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Deadpool 3: Unraveling Wolverine's Return

Hollywood  •  12 Jul, 2023  •  2,987 Views  •  ⭐ 5.0

Written by Anand Swami

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Fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) have plenty to look forward to with the highly anticipated "Deadpool 3". Ever since the surprising announcement of Hugh Jackman's return as Wolverine, the internet has been buzzing. Promising that his reprisal won't impact the storyline of the 2017 “X-Men” film "Logan," where the superhero met his end, Jackman has sparked curiosity among viewers. However, the Wolverine seen in the initial sneak peek of "Deadpool 3" hints at a different version of the character.


Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds have shared a glimpse of the production, revealing Wolverine in his iconic yellow and blue costume from the comics. This departure from previous on-screen depictions of Wolverine, who never donned this attire in past films, suggests that we're dealing with a different iteration of the superhero. With production in full swing and anticipation running high, let's delve into what we know about "Deadpool 3."

The Promise of a Different Wolverine

Image Credits: Gizmodo

Jackman's reprisal as Wolverine seems to be an exciting divergence from his past portrayals. By donning the classic comic book outfit of yellow and blue, Jackman is hinting at a different iteration of Wolverine that we've yet to see on the big screen. It's an enticing prospect for fans who've followed the character's journey through the "X-Men" series and culminating in the 2017 movie "Logan."



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A Multiverse-Inspired Plot

Image Credits: Screen Rant

The storyline for "Deadpool 3" remains under wraps. However, the integration of Deadpool into the MCU after a series of standalone films under Fox, coupled with Wolverine's unexpected return, implies a multiverse plot. This concept allows for multiple realities and variations of characters, providing fertile ground for exciting and unexpected narrative developments.

The Team Behind the Screens

Image Credits: Daily Mail

The film is being helmed by Shawn Levy, known for his previous work with Ryan Reynolds in "Free Guy" and Netflix's "The Adam Project." Wendy Molyneux and Lizzie Molyneux-Loeglin are on board as writers. The trio's involvement promises a blend of action, comedy, and drama, ingredients that have proven successful in previous Marvel ventures.

Returning Cast and New Faces

Image Credits: THE RONIN 

In Deadpool 3, Ryan Reynolds returns as the sarcastic and humorous Deadpool, and Jackman returns as Wolverine. They are joined by returning actors like Morena Baccarin and Brianna Hildebrand, and newcomers Emma Corrin and Matthew Macfadyen. The film also marks the return of Jennifer Garner as Elektra, her character from the 2003 "Daredevil" and her spin-off movie in 2005.


Maintaining the R-Rating

Image Credits: The Direct

Despite being a Disney movie, "Deadpool 3" is set to retain its R-rated edge. Shawn Levy and the writing team have emphasized that the film's mature language and humour won't be toned down, ensuring that Deadpool remains true to his original, unapologetic character.

Deadpool's Box Office Success

Image Credits: Deadline

The success of the previous Deadpool movies bodes well for the third instalment. The first film, released in 2016, grossed $782 million globally. The sequel, released in 2018, surpassed this, raking in $785 million worldwide. With Jackman's Wolverine returning, "Deadpool 3" has the potential to top these impressive figures.


"Deadpool 3" promises a lot of action, humour, and surprises. With the return of beloved characters and the introduction of new ones, alongside a potential multiverse plot, the film is already generating considerable buzz. And with the film set to release on May 3, 2024, the anticipation continues to build. Wolverine and Deadpool's return to the big screen promises to be worth the wait.


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