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Altina Schinasi's Google Doodle Tribute: 9 Fascinating Insights

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Written by Anand Swami

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Today, we celebrate the life and contributions of Altina 'Tina' Schinasi, an American designer whose creative genius redefined women's eyewear fashion. Google's tribute to this iconic personality on her 116th birthday is a testament to her lasting impact on design and culture. From the bustling streets of Manhattan to the sophisticated galleries of Paris, Schinasi's indomitable spirit and innovation shine brightly, even years after her passing.

Childhood and Origins

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Born in 1907 in Manhattan to immigrant parents, Altina was introduced to the rich cultural tapestry of New York. Her keen artistic inclinations prompted her to travel to Paris, immersing herself in its vibrant art scene and setting the foundation for her illustrious career in design and art.

Educational Pursuits and Mentorship

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While attending The Art Students League in NYC, Altina honed her artistic skills. During this period, she collaborated with global icons like Salvador Dalí and George Grosz. Their mentorship provided invaluable insights, and the influences they left on Altina greatly impacted her visionary designs.



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The Inception of the Cat-Eye Design

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Feeling that women's eyewear lacked diversity and creativity, Altina found inspiration in the Harlequin masks from Venice. This muse led her to develop the revolutionary "cat-eye" frame, which challenged and then changed the status quo of eyewear fashion for women across the globe.

Awards and Accolades

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After facing initial setbacks and scepticism, the Harlequin eyeglasses gained immense popularity in the 1930s and 1940s. This pioneering design not only set a new fashion trend but also earned her the prestigious Lord & Taylor American Design Award in 1939, followed by acknowledgements from leading fashion periodicals.

Foray into Filmmaking

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Altina's creativity wasn't restricted to eyewear. She delved into the world of cinema and produced the celebrated documentary "George Grosz's Interregnum." This project focused on her mentor, George Grosz, and went on to receive international accolades, including an Academy Award nomination and a victory at Venice.


Memoirs and Art Therapy

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In her twilight years, Altina authored her memoir, "The Road I Have Traveled," giving readers a profound glimpse into her remarkable life journey. Additionally, her belief in the therapeutic power of art led her to volunteer, utilizing her craft to assist others in healing and self-expression.

Lasting Legacy and Tributes

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Altina's cat-eye design remains influential, even a century later, symbolizing her undying legacy in the world of fashion and design. Her innovations are celebrated globally, with tributes like Google's recent doodle, reflecting her enduring impact and her status as a genuine trailblazer in design.

Collaborations with Artistic Greats

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Altina's work spanned diverse fields, benefiting from her interactions with artistic giants. These collaborations, especially with Salvador Dalí and George Grosz, enriched her designs, films, and other artistic ventures. Such engagements not only broadened her creative horizons but also introduced groundbreaking ideas to mainstream art and design.


Impact on Modern Fashion

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Schinasi's designs, especially the cat-eye frame, laid the foundation for modern eyewear trends. Her ability to merge functionality with elegance transformed accessories, influencing designers and brands globally. Today, traces of her innovation can be witnessed in fashion runways and street styles alike.


Altina Schinasi's journey, teeming with creativity, resilience, and revolutionary ideas, continues to inspire countless individuals. Her indelible mark on fashion, cinema, and art celebrates the genius of a woman who was truly ahead of her time.In the world of design and visionaries, Schinasi's legacy is a beacon of innovation and empowerment.


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