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Napoli vs Real Madrid: Champions League Highlights

Football  •  4 Oct, 2023  •  5,941 Views  •  ⭐ 5.0

Written by Anand Swami

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In a captivating Champions League clash at the Stadio Diego Armando Maradona, Real Madrid clinched a thrilling 3-2 victory over Serie A titans Napoli. Spearheaded by the dynamic Jude Bellingham, this win held special resonance as it marked Carlo Ancelotti's triumphant return to Naples, highlighting Madrid's European dominance.


Bellingham: The Midfield Maestro

Image Credits: Goal

Jude Bellingham showcased why he's emerging as Real Madrid's midfield diamond. His dynamic performance turned the tide for Los Blancos, especially with his assist to Vinicius Jr and his mesmerizing solo goal. The English midfielder's strength in second-ball situations and his ability to pierce through defensive lines further cemented his growing reputation.

Napoli's Deadly Duo

Image Credits: BNN Breaking

While Napoli's Victor Osimhen displayed glimpses of his past season's brilliance, Khvicha Kvaratskhelia seemed somewhat subdued. Although they've been a potent force in Serie A, Kvaratskhelia's current form hints at a need for rejuvenation. Despite his evident flair and pace, his confidence seems to wane in his second season in Naples.



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Dramatic Turn of Events

Image Credits: Sports Ration

The game was a roller coaster of emotions. Napoli's early lead, courtesy of Leo Ostigard's goal, was neutralized by Vinicius Jr.'s equalizer. However, the second half saw Napoli rejuvenated as Piotr Zielinski converted from the penalty spot. Yet, in a final twist, Fede Valverde's striking shot, deflected by Napoli's keeper, sealed the deal for Real Madrid.

VAR Intervenes

Image Credits: La Galerna

The role of VAR became pivotal when it nudged Referee Clement Turpin to reconsider a penalty decision involving Victor Osimhen. After re-evaluating the situation using the pitch-side monitor, the penalty was awarded, demonstrating the impact technology can have on the game's outcome.

Group Standings

Image Credits: Madrid Universal

This victory propels Real Madrid to the top of Group C with a perfect record from their two matches. In contrast, Napoli sits in the second spot. Both teams showcased the quality and resilience that took them to the Champions League semi-finals last season.


Ancelotti's Triumphant Return

Image Credits: Cosmogol

The match was also significant due to Carlo Ancelotti's return to Naples. His tactics, combined with Bellingham's brilliance, ensured Real Madrid's triumph. Notably, this win adds to Ancelotti's record against Italian sides, particularly when leading non-Italian teams.

Set-Piece Success and Blunders

Image Credits: Tutto Napoli

Napoli demonstrated their prowess in set-pieces, with Leo Ostigard capitalizing on a corner, heading the ball into the net after a prior shot hit the crossbar. However, there were lapses, like Giovanni Di Lorenzo's error, which Bellingham seized upon to set up Vinicius Jr. for Madrid's equalizer. Such moments swung the momentum between the two European heavyweights during the match.

Varied Tactics: High Press and Midfield Dominance

Image Credits: Vesuvio Live

Rudi Garcia's Napoli began aggressively, pressing Real Madrid high up the pitch and causing them to relinquish possession. This tactical approach saw them break the deadlock. In contrast, Ancelotti's Madrid, backed by the likes of Bellingham in midfield, found ways to navigate through this pressure. Bellingham's versatility and ability to dominate play highlighted Madrid's adaptability and resilience.



The face-off between Napoli and Real Madrid epitomized elite European football, resonating with intense drama, strategic masterclasses, and standout individual displays. With Real Madrid securing the win, this match showcased the might of both teams, setting the stage for more electrifying encounters in the Champions League's unfolding narrative.

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