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Chelsea vs Crystal Palace: Premier League Highlights 2023

Football  •  28 Dec, 2023  •  24,308 Views  •  ⭐ 4.1

Written by Anand Swami

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In an enthralling encounter that epitomized the intensity and unpredictability of the Premier League, Chelsea clinched a dramatic 2-1 victory over Crystal Palace in a pulsating London derby. The game, a spectacle of strategic manoeuvring and individual brilliance, unfolded with high stakes and relentless pace. Chelsea's tactical acumen was tested against Palace's resilient and adaptive play.

Key moments, including a decisive 89th-minute penalty by Noni Madueke and a pivotal equalizer from Michael Olise, highlighted the match's dynamic nature. The intervention of VAR added a layer of drama, showcasing how modern technology shapes the outcome of such high-profile matches. This game wasn't just a display of footballing skill but a narrative of resilience, strategy, and the sheer unpredictability that defines Premier League football.

Early Dominance and Mudryk's Impact

Mykhailo Mudryk
Image Credits: SB Nation

Chelsea's assertive start was epitomized by Mykhailo Mudryk's goal in the 13th minute. Receiving a well-crafted low cross from Malo Gusto, Mudryk showcased his striking prowess by turning the ball into the net. This early lead was a testament to Chelsea's strategic preparation and ability to impose their game plan.



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Mudryk, a recent addition to the squad, displayed his potential to integrate into Chelsea's attack seamlessly. His goal not only gave Chelsea the upper hand but also set the tone for their dominant play in the opening phase, highlighting the team's tactical finesse and Mudryk's potential as a key player.

Palace's Resilience and Olise's Equalizer

Michael Olise
Image Credits: Goal

In response, Crystal Palace exhibited remarkable resilience. Michael Olise, a rising talent, emerged as a pivotal figure just before the half-time whistle. He was perfectly positioned to chest down Jordan Ayew’s pass and delicately finish past Chelsea's goalkeeper, Djordje Petrovic. This goal, coming in first-half stoppage time, not only restored parity but also showcased Palace's capability to exploit their chances. Olise's composure and skill in front of goal were instrumental in keeping Palace in contention, highlighting their ability to challenge formidable opponents and emphasizing the unpredictable nature of Premier League matches.

Tactical Substitutions and Building Tension

Noni Madueke
Image Credits: Tribuna

The second half saw both teams making tactical substitutions to influence the game's trajectory. Chelsea introduced Noni Madueke and Armando Broja, injecting fresh energy and attacking drive. In contrast, Crystal Palace brought in Matheus França and Jefferson Andrés Lerma Solís to bolster their midfield and defensive setup.


The match's intensity escalated with each tactical change, as both sides pursued the elusive winning goal. This period was marked by a strategic tussle between the coaches, with every substitution playing a crucial role in the unfolding narrative of the game, demonstrating the depth of tactical acumen in the Premier League.

Chelsea's Disallowed Goal and VAR Drama

Nicolas Jackson
Image Credits: talkSPORT

A dramatic turn of events ensued when a goal by Nicolas Jackson for Chelsea was disallowed due to offside, following a VAR review. This moment of high drama added to the game's tension, as Chelsea's initial celebrations were abruptly halted. The disallowed goal, following a superb cross from Thiago Silva, was a testament to the influence of technology in modern football. The decision to disallow the goal shifted the game's momentum and ramped up the pressure on Chelsea to find another breakthrough, underlining the high stakes and the razor-thin margins that often decide Premier League matches.

Palace's Counter-Attacking Threat

Jordan Ayew
Image Credits: Eurosport

Despite Chelsea's dominance, Crystal Palace posed a significant counter-attacking threat. Players like Eberechi Eze and Jordan Ayew continually challenged Chelsea's defence with their speed and inventiveness. Palace's strategy of quick transitions from defence to attack put considerable pressure on Chelsea, highlighting their tactical flexibility and potential threat on the break.


This approach created several scoring opportunities for Palace and added an unpredictable element to the match. It showcased the tactical diversity in the Premier League, where teams can swiftly change their approach to exploit their opponent's weaknesses.

Madueke's Decisive Penalty

 Noni Madueke
Image Credits: beIN SPORTS

The match reached its climax in the 89th minute with Noni Madueke winning a penalty for Chelsea. Brought down by Eberechi Eze, VAR played a decisive role in awarding the penalty. Madueke took responsibility and expertly converted the spot-kick, sending the goalkeeper the wrong way. This moment of high drama brought relief and jubilation to Chelsea as they regained the lead in the match's dying moments.

Madueke's composure and precision under intense pressure were notable, showcasing his potential as a key player in crucial situations. His successful penalty was a blend of skill and nerve, highlighting the individual brilliance that often turns the tide in closely contested Premier League games.


The final whistle confirmed a 2-1 victory for Chelsea, a result emblematic of the fierce competitiveness and tactical depth of the Premier League. This London derby was more than just a football match; it was a testament to Chelsea's resilience and ability to adapt under pressure, as well as Crystal Palace's commendable fortitude and strategic prowess. The game's defining moments, from Mudryk's early strike to Madueke's late penalty, underscored the individual brilliance and team efforts that make English football captivating.

For Chelsea, this victory marked a crucial moment in their season, while Palace, despite the defeat, showcased their potential to challenge the league's elite. The match, characterized by tactical shifts, pivotal VAR decisions, and moments of individual heroics, exemplified the essence of Premier League football - a blend of unpredictability, intensity, and unyielding competitiveness that keeps fans enthralled worldwide.

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