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India’s Indri Whisky Shines Bright at the Global Stage

Business  •  3 Oct, 2023  •  55,907 Views  •  ⭐ 3.0

Written by Shivani Chourasia

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In a proud moment for Indian liquor connoisseurs, Indri Diwali Collector’s Edition 2023 whisky has been awarded the prestigious 'Best in Show, Double Gold' at the Whiskies of the World Awards 2023. This accolade is not just a triumph for the brand but marks a significant milestone in the global recognition of Indian whiskies. The award has put Indian single malts on a new pedestal, heralding India's growing stature in the global whisky landscape.


The Award Ceremony

Indian whisky awarded best in the world - India Today
Image Credits: India Today

The Whiskies of the World Awards, one of the largest whisky-tasting competitions globally, sees over 100 varieties of whiskies from across the world every year. The competition involves a rigorous blind tasting process conducted over several rounds across various categories. A distinguished panel comprising some of the industry's top tastemakers and influencers declares one whisky as the best in each class. From these, one whisky is chosen as the 'Best in Show' out of all the 'Best-in-Class' whiskies​.

The Winning Whisky

Indian Single Malt, Indri Wins Double Gold At Whiskies Of The World Awards;  Becomes The Best Whisky
Image Credits: Curly Tales

Indri Diwali Collector’s Edition 2023 is a peated Indian single malt whisky crafted with six-row barley and distilled in traditional copper pot stills made in India. Its maturation process, carried out in PX Sherry Casks for a notably extended period in North India's sub-tropical climate, lends it a unique flavor profile. A whiff of its aroma takes one on a sensory journey with hints of candied dried fruits, toasted nuts, subtle spices, oak, bittersweet chocolate, and more, making it a cherished choice for whisky aficionados​.



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Global Recognition for Indian Whiskies

Indian whisky awarded 'Best in the world' title: Beats over 100  international brands | The Tatva
Image Credits: The Tatva

The victory of Indri whisky at this prestigious competition underscores the escalating global appreciation for Indian whiskies. This particular edition outshone hundreds of renowned brands from around the world, including Scotch whiskies, Bourbons, Canadian whiskies, Australian, and British single malts​​. The accolade has redefined how the global community perceives Indian-made whiskies and places India high up in the global whisky landscape as a formidable manufacturer of single malts​.


The accolade awarded to Indri Whisky is a testament to the burgeoning quality and popularity of Indian single malts on the global stage. The triumph not only puts Indri on the map but also shines a spotlight on the potential and the caliber of Indian whiskies, proving that they can stand toe-to-toe with other established global brands. This moment of honor underscores the global appreciation for fine spirits crafted in India and sets a promising precedent for the future of Indian whiskies on the world stage.

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