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Flat White Day: Google's Global Coffee Salute

Food & Drink  •  11 Mar, 2024  •  14,085 Views  •  ⭐ 5.0

Written by Anand Swami

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Today, Google celebrates the worldwide appreciation of Flat White coffee with a delightful, interactive Doodle. Known for its silky blend of steamed milk poured over an espresso shot, the Flat White has ignited discussions regarding its origins, with Australia and New Zealand both staked as potential birthplaces.


On this special day, March 11, recognized for when the term was officially added to the Oxford English Dictionary in 2011, we explore the story, nature, and charm of the Flat White, emblematic of the ever-evolving coffee culture.

Origins and History

Flat White Coffee
Image Credits: NDTV Food

The debate over the Flat White's origins is a testament to its cultural significance in both Australia and New Zealand, with claims from both countries dating back to the 1980s. This coffee drink, characterized by its creamy texture and strong espresso base, became a subject of national pride, with Sydney and Auckland both asserting their roles in its creation.



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The inclusion of "flat white" in the Oxford English Dictionary on March 11, 2011, underscores its widespread acceptance and the global recognition of its place within coffee culture. The story of Flat White is not just about coffee but about the evolution of coffee-drinking preferences and the trans-Tasman rivalry that highlights the rich coffee culture in both countries.

What is a Flat White?

Flat White Coffee
Image Credits: Delishably

A Flat White is crafted from a shot of espresso and topped with a thin layer of steamed milk and microfoam, offering a velvety texture that distinguishes it from other coffee types. Traditionally served in a ceramic cup, this beverage strikes a perfect balance between the robustness of espresso and the creamy smoothness of milk, delivering a distinct flavour profile favoured by coffee enthusiasts.

The preparation focuses on preserving the espresso's crema, ensuring a rich and satisfying coffee experience. This delicate balance and the skill involved in its preparation have elevated the Flat White to a symbol of speciality coffee excellence.


Flat White vs. Cappuccino

Flat White vs Cappuccino
Image Credits: Balance Coffee

The distinction between a Flat White and a Cappuccino lies in their texture and composition. While both beverages are espresso-based, Flat White is characterized by its creamier texture due to the steamed milk and a thinner layer of microfoam. In contrast, a Cappuccino features a thicker foam layer and a stronger flavour due to the greater emphasis on foamed milk.

The preparation methods and ratios of coffee to milk differ significantly, making the Flat White a preferred choice for those seeking a smoother, less foamy drink. This comparison highlights the diversity within coffee offerings and the importance of understanding these nuances for both baristas and coffee drinkers.

Flat White Recipe

Flat White Coffee
Image Credits: YouTube

To create the perfect Flat White at home, one must start with a high-quality espresso shot, followed by carefully steamed milk to achieve the ideal microfoam texture. The process involves specific techniques, including weighing the coffee precisely, using fresh milk (with a preference for full-fat for better foam), and mastering the art of milk stretching to ensure a silky consistency. The careful pouring of milk over the espresso, while retaining the microfoam, is crucial to maintaining the espresso's crema. This recipe not only requires skill and practice but also offers a personalized coffee experience, reflecting the drinker's taste and preferences.


Types of Coffee

Types of Coffee Drinks
Image Credits: Medium

The coffee world is vast, with each type offering unique flavours, textures, and preparation methods. From the robust simplicity of black coffee to the creamy complexity of lattes, and the textured foam of cappuccinos, each coffee type serves a different palate and preference.

The exploration of these varieties not only enhances one's appreciation for coffee but also reflects the cultural and regional variations in coffee consumption. Understanding these differences is crucial for both coffee enthusiasts and professionals, as it allows for a deeper engagement with the coffee community and its diverse offerings.

Why Choose a Flat White?

Image Credits: Blum Kaffee

Choosing a Flat White is a preference for a balanced coffee experience that combines the intensity of espresso with the smoothness of steamed milk. This choice reflects a sophisticated palate that values the subtleties of coffee flavour and texture.

The Flat White's popularity among coffee connoisseurs is due to its ability to deliver a potent coffee taste with a velvety texture, making it a distinctive option among espresso-based drinks. Its acceptance across various cultures and regions further attests to its versatility and appeal in the global coffee scene.

The Healthier Choice: Flat White or Latte?

Flat White vs Latte
Image Credits: Medium

When comparing the health aspects of a Flat White and a Latte, considerations such as calorie and sugar content come into play, largely influenced by the type and amount of milk used. The Flat White, traditionally made with less milk than a Latte, might offer a healthier option for those mindful of their intake.

However, the choice between these beverages often depends on personal dietary preferences and health goals. This discussion encourages consumers to make informed decisions based on both nutritional content and flavour preferences, highlighting the importance of understanding the components of their favourite coffee drinks.

The Art of Coffee Making

The Art of Coffee Making
Image Credits: Jagran English

The art of coffee making is an intricate process that combines technical skill with creative expression. From selecting high-quality beans to mastering extraction techniques and milk texturing, each step in the coffee-making process contributes to the final cup's flavour and appearance.

This craft requires dedication and practice, allowing baristas to experiment with different methods and ingredients to achieve the perfect balance. The Flat White, with its emphasis on the harmony between espresso and milk, exemplifies the artistry involved in coffee preparation, showcasing the barista's skill seems there was a misunderstanding.


The Flat White, with its rich flavour profile and creamy texture, stands as a monument to the evolving landscape of coffee. Its story, from contentious origins to global acclaim, mirrors the journey of coffee culture itself. As we celebrate this iconic drink, let us also cherish the diversity within the coffee community, acknowledging each individual's unique preferences and the infinite possibilities that coffee presents.

Whether through a meticulously crafted Flat White or any other coffee variant, the essence lies in the shared moments, conversations, and connections that these beverages foster. As we navigate through the myriad of coffee choices, the Flat White serves as a reminder of the joy found in both the simplicity and complexity of our favourite brews.

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