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May 2024 New OTT Film & Series Highlights

Hollywood  •  26 Apr, 2024  •  27,200 Views  •  ⭐ 4.0

Written by Shivani Chourasia

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This week introduces a diverse array of genres including a new chapter in the Kung Fu Panda series, a live-action manga adaptation, and a coming-of-age television series. Here’s your updated guide to the latest OTT content for the week, featuring a rich assortment of films and TV series that cater to diverse viewing preferences. This week sees the transformation of Andaleeb Wajid’s novel, Asmara’s Summer, into a series; Jack Black returns in Kung Fu Panda 4, now available for streaming; and the new Korean sci-fi series, Goodbye Earth, based on Kotaro Isaka’s novel Shomatsu No Furu, is set for its digital debut.


Briganti (April 23)

Set in the tumultuous environment of Southern Italy in the mid-19th century, Briganti revolves around Filomena, a peasant who rebels against her tyrannical, wealthy husband by taking a map and escaping to the bandit-infested woods. Her quest to locate the legendary Gold of the Red Shirts leads her to be captured by the notorious Monaco gang, intertwining her fate with Sparviero, a mysterious bounty hunter. Together, they embark on an exhilarating treasure hunt, weaving through a labyrinth of love, uprising, and valour amidst the brigand-filled backdrop of a newly unified Italy.

Deliver Me (April 24)

Deliver Me, a compelling Swedish crime drama, follows the harrowing journey of two young individuals, Billy and Dogge, trapped in a relentless cycle of adverse events, highlighting a society’s failure to safeguard its weakest. Set against the backdrop of a crime-ridden small town characterized by social isolation, the storyline explores the intense and sometimes destructive impact of childhood friendships when strained by severe external pressures. As the community faces an upsurge in violence, the story probes themes of responsibility, justice, and the potential for redemption.



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The Big Door Prize season 2 (April 24)

In its sophomore season, The Big Door Prize revisits the charming town of Deerfield, where the mysterious Morpho device keeps catalyzing profound changes by revealing to residents their ultimate life potential. This season, the locals, including high school teacher Dusty Hubbard, face pivotal decisions and transformative trials triggered by the device’s revelations. As they adjust to changes in their relationships, careers, and personal beliefs, each character pursues their perceived ideal future. The series is based on M.O. Walsh’s novel of the same name.

City Hunter (April 25)

A Japanese live-action version of the beloved manga, City Hunter tracks Ryo Saeba, a skilled assassin prowling the brightly lit areas of Tokyo's Shinjuku. The narrative intensifies when Kaori Makimura joins Ryo, seeking to solve the mystery of her brother’s untimely demise. Together, they embark on dangerous missions picked from a secretive online board, facing perils that plunge them deeper into the complex secrets of the metropolis.

Dead Boy Detectives (April 25)

Dead Boy Detectives explores the eerie adventures of two spectral youths, Edwin Payne and Charles Rowland, who decide to forgo the afterlife to become ghostly sleuths. With the help of their psychic companion, Crystal, and her friend Niko, they investigate the mysterious afflictions tormenting the living. Navigating through their spectral life, they tackle cases filled with supernatural phenomena and address unfinished business from their past lives. Adapted from Neil Gaiman’s renowned comic series, this series is a novel continuation of The Sandman Universe.



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Dil Dosti Dilemma (April 25)

Based on Andaleeb Wajid’s novel Asmara’s Summer, Dil Dosti Dilemma follows Asmara, an exuberant and captivating young woman from Bengaluru. Sent to live with her grandparents in a small town as a form of punishment, she initially despises her new surroundings and concocts a tale of being in Canada to maintain her social stature. However, what starts as a seemingly unfortunate exile transforms into a journey of personal growth. Asmara forms significant new friendships, stumbles upon romance, and learns important life lessons, all while rebuilding her connection with her familial heritage.

Goodbye Earth (April 26)

As an asteroid threatens to obliterate Earth in just 200 days, Goodbye Earth delves into the lives of the people in Woongcheon City, who amidst looming destruction, continue to seek significance and hope in their lives. Amidst a backdrop of martial law and societal disintegration, and wrestling with moral dilemmas about survival, the series centres on Jin Se-kyung, a middle school teacher coping with personal losses while trying to protect the futures of her students. The narrative is adapted from Kotaro Isaka’s novel Shomatsu No Furu.

Kung Fu Panda 4 (April 26)

In Kung Fu Panda 4, Po, voiced by Jack Black, faces the twin tasks of assuming the mantle of Spiritual Leader of the Valley of Peace and selecting a new Dragon Warrior. The peace is threatened by the Chameleon (Viola Davis), an evil shape-shifting enchantress who seeks to steal Po’s Staff of Wisdom. Po, along with Zhen (Awkwafina), a cunning corsac fox, discovers that heroes can emerge from the most unexpected places. The movie features a cast including Dustin Hoffman, James Hong, Bryan Cranston, and Ian McShane, among others.


Thank You, Goodnight: The Bon Jovi Story (April 26)

This four-part documentary series, Thank You, Goodnight, delves into what could be the final chapter of the iconic rock group Bon Jovi, led by Jon Bon Jovi. The series recounts the band's rise from the local New Jersey music circuit to global fame, capturing their highs and lows. It features exclusive personal footage and addresses major hurdles, including a vocal injury that threatened Jon’s performing career.

Laapataa Ladies (April 26)

During a case of mistaken identity, a groom mistakenly loses his veiled bride in a bustling train station and accidentally returns with a different veiled woman. Set against the backdrop of rural India in 2001, the narrative of Laapataa Ladies unfolds as the husband embarks on a quest to find his original wife while exploring the ordeal of the wife left behind at an incorrect station and the true motives of the woman he mistakenly takes home. This mix-up leads to a series of comedic yet touching events, propelling both women on an enlightening journey about life and femininity.

The Asunta Case (April 26)

The Asunta Case is a gripping miniseries based on the chilling true events surrounding Asunta Yong Fang Basterra, a 12-year-old girl whose mysterious disappearance and murder shook Spain in 2013. The series kicks off with her parents reporting her missing, only for her body to be found shortly thereafter. As the investigation progresses, suspicion gradually falls on her parents, unravelling a dark narrative of deceit and treachery.

The Beekeeper (April 26)

In this high-stakes action thriller, Jason Statham stars as Adam Clay, a former operative of the covert group known as the Beekeepers. Motivated by the tragic suicide of his compassionate landlady, a victim of a brutal phishing scam, Clay embarks on a relentless pursuit of vengeance against the cybercriminals responsible. His journey not only unveils a threat of national concern but also compels him to face his mysterious past. As the boundary between allies and adversaries blurs, and the distinction between justice and revenge fades, Clay realizes that his path to retribution is fraught with ethical quandaries and personal sacrifices.


This week's OTT offerings deliver a rich tapestry of entertainment across genres and cultures, from heartwarming animations to thrilling crime dramas. Whether you're diving into the adventures of Po in "Kung Fu Panda 4," exploring real-life mysteries in "The Asunta Case," or following the charming confusion in "Laapataa Ladies," there's something to captivate every viewer. These stories promise to engage, entertain, and provide a deep dive into the characters' lives, offering a perfect blend of excitement and introspection for all audiences.

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