Ratha Saptami 2024: Celebrate Sun God's Day

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Written by Shivani Chourasia

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Ratha Saptami in 2024, also known as Magha Saptami, is a significant Hindu festival venerating Lord Surya. This festival is scheduled for February 16, marking a special day on the Hindu calendar. Ratha Saptami symbolizes the day on the saptami, or the seventh day during the Shukla Paksha of the Magha month, dedicated to the adoration of the Sun God. Devotees engage in a daylong fast, present arghya (offerings) to the sunrise, and wake up early to honour Lord Surya. It is believed that by worshipping Lord Surya on this day, one can cleanse their sins and be blessed with prosperity. The festival's name, where 'Ratha' denotes 'chariot' and 'Saptami' signifies 'seventh day,' stems from the lore that Lord Surya embarks on his northern journey in a chariot drawn by seven horses. This day is also celebrated as the birthday of Lord Surya and is known as Surya Jayanti. The celebration of Ratha Saptami in 2024 falls on February 16.


The History Behind Ratha Saptami

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Several myths are associated with this festival. According to one, Sage Kashyapa and his wife Aditi were graced with Lord Surya's incarnation, one of the Adityas. Another story tells of King Yashovarma who, lacking an heir, beseeched Lord Surya for a son. His prayers were answered with the birth of a son, who, however, was gravely ill. Following a sage's counsel, the king conducted the Ratha Saptami pooja, which cured his son's illness, allowing him to thrive and rule the kingdom.

The Significance of Ratha Saptami

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Ratha Saptami marks the onset of spring and the agricultural season, symbolizing a period of renewal and growth. Farmers across India visit sun temples on this day, praying for a plentiful harvest and favourable weather. This festival underscores the ancient tradition of sun worship found in the Vedas. On this day, people also express their gratitude towards the Sun for its vital role in sustaining life on Earth by donating clothes and food, and wishing for health, wealth, and longevity.



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Auspicious Timings for Ratha Saptami

Ratha Saptami 2024: Date, Shubh Muhurat, Puja Vidhi And Significance Of  This Hindu Festival Dedicated To Surya Dev
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The auspicious day of Ratha Saptami falls on February 16, 2024, with specific timings as follows:

  • Auspicious time for holy bath: 5:17 am to 6:59 am
  • Civil Dawn: 6:35 am
  • Observational Sunrise: 6:59 am
  • Saptami Tithi starts: at 10:12 am on February 15, 2024
  • Saptami Tithi ends: at 8:54 am on February 16, 2024

Rituals of Ratha Saptami

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The rituals for Ratha Saptami commence with a morning bath during Arunodaya, approximately 24 minutes before sunrise, believed to ward off illnesses. Worship involves offering arghya to Lord Surya at sunrise with a kalash of water, facing the sun in a posture of reverence. Essential puja items include a lamp lit with pure ghee, incense, camphor, and red flowers.

Who is Lord Surya?

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In Hindu mythology, Lord Surya, the Sun God, is one of the primary deities and represents the sun planet. He is famously married to Sanjna, the daughter of Vishwakarma. Due to the intense brightness of Surya, Sanjna created a shadow replica, Chhaya, to take her place. Lord Surya is the father of Yama, the god of death, and Yami, the goddess of the Yamuna river.



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Honouring Lord Surya on Ratha Saptami

Ratha Saptami 2024: Significance and Celebration of Birth Anniversary of  Lord Surya -
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To venerate Lord Surya on Ratha Saptami, devotees should:

  • Offer water to Lord Surya early in the morning after bathing.
  • Partake in a holy bath at sacred sites like Haridwar, Varanasi, or Rishikesh.
  • Chant Vedic mantras dedicated to Lord Surya.
  • Engage in reciting holy scriptures such as the Bhagavad Gita or Ramayana.
  • Perform donations of grains and jaggery to Brahmins, which is considered highly meritorious.
  • Seek Lord Surya's blessings for success and well-being.
  • Mantras to chant:

-Om Suryaye Namah
-Om Ghrani Suryaye Namah
-Om Hram Hreem Hrom Sah Suryaye Namah


Ratha Saptami stands as a profound celebration within the Hindu tradition, illuminating the pivotal role of Lord Surya, the harbinger of energy and sustenance. This festival not only honours the deity responsible for life and vitality on Earth but also signifies the spiritual journey of cleansing and rejuvenation. By engaging in the prescribed rituals, chants, and acts of generosity, devotees embark on a path of purification, seeking divine blessings for health, prosperity, and spiritual growth. It embodies a day of gratitude and reflection, encouraging individuals to acknowledge the cosmic cycle of life and the eternal light that guides and nurtures all beings. This observance fosters a deeper connection with the divine, reinforcing the values of gratitude, humility, and devotion in the hearts of the faithful.

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