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Cincinnati vs Inter Miami: US Open Cup Semifinal Highlights

Football  •  24 Aug, 2023  •  2,081 Views  •  ⭐ 5.0

Written by Anand Swami

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In the electrifying U.S. Open Cup semifinals, Inter Miami went head-to-head with FC Cincinnati. Both were fiercely battling for a coveted place in the finals. With Lionel Messi's brilliance and FC Cincinnati's unwavering determination, the match unfolded as a roller-coaster of emotions, transitioning from being two goals down to a nerve-wracking penalty shootout. Here are the pivotal moments that kept fans captivated.

From Behind the 8-Ball: Inter Miami's Comeback

Image Credits: Goal

Having been 2-0 down against a formidable Cincinnati side, Inter Miami displayed exceptional resilience. Led by Lionel Messi, Miami made a robust comeback. Messi set up two assists for Leo Campana, levelling the score at 2-2 and reinforcing why he remains at the pinnacle of the sport. This turnaround underscored Inter Miami's indefatigable spirit. Cincinnati, even after their early ascendancy, found themselves challenged by a reinvigorated team.

Extra-Time Thrills and Spills

Image Credits: The Day

As if the drama wasn't enough, Josef Martinez handed Inter Miami the lead during extra time, but Yuya Kubo was quick to equalize for Cincinnati. Messi got a golden opportunity to clinch the victory with a free-kick, but his attempt didn't find the mark, paving the way for a penalty shootout. Every moment of this match was a testament to the sheer determination of both teams, with potential heroes emerging from either camp.



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Penalty Shootout Drama

Image Credits: Leagues Cup

Goalkeeper Drake Callender stood tall for Inter Miami, pulling off a pivotal save against Nick Hagglund. Benjamin Cremaschi netted the winning penalty, propelling Miami to the Cup final and preserving Messi's unbeaten streak. The tension of the situation was palpable, as players from both teams grappled with the immense pressure. Callender's save was the turning point, tipping the scales in Miami's favour.

Cincinnati's Dominance, Missed Opportunities

Image Credits: In-Cyprus

Despite their commanding presence in the initial stages and creating a slew of chances, Cincinnati's failure to convert proved costly. This oversight left a window for Inter Miami's resurgence. While Cincinnati's gameplay was promising, their finishing didn't exhibit the finesse needed for such an elite competition. Capitalizing on this, Miami's defence, though frequently under duress, stood firm.

Messi's Influence

Image Credits: Times Now

Although subdued for significant portions of the game, Messi's influence became increasingly evident. His assists were instrumental in Inter Miami's resurgence, and he remained a potent threat, even in extra time. Even on days when he's not at his best, Messi's flashes of brilliance are undeniable. His presence continually served as a cautionary reminder to Cincinnati.



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Key Substitutions and Tactical Nuances

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Both teams made astute use of their substitutes. Tata Martino's choice to introduce Benjamin Cremaschi turned out to be a masterstroke, as the latter played an integral role in the extra-time goal. Conversely, FC Cincinnati's move to sideline Luciano Acosta seemed to curtail their attacking momentum. The strategic nuances, often eclipsed by individual feats, were critical in determining the match's outcome. The managers from both teams were in a battle of wits, elevating the match to a cerebral showdown.

Physicality and Emotions Run High

Image Credits: CNN

Embracing a physical strategy, Cincinnati aimed to stifle Miami's offensive prowess. This led to multiple confrontations and bookings, underscoring the high stakes of the match. Tensions flared multiple times, intensifying the atmosphere. Referee decisions became points of contention, with both players and fans expressing their viewpoints fervently. These skirmishes weren't merely territorial but were also psychological power plays.


In a contest that offered everything - drama, reversals, squandered opportunities, and strategic brilliance - Inter Miami narrowly bested FC Cincinnati in a mesmerizing semi-final. Both squads demonstrated their grit, but ultimately, Miami's tenacity, bolstered by Messi's artistry, secured their spot in the final. Soccer aficionados globally would concur: encounters like these epitomize the magic of the beautiful game.


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