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CSK vs LSG Match Highlights: IPL 2024

IPL  •  24 Apr, 2024  •  14,879 Views  •  ⭐ 4.8

Written by Anand Swami

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In a thrilling IPL 2024 encounter, the Lucknow Super Giants (LSG) recorded a historic win over the Chennai Super Kings (CSK) in what turned out to be the highest successful run chase at Chennai's home ground. Powered by Marcus Stoinis' monumental unbeaten 124 from 63 balls, including 13 fours and six sixes, LSG chased down a formidable target of 211. Earlier, CSK had set a strong foundation, led by Ruturaj Gaikwad's masterful 108 not out and Shivam Dube's rapid 66 from 27 balls, as they posted a challenging 210/4, demonstrating their batting depth and power.


Stoinis' Spectacular Century

Marcus Stoinis
Image Credits: Patrika

Marcus Stoinis played a remarkable innings to anchor LSG's chase, scoring an unbeaten 124 runs off 63 balls. His explosive batting featured 13 fours and six sixes, showcasing his ability to dominate the CSK bowlers across the field. Not only did Stoinis secure the highest individual score in an IPL run chase, but he also maintained a striking balance between aggression and precision, keeping his strike rate exceptionally high throughout the innings. As LSG approached the final overs, Stoinis' century became a beacon of hope and strategic prowess, ultimately setting up his team for a memorable win.

The Climactic Finish

Mustafizur Rahman
Image Credits:ProBatsman

The final overs of the match were nothing short of cinematic. LSG, spearheaded by Stoinis, needed 54 runs from the last four overs—a daunting task that quickly turned into a gripping climax. In the 17th over, 20 runs came off Shardul Thakur's bowling, drastically reducing the equation and setting up a tense finish.



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Heading into the last over, LSG needed 17 runs to win. Mustafizur Rahman took the ball for CSK, and the stage was set for a thrilling conclusion. Stoinis, calm and composed, faced the challenge head-on, steering his team towards the historic win with precise hitting.

CSK's Bowling Dilemma

Mustafizur Rahman and Marcus Stoinis
Image Credits: Hindustan Times

Throughout the match, CSK's bowling lineup faced significant challenges in containing the onslaught from LSG's batters, particularly Stoinis. Key bowlers like Mustafizur Rahman and Matheesha Pathirana, who were expected to provide breakthroughs, ended up conceding crucial runs at critical junctures.

The 20 runs conceded by Thakur in a single over and the subsequent inability to defend the total in the final over highlighted the issues CSK faced in their bowling strategy, ultimately proving costly in their attempt to secure a win.



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Key Moments and Turning Points

MS Dhoni
Image Credits: 10TV

This match was filled with crucial moments that significantly influenced the outcome. One of the turning points was the dismissal of Nicholas Pooran, which brought Stoinis into sharper focus as the key player for LSG. Another pivotal moment was CSK's strategic use of the Dhoni Review System (DRS), which successfully overturned a potential wide, showcasing MS Dhoni's tactical acumen. These moments, coupled with Stoinis’ persistent attack, shaped the flow of the game, keeping the spectators on the edge of their seats till the very last over.

Stoinis Holds the Fort

Marcus Stoinis and Nicholas Pooran
Image Credits: ESPNcricinfo

As the innings progressed, Stoinis found himself battling not just the opposing bowlers but the mounting pressure of the steep chase. After the departure of Nicholas Pooran, the responsibility fell squarely on his shoulders. Displaying immense resilience and focus, Stoinis continued to find the boundary, ensuring that the run rate was within reach. His ability to manoeuvre the field and capitalize on the bowlers' mistakes underlined his role as the pivotal player for LSG, setting up a foundation for the thrilling climax that followed.

Strategic Moves and Missteps

Image Credits: Times of India

Throughout the match, strategic decisions played a critical role in shaping the course of the game. CSK, known for their tactical prowess, made several moves that influenced the initial phases of the match, including their decision to escalate the run rate during the middle overs.



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However, some of their strategies, particularly in the deployment of their bowlers during the crucial final overs, did not pan out as expected. LSG’s decision to keep Stoinis at the crease, focusing on keeping him on strike, contrasted sharply with CSK’s inability to contain him, illustrating how crucial strategic decisions are to the outcomes of high-stakes matches.


In an unforgettable IPL 2024 clash, the Lucknow Super Giants orchestrated one of the most exhilarating run chases, sealing a victory against the Chennai Super Kings by six wickets. Marcus Stoinis was the architect of this triumph, with his record-breaking 124 not out, the highest individual score in an IPL chase.

This win not only emphasizes LSG's offensive prowess but also marks a significant moment in their pursuit of the IPL 2024 playoffs. Meanwhile, CSK, despite their record-equalling batting performance, will reflect on their bowling strategy, seeking improvements for future high-stake matches.

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