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Chelsea vs Wolverhampton Highlights: Premier League 2024

Football  •  5 Feb, 2024  •  70,197 Views  •  ⭐ 4.5

Written by Anand Swami

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In a highly dramatic match that will be remembered for its thrilling energy and a spectacular hat-trick, Wolverhampton Wanderers emerged victorious over Chelsea with a 4-2 scoreline at Stamford Bridge. The game was a stark revelation of Chelsea's defensive issues, and Wolves' Matheus Cunha stole the show with a masterful performance.


Despite Chelsea taking the lead early on, Wolverhampton's relentless pursuit turned the tide, showcasing tactical brilliance and individual prowess. This match has further intensified the scrutiny of Chelsea's recent performances, leaving fans and pundits alike pondering the future.

Chelsea's Early Lead

Cole Palmer
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The match commenced with Chelsea demonstrating a keen desire to overturn their recent misfortunes, notably their 4-1 defeat at Liverpool earlier in the week. The breakthrough came in the 20th minute when Cole Palmer found the back of the net, thanks to a precision pass from Moisés Caicedo. This goal was a significant moment for Palmer, marking his 10th Premier League goal of the season, and momentarily lifted the spirits at Stamford Bridge.



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However, this lead would soon be tested as Wolverhampton Wanderers were quick to respond, showcasing the initial signs of vulnerability within Chelsea's ranks. The early goal from Chelsea, while a moment of brilliance, also set the stage for Wolverhampton's comeback, illustrating the unpredictable and dynamic nature of football.

Wolverhampton's Swift Response

Joao Gomes and Matheus Cunha
Image Credits: The Herald Journal

Wolverhampton's response to Chelsea's opening goal was swift and decisive, coming just two minutes after Palmer's strike. Joao Gomes found his Brazilian compatriot Matheus Cunha, who made no mistake in finding the target. The goal, however, came with a stroke of fortune as Cunha's shot took a significant deflection off Chelsea defender Thiago Silva, wrong-footing goalkeeper Djordje Petrovic and finding its way into the net.

This equaliser was not just a display of Wolverhampton's quick comeback but also highlighted Chelsea's defensive issues, which would become a recurring theme throughout the match. The goal underscored Wolverhampton's resilience and their ability to exploit Chelsea's defensive lapses, setting a tone of competitiveness and unpredictability early on.



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Half-Time Turnaround

Axel Disasi
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The drama intensified just before half-time when Wolverhampton Wanderers secured their second goal, further capitalizing on Chelsea's defensive disarray. The goal was a result of a deflected shot off Axel Disasi, which was ultimately classified as an own-goal. This unfortunate deflection left Chelsea's goalkeeper Djordje Petrovic wrongfooted and underscored the troubles facing Chelsea's defence.

The timing of the goal, coming just before the break, served as a psychological blow to Chelsea and provided Wolverhampton with a crucial advantage heading into the second half. This moment was pivotal, as it not only highlighted Wolverhampton's effective pressing and tactical awareness but also exposed the fragility within Chelsea's ranks, setting up an enthralling second half with Wolverhampton in the ascendency.

Cunha's Dominance

Matheus Cunha
Image Credits: Sports Illustrated

The second half saw Matheus Cunha emerge as the standout performer, further stamping Wolverhampton's authority on the game. His second goal of the match, midway through the second half, came after a swift counter-attack led by Pedro Neto, showcasing Wolverhampton's lethal efficiency in transition. Cunha's ability to exploit Chelsea's defensive vulnerabilities was on full display, as he confidently converted the opportunity.


The Brazilian's hat-trick was completed in the 82nd minute from the penalty spot, following a foul by Chelsea defender Malo Gusto. This third goal was a testament to Cunha's skill and composure, ensuring a personal milestone and securing a significant victory for Wolverhampton. Cunha's performance was not just about the goals but also his overall impact on the game, highlighting his importance to Wolverhampton's attacking prowess.

Silva's Consolation Goal

Thiago Silva
Image Credits: Goal

Despite the mounting challenges, Thiago Silva managed to score a late consolation goal for Chelsea, a header that momentarily lifted the spirits of the remaining home supporters. This goal, coming four minutes from normal time, was too little too late to change the outcome of the match but served as a brief moment of respite for Chelsea in an otherwise dismal performance.

Silva's goal, while showcasing his leadership and aerial threat, also highlighted the broader issues plaguing Chelsea, as they struggled to mount a consistent challenge against a determined Wolverhampton side. The Brazilian's effort was commendable, but the focus remained on Chelsea's defensive frailties and the need for a significant rethink in their tactical approach.

Wolverhampton's Tactical Triumph

Optus Sport
Image Credits: Gary O'Neil

The victory for Wolverhampton Wanderers at Stamford Bridge was a masterclass in tactical execution and team cohesion. Under the guidance of Gary O'Neil, Wolverhampton displayed a disciplined and strategic approach to the game, effectively exploiting Chelsea's weaknesses while showcasing their strengths. The win, Wolverhampton's first at Stamford Bridge since 1979, was a significant milestone and a testament to the tactical acumen of O'Neil and his team.

Wolverhampton's performance was characterized by relentless pressing, strategic counter-attacks, and a solid defensive foundation, culminating in a well-deserved victory. This match not only highlighted Wolverhampton's tactical prowess but also served as a statement of intent, showcasing their capability to compete with and overcome established Premier League sides.


Wolverhampton Wanderers' 4-2 victory over Chelsea was a spectacle of strategic brilliance and individual excellence, particularly from Matheus Cunha. While Wolverhampton celebrated a historic win, Chelsea was left to contemplate the deficiencies that led to their downfall.

The match was a microcosm of the current Premier League season, highlighting both the unpredictability of the game and the thin line between victory and defeat. As Chelsea ponders over its defensive frailties, Wolverhampton's performance serves as a beacon of tactical ingenuity and collective effort.

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