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US Open: 5 Iconic On-Court Outfits That Turned Heads

Tennis  •  25 Aug, 2023  •  2,547 Views  •  ⭐ 5.0

Written by Anand Swami

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The US Open blends athletic excellence with bold fashion statements, creating a mesmerizing spectacle of both sport and style. While tennis legends showcase their prowess on the court, their distinctive outfits often draw equal attention, capturing headlines and occasionally challenging traditional norms. Here, we spotlight five memorable ensembles that left an indelible mark on tennis fashion history, surpassing even the final match scores.

Serena Williams' Catsuit (2002)

Image Credits: PAPER Magazine

In 2002, Serena Williams graced the court in a black lycra catsuit, marking an unforgettable moment in tennis fashion history. This outfit wasn't merely a fashion statement; it symbolized her power, resilience, and indomitable spirit. The catsuit made a notable return in 2018 at the French Open, heralding her comeback post-motherhood and igniting debates on dress codes and gender norms in professional tennis.

Andre Agassi's Denim Shorts (1989)

Image Credits: Athleta Magazine

Long before embracing a subtler style in his subsequent years, Andre Agassi epitomized rebellious tennis fashion in the '80s. Sporting denim shorts with neon spandex and a distinct mullet, Agassi radiated audacity and defiance. While many viewed his outfit as too casual for such a prestigious event, it solidified Agassi's status as a pioneering trendsetter. Today, his audacious '80s attire is commemorated as a bold deviation from tennis traditions, demonstrating the harmony of style and sport.



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Maria Sharapova's "Little Black Dress" (2006)

Image Credits: US Open

Bringing a hint of sophistication to the court, Maria Sharapova bedazzled spectators in her Swarovski-embellished black dress at the 2006 US Open. Seamlessly integrating athletic functionality with high fashion, this "little black dress" epitomized Sharapova's panache. This attire not only spurred conversations but also blurred the lines between haute couture and athletics, now celebrated as a testament to tennis' dual role as a sport and fashion spectacle.

Rafael Nadal's Capri Pants (2005)

Image Credits: InStyle

Rafael Nadal, with his dynamic gameplay, introduced a distinctive attire: sleeveless tops paired with capri pants. This ensemble, accentuating his muscular arms and distinct fashion sense, distinguished him from his peers and quickly made him a fan favourite. His signature knee-length capris once considered unconventional for male athletes, soon became emblematic of Nadal's early career, reflecting both his vivacity and his readiness to challenge conventions.

Roger Federer's Darth Vader Ensemble (2007)

Image Credits: InsideHook

At the 2007 US Open, Roger Federer made an indelible mark not just with his tennis prowess but also with his fashion statement. Donning an all-black ensemble under the lights of Arthur Ashe Stadium, Federer's nighttime attire included a sleek black polo, matching shorts, and a signature bandana. This attire, because of its dark tones and sleek design, drew comparisons to the famous "Star Wars" villain, Darth Vader, leading fans and the media to affectionately nickname it the "Darth Vader Ensemble" or "Darth Federer" look. His attire that night was as flawless as his performance, as he went on to win his fourth consecutive US Open title, further establishing his reign in tennis history.



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Over the decades, the US Open has been a theatre for both athleticism and artistry, evident in gameplay and on-court fashion alike. These iconic outfits not only mirror the players' personalities and self-expression but also their audacity to redefine norms. Whether it's a daring fashion choice or a graceful nod to timeless elegance, these unforgettable tennis moments underscore the sport's essence: a blend of individual flair, skill, and competition.


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