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10 Most Memorable Moments in ICC Cricket World Cup History

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Written by Anand Swami

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Every four years, the ICC Cricket World Cup spellbinds fans worldwide. Since its inauguration in 1975, this revered event has birthed countless iconic moments. From jaw-dropping skills to unexpected upsets, the tournament boasts a rich tapestry of memories. Delve into a retrospective journey to uncover the top 10 monumental instances in ICC Cricket World Cup history that have captivated fans and shaped the sport.


Australia's Triple Crown: Three Back-to-Back Titles (1999-2007)

Image Credits: Wisden

Australia's reign from 1999 to 2007 remains unparalleled. Winning three consecutive titles, they demonstrated unmatched prowess. With leadership transitioning from Steve Waugh to Ricky Ponting, the team showcased an era of invincibility. Each tournament saw match-winners emerging, solidifying their reputation as the most formidable World Cup team during this period.

Kapil Dev's Monumental 175 vs. Zimbabwe (1983)

Image Credits: India TV News

At a dire 17 for 5, Kapil Dev showcased a captain's innings, crafting a majestic 175 not out. This remarkable performance not only rescued India but also established Dev as one of the game's greatest all-rounders. His innings were instrumental in instilling the belief and momentum that India carried into the finals, eventually lifting the trophy.



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Gibbs' Fateful Drop of Waugh (1999)

Image Credits: Firstpost

During a critical 1999 World Cup match between South Africa and Australia, Herschelle Gibbs dropped a catch from Steve Waugh in a defining moment. Capitalizing on this reprieve, Waugh went on to craft a masterful century, anchoring Australia to a triumphant win. This pivotal moment underscored the profound implications of small errors in the game and served as a timeless reminder to fielders about the significance of seizing every opportunity.

Malinga's Quadruple Strike in Four Deliveries (2007)

Image Credits: Cricket World

Lasith Malinga's exceptional feat of claiming four consecutive wickets against South Africa left the cricketing world in disbelief. This extraordinary moment demonstrated the sheer unpredictability of the game and showcased Malinga as a once-in-a-generation talent, known for his lethal death bowling.

Gilchrist's Explosive 149 in the Final (2007)

Image Credits: ICC Cricket

Adam Gilchrist's aggressive 149 in the final set the tone for Australia. Playing with a squash ball in his glove for better grip, his audacious innings became a defining moment of the final. His knock not only laid a robust foundation for Australia's total but also set the tempo, deflating the spirits of the Sri Lankan bowlers.



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Ireland's Astonishing Victory Over England (2011)

Image Credits: Scroll

The Irish fairytale win over the English side is a testament to the World Cup's unpredictability. Kevin O'Brien's whirlwind century was pivotal in scripting this upset. Not only did this victory announce Ireland's arrival on the world stage, but it also underscored the importance of giving associate nations a fair chance in global tournaments.

Bangladesh's Unprecedented Quarterfinal Journey (2015)

Image Credits: CNN

Bangladesh's journey to the 2015 quarterfinals was nothing short of a fairytale. Their win against England remains a milestone, signalling their rise in world cricket. This World Cup showcased their evolution from minnows to competitors, as their passionate cricket-loving fans watched with pride.

Rohit Sharma's Quintuple Century Feat (2019)

Image Credits: DNA India

Rohit Sharma's astounding spree of five centuries in the 2019 edition became one of the tournament's major talking points. Beyond setting a new record, Sharma's runs were instrumental in India's journey to the semi-finals. His consistency further cemented his reputation, making him one of the most revered batsmen in contemporary cricket.


The Epic Super Over Drama: New Zealand vs England (2019)

Image Credits: Hindustan Times

The climax of the 2019 final was cricket drama at its finest. After a match of fluctuating fortunes leading to a tie, the subsequent Super Over too couldn't separate the teams. The final decision, based on the controversial boundary countback rule, left many debating the fairness of such a rule in determining the fate of a World Cup.

Stokes' Match-Saving Performance in 2019 Final

Image Credits: Scroll

Ben Stokes' indomitable spirit was on full display in the 2019 final. His unbeaten 84 ensured England tied the match, pushing it into a Super Over. Furthermore, his involvement in the overthrows incident, which resulted in a crucial six runs for England, was one of the most debated moments of the match, adding to the drama of an already intense final.


The ICC Cricket World Cup remains a pinnacle of cricketing excellence, uniting fans and nations in shared jubilation and heartbreak. These ten moments, ranging from individual brilliance to collective triumphs, not only redefined the World Cup narrative but also encapsulated the very essence of cricket. As we reminisce, these instances remind us of the magic and unpredictability that make the sport truly special.

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