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Manchester United vs Liverpool FA Cup 2024 Highlights

Football  •  18 Mar, 2024  •  52,578 Views  •  ⭐ 5.0

Written by Anand Swami

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In a thrilling FA Cup quarterfinal match that will be remembered for years to come, Manchester United defeated Liverpool in a heart-stopping 4-3 victory after extra time. The match, which highlighted the intense rivalry and unpredictability of football, saw United's young star Amad Diallo emerge as the hero with a dream goal in the dying moments. This win not only ended Liverpool's hopes for a historic quadruple in Jurgen Klopp's final season but also demonstrated the depth of talent and resilience within the United squad.


A Fergie Time Finale

Amad Diallo
Image Credits: Goal

In an ending worthy of the term 'Fergie time,' Manchester United secured a breathtaking victory over Liverpool in the FA Cup quarter-finals, with Amad Diallo dramatically playing the hero. As the match teetered on the edge during extra time, United orchestrated a swift counter-attack. Alejandro Garnacho, with remarkable pace and vision, charged down the field, drawing defenders towards him before laying off the ball to Diallo at the perfect moment. Diallo, with composure beyond his years, slotted the ball into the bottom right corner of the post, sparking wild celebrations at Old Trafford.

This moment not only underscored United's resilience but also highlighted the poetic nature of their triumph, reminiscent of the many late victories under Sir Alex Ferguson. Diallo's goal, virtually with the last kick of the game, secured United's place in the semifinals and marked a memorable chapter in the storied rivalry between Manchester United and Liverpool.



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United's Resilience Tested

Image Credits: Man Utd News

Throughout this nail-biting encounter, Manchester United's resilience was tested to its limits. The game started in United's favour, but Liverpool's comeback before halftime turned the tables. In the face of adversity, United's spirit never waned. Antony's crucial equalizer towards the end of the second half was a lifeline, pushing the match into extra time. This act of resilience was pivotal, showcasing United's ability to fight back against the odds. The team's performance was a testament to their mental strength and tactical adaptability.

Despite trailing and the game's momentum swinging in Liverpool's favour, United's players rallied, driven by the belief that the match was far from over. Antony’s equalizer was more than just a goal; it was a statement of intent, a reflection of United’s never-say-die attitude that ultimately set the stage for a dramatic conclusion in extra time.

Extra-Time Thrills

Harvey Elliott
Image Credits: The Herald Journal

The extra-time period was a microcosm of football at its most thrilling and unpredictable. After Antony's late equalizer revived United's hopes, the match entered extra time with everything to play for. Liverpool initially seized the initiative, with Harvey Elliott scoring a goal that appeared to tilt the fate of the match in their favour.



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However, United's resilience shone through once more. Marcus Rashford's equalizer in the 112th minute, following a giveaway by Nunez that McTominay capitalized on, was a moment of redemption for Rashford, who had missed earlier chances.

His goal breathed new life into Old Trafford, setting the stage for Diallo's last-minute heroics. This back-and-forth battle underscored the sheer will and determination of both teams, with United ultimately showcasing the fortitude to overturn the deficit and claim victory.

Defensive Heroics and Missed Chances

Diogo Dalot
Image Credits: X

Amidst the goal-scoring drama, the match was also defined by crucial defensive interventions and a host of missed opportunities. Diogo Dalot's tackle in the dying moments of the match was a standout, denying Liverpool's Gakpo a clear chance at goal. Such moments of defensive brilliance were pivotal in keeping United in the game.


On the attacking front, both teams rued missed chances that could have altered the outcome much earlier. Rashford, McTominay, and others had opportunities to put United ahead, while Liverpool's forwards, including Salah and Nunez, kept the United defence on its toes. The combination of defensive resilience and missed opportunities added layers of tension and excitement to an already electrifying match.

The Klopp Era Nears Its End

Jurgen Klopp
Image Credits: Hindustan Times

This match will be remembered as a significant chapter in Jurgen Klopp's storied tenure at Liverpool. Facing Manchester United in a high-stakes FA Cup quarter-final, Klopp's side displayed the quality and fighting spirit synonymous with his reign. Despite the loss, Liverpool's performance, characterized by a remarkable comeback and relentless pursuit of victory, was a testament to Klopp's influence.

However, with Klopp's impending departure, this match also symbolized the end of an era for Liverpool. The desire for a quadruple trophies under Klopp's guidance was a dream that captivated the imagination of Liverpool fans worldwide, making this defeat a poignant moment in the club's recent history.

Early Drama and United's Initial Dominance

Scott McTominay
Image Credits: myKhel

From the outset, Manchester United exhibited a level of dominance that set the tone for the match. Scott McTominay's goal in the 10th minute epitomized United's early intentions, capitalizing on a rebound from a dynamic play by Garnacho.

This early strike was a statement of United's offensive strategy, seeking to assert control and put Liverpool on the back foot. The opening minutes saw United pressing high and creating opportunities, signalling their determination to take the initiative in this crucial encounter.

Liverpool's Fightback and Momentum Shift

Mohamed Salah
Image Credits: Liverpool FC

Liverpool's response to United's early dominance was a testament to their resilience and tactical astuteness. The Reds gradually found their rhythm, culminating in a dramatic shift in momentum towards the end of the first half. Goals from Nunez and Salah in quick succession not only erased United's lead but also demonstrated Liverpool's lethal counter-attacking capability.

This shift underscored the unpredictable nature of football, with Liverpool seizing crucial moments to assert their presence and challenge United's early control. The ability to overturn a deficit and head into halftime with a lead highlighted Liverpool's character and set the stage for a second half filled with further twists and turns.


Manchester United's exhilarating FA Cup victory against Liverpool epitomizes the essence of football: unpredictability and drama, culminating in sheer joy. Amad Diallo's dramatic last-minute goal not only highlights the match but also symbolizes the resilience and spirit of both teams.

This momentous win propels United into the semifinals, marking a significant milestone that underscores their potential and resilience. As United moves forward, this victory stands as a testament to their enduring spirit and hints at a promising future in the competition.

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