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Manchester United vs Manchester City: Premier League Highlights 2023

Football  •  30 Oct, 2023  •  3,285 Views  •  ⭐ 3.0

Written by Anand Swami

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The Manchester derby held at Old Trafford was a remarkable display of footballing excellence, as Manchester City dominated Manchester United with an impressive 3-0 victory. The match highlighted not only City's strength but also exposed the vulnerabilities in United's tactical strategy. Take a closer look at this thrilling encounter, and explore the intricate details and high-energy moments of this electrifying battle.


Haaland's Dominance

Image Credits: Erling Haaland

Erling Haaland has cemented his reputation at Manchester City as one of the finest forwards of his generation. Beyond his brace at Old Trafford, his presence often draws multiple defenders, creating space for other City players. The VAR-flagged penalty highlighted not just his composure under pressure, but also the technical discipline with which he approaches such pivotal moments. The precise header from Bernardo Silva's cross not only showcased his aerial prowess but also reflected City's strategic emphasis on using wide areas to exploit United's defence.

McTominay Shines Amidst the Gloom

Image Credits:Football Scotland

Scott McTominay's rise at Manchester United has been a notable bright spot in recent seasons. On this day, amidst a largely uninspiring performance from the team, McTominay stood tall. His ventures forward, particularly the shot that nearly levelled matters demonstrated his versatility in both holding and attacking midfield roles. The tactical decision to move him to a more defensive position perhaps indicates Ten Hag's attempt to stabilize the game, but it might have come at the cost of losing an attacking edge.



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Remembering a Legend

Image Credits: Tribuna

The magnitude of Bobby Charlton's legacy is unparalleled, especially at Old Trafford. His impact extended beyond the pitch—serving as an ambassador for the sport and influencing generations of players and fans. The tributes observed during the match, from video montages to the respectful silence, were not just in honour of his footballing accomplishments but also in recognition of the indelible mark he left on Manchester United and English football culture.

Silva's Magic

Image Credits: Latestly

Bernardo Silva continues to be a critical lynchpin in Manchester City's attacking arsenal. His ability to dribble in tight spaces and his keen eye for a pass keeps opposing defenders perpetually on edge. The chemistry between him and Jack Grealish has grown evidently, with the duo often interchanging and weaving patterns that leave defences scrambling. The assist to Haaland was a testament to Silva's foresight and footballing IQ.

United's Precarious Situation

Image Credits: BNN Breaking

Manchester United's current form is cause for alarm. While a team of their stature undergoes fluctuations, the underlying concern is the absence of a cohesive game plan. Comparisons to the eras of Moyes, Mourinho, and Solskjaer are inevitable, especially given the similar challenges faced. The pressure is mounting on Ten Hag to not only derive results but to cultivate a style of play befitting the club's rich history.


City's Midfield Mastery

Image Credits: Manchester City FC

Manchester City showcased a masterclass in midfield play during the match. Their ability to dictate the tempo and control possession made it difficult for Manchester United to establish any rhythmic play. By drawing multiple defenders towards Haaland, spaces opened up for other City midfielders to exploit, further highlighting their dynamic approach. Their dominance in the central areas made it evident that their tactical setup was spot-on for the day, stifling United's advances and asserting their superiority.


The recent match in the Premier League was a statement game where Manchester City didn't just win but also set the benchmark. While the spotlight was on City's excellent players, Manchester United, under Ten Hag, are at a crossroads and facing pressing questions. Although it was only one game in a long season, its impact could shape the narratives and have long-lasting implications for the remainder of the campaign.

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