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BGMI: The Rise of India’s Gaming Industry

Sports  •  10 Aug, 2023  •  88,110 Views  •  ⭐ 4.0

Written by Anand Swami

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BGMI, a mobile battle royale game, has swept the Indian gaming market. Developed by Krafton, a South Korean gaming company, BGMI is the Indian version of the globally popular game, PUBG Mobile, banned in India in 2020 due to national security concerns. Launched in July 2021, BGMI quickly became one of India's most downloaded and played games, boasting over 130 million downloads on the Google Play Store by July 2022. But what sets BGMI apart? How does it signify the growth and potential of India’s gaming industry? Here are some insights:


BGMI is Tailored for Indian Players

Image Credits: Cashify

While PUBG Mobile catered to a global audience, BGMI is designed with Indian players in mind. It offers features like local servers, data protection, exclusive events, rewards, and tailored content. The game also adopts a unique rating system, marking it suitable for players aged 16 and above, with parental consent mandated for those below 18. Furthermore, BGMI includes a simulation disclaimer emphasizing its virtual nature and its distinction from reality.

BGMI: More Than Just a Game

Image Credits: Wallpaper Access

Beyond gaming, BGMI serves as a platform for social interaction, entertainment, and creativity. Players can chat with friends, join clans, partake in tournaments, view live streams, produce videos, and broadcast their gaming experiences on social media. The game also presents a range of modes, maps, weapons, vehicles, and skins, catering to diverse preferences. Through these features, BGMI connects individuals, nurturing a communal spirit among gamers.



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BGMI: Boosting India’s Gaming Ecosystem

Image Credits: My Mobile India

BGMI's success has extended beyond Krafton, significantly benefiting India's gaming ecosystem. The game has paved the way for game developers, publishers, streamers, content creators, e-sports enthusiasts, teams, event organizers, sponsors, and fans. It's heightened the demand and awareness of gaming-related products and services in India, like smartphones, accessories, internet plans, online payment solutions, and digital platforms. BGMI's achievements underscore India's immense potential both as a lucrative gaming market and a global gaming hub.

Krafton’s $150 Million Investment in India Post BGMI's Trial

Image Credits: InsideSport

Krafton's dedication to India transcends BGMI. The company revealed plans to invest $150 million in the country over the ensuing 2-3 years, aiming to stimulate the growth of the gaming and startup sectors. This decision followed Krafton's acquisition of permissions to test its game in India after two previous bans. To date, Krafton has funnelled approximately $140 million into 11 Indian startups and the indigenous gaming environment in the past three years. The company's investment strategy revolves around delivering strategic value that goes beyond mere financial contributions. Krafton is optimistic about Indian IPs and content making a mark globally.


BGMI is not just a game; it epitomizes the ascension of India's gaming industry. Tailored to Indian players, facilitating social connections and entertainment, and opening doors for the broader gaming ecosystem, BGMI has made its mark. Krafton's substantial investment in India signals its belief in the country's prospects as a dominant force in the global gaming scene. In essence, BGMI is a testament to India's vibrant culture and spirit.



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