vulnerabilities, it also showcased Newcastle's eagerness to seize opportunities.



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Newcastle's Second-Half Complacency

Image Credits: Daily Mail

Newcastle could have pressed their advantage in the second half, especially with a man more on the pitch. However, a combination of lesser intensity and Liverpool's determination saw the Magpies missing out on cementing their lead. The shift in dynamics post-interval was palpable and allowed Liverpool to plot their comeback.

Darwin Nunez Steals the Show

Image Credits: Goal

Darwin Nunez, after facing questions over his transfer fee, emerged as Liverpool's hero. First capitalizing on a mistake from Sven Botman and later delivering the final blow in stoppage time, Nunez showcased his class. Such defining moments can be pivotal not only in matches but also in a player's season trajectory.

Klopp's Emotional Reaction

Image Credits: Daily Mail

Jurgen Klopp drew parallels to past significant comebacks, underscoring the importance of this win. His elation wasn't just due to the three points, but also how they were achieved. The adversity faced during the match and the subsequent turnaround would undoubtedly rank this game among Klopp's memorable moments with Liverpool.



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Howe Points Finger at Refereeing Decisions

Image Credits: Yahoo News UK

Eddie Howe was unequivocal about Alexander-Arnold deserving a red card. While he acknowledged the refereeing decisions, he also introspected on Newcastle's missed chances. Liverpool's capacity to strike back, even with 10 men, highlighted the gaps in Newcastle's strategy and execution. Howe's reflections point to a combination of external decisions and internal lapses leading to the result.

Carragher and Neville: A Tale of Two Analyses

Image Credits: Forbes

The match wasn't short of moments that prompted expert discussions. While Jamie Carragher stood out for defending Alexander-Arnold and questioning the red card handed to Van Dijk, Gary Neville had a different view. Neville believed the young right-back was lucky to stay on the pitch and was critical of Van Dijk's "rash" decision to challenge Isak. Their contrasting opinions added more layers to an already intense game.


The match between Newcastle and Liverpool showcased the unpredictable nature of the Premier League. While Newcastle may regret their missed opportunities, Liverpool's determined attitude was admirable. As the season progresses, both teams will analyze this game - Liverpool with a sense of pride and Newcastle with valuable lessons to be gained.


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